Review: NEW Tipsy Duck Drink in Epcot’s China Pavilion

There’s a new drink at the Joy of Tea stand in Epcot’s China Pavilion – Tipsy Ducks in Love!

Joy of Tea

The cast members at Joy of Tea were selling this VERY enthusiastically. It’s basically iced coffee and tea, plus whipped cream, plus a generous pour of Jim Beam, plus chocolate.

Tipsy Duck

I don’t normally drink bourbon, but the cast members were so, well, enthusiastic about it, that I decided to give it a shot.

Jim Beam Pour on Tipsy Duck

They claimed that this was popular in Hong Kong because of the combination of English and Chinese elements. I didn’t see anything English or Chinese about it. This was, however, an AWESOME drink.

Adding Whipped Cream

Like I said, I almost never drink bourbon, but this went down smoooooth. Delish, creamy iced coffee, with a barely noticeable kick that totally took the edge off a steamy Epcot afternoon.

Would make a wonderful after dinner drink too.

Tipsy Ducks in Love - click image for larger version

Also available without booze. But, why? You can get cheaper iced coffee elsewhere.

Are the Tipsy Ducks on your list for your next Epcot visit? Let us know if this is something you’d sample!

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  1. Coop says

    Do they make a decaf version? It sounds delish (I like bourbon). But I can’t have any caffeine. If it comes in decaf – it may just make my list.

  2. Chloe Simmons says

    Did some nerding research and it looks like the non-alcoholic version is indeed very popular in Hong Kong (Starbucks even did a version of it during the Olympics there a few years ago). I didn’t see anything about it being served with bourbon but heck…the addition of it will be a nice new drink to have while “drinking ’round the world”. I always hated the plum wine stop.

  3. Susan T. says

    I will definitely be trying this out next trip. Does anyone happen to know if the iced coffee comes with milk/cream already added? I’m lactose intolerant and stay away from milk in drinks so the whip cream will have to be left off but otherwise…..

  4. Amanda says

    I had this back in May when it was listed as a special, it sounded kind of gross, but I had already been drinking around the world and decided to give it a go (ps I LOVE bourbon). It was suprisingly refreshing and delicious, I would probably skip the whipped cream next time though.

  5. Leanne says

    Why? Because you are pregnant and dont want to miss out! On our last trip to WDW I was pregnant and still enjoyed a few of the Disney cocktails just non alcoholic! I didn’t feel as I was missing out on trying things as much then!

  6. says

    I think I will have to give this a try when I’m there next week! I love iced coffee drinks, but never had bourbon so we’ll see how it goes ;)

  7. Alan says

    From the photo it appears that the young women is pouring the Jim Beam without a measure. Imagine if she has the hiccups. That would make quite a drink!

  8. AFoodie says

    Right up my alley! I love creamy, iced coffee/tea drinks and I’ve never had tea & coffee together … and definitely not with that Jim Beam splash! Would LOVE to taste this.

  9. Theresa says

    I have been on a bourbon kick lately.. so this is right up my alley! So excited to try this in October!!

  10. says

    Coop — That’s a great question!! I’ll have to check that the next time I’m in Epcot!

    Cynthia — Let us know what you think!

    LuAnn — I’m looking forward to it, too!

    Chloe — Ooh! Thanks for the research and info!!

    Susan T. — Not sure on that! Hopefully Erin will be by to answer. :-)

    Mikki — Me, too!

    Joline — Thanks for the recommendation!

    Rose — Ha ha! Agreed!

    GG — Indeed… Inebriated geese?

    Marci — I thought that sounded kind of weird, too!

    Jenifer — Let us know if you like it!

    Amanda — Thanks for the tip!!

    Leanne — GREAT point! And congrats on your new little one :-)

    Kristina — Be sure to stop by with your review!

    Liz — Ha ha! I feel the same way!

    Mark D. — Ooh, good idea!

    Alan — Ha ha! I was thinking the same thing about pouring without measure!

    AFoodie — Yeah! Let us know what you think!

  11. Beth says

    I have never thought about combining coffee and tea before but I have had coffee and bourbon and that went down pretty easy. Looks like a no brainer to me.

  12. Kitak Law says

    lol – I haven’t tried this yet, but combining coffee and tea as a single drink is a VERY popular option in the Hong Kong Chinese community. I grew up seeing my dad ordering that in restaurants all the time. :) Is it due to a mix between English and Chinese elements? Hard to say, since while coffee’s definitely a “western” thing, tea shows up in both cultures.

    But when I first saw the photo of the drink prior to reading anything, I actually mistook it for ANOTHER drink that’s popular in Hong Kong: the red bean ice.

  13. says

    This looks like an awesome drink to have after our great sushi dinner we have planned at Tokyo Dining for our next trip!! Will have to walk from Japan to China and have one! LOL!! That would be funny if you could actually walk from Japan to China! That is the great thing about EPCOT! You can!!

  14. Kelli says

    As a good Irish girl I am all about the Jim Beam!! (in a responsible way of course…*ahem*) ;) I just added it to my “Epcot Booze Fest” list!!! My only concern is that it will be a total calorie BOMB. I wonder if you have a choice in what kind of milk is used? If I can get it skinny version I am THERE!!! wooHOO!!

  15. says

    Kelli……..I am 1/2 Irish …and 1/2 Swedish……I think that is why I want to try this so bad! The Irish in me is screaming to take over! LOL!!

  16. susan says

    i was there in july and walked right past the kiosk. not a big tea drinker, but after reading this will definatly have to stop there next trip. looks really good

  17. says

    I had my first Tipsy Duck on 5/5/13, I never got to stop for one last October. I LOVED IT!!! Can’t wait to go back to WDW and have another!!!!!!! Yum Yumm! Yes Sam! It’s still there!

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