New Menu: Grand Floridian’s Beach Pool Bar

Disney chefs worked behind the scenes on new menu items for the Grand Floridian Beach Pool Bar at the Grand Floridian, which recently re-opened! Courtesy of Chef Jack Butler, we have all the details!

Beach Pool Bar Under Construction

After new recipes are developed, they are tested to see which menu items are most popular with guests. Testing took place at Gasparilla Grill before it closed for refurbishment this month.

Gasparilla Entrance

The new menu at the Beach Pool Bar now replaces Gasparilla as the go-to counter-service location for Grand Floridian during renovations. As always during refurbs and menu updates, this is all subject to change.

Let’s check it out!

New Menu Items

Watermelon, Feta, and Arugula Salad with Red Onion Vinaigrette ($7.19)
Chunks of watermelon, feta cheese crumbles, grape tomatoes, and shaved red onion on a base of arugula.

Grilled chicken Caesar salad ($8.39)
This is a holdover from Gasparilla. You can now sub out the chicken for grilled shrimp for an additional charge.

Crab Cake Sandwich ($9.99).
Served with a corn tartar sauce and cucumber salad. The cake itself is an un-breaded version of the Grand Floridian Cafe crab cake.

Crab Cakes at Grand Floridian Cafe

Citrus Chicken Salad Sandwich ($8.99)
Shredded chicken with a citrus tarragon dressing. Served with sliced beefsteak tomatoes and sliced avocado on a brioche bun.

1/3 lb Angus Cheeseburger ($9.39)
Another holdover from Gasparilla.

Grilled Vegetable Focaccia ($8.99)
Grilled sliced zucchini, eggplant, onion, red bell pepper, and Portobello mushrooms with smoked gouda cheese and red pepper hummus.

Roast Beef on Sunflower Bread ($8.99)
Roast Beef with Boursin Cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula on sunflower Panini bread.

Chicken Breast Nuggets ($8.69)
Chicken nuggets and fries. And old stand-by!

So tell us — which menu item would you order at the Pool Bar? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Those crab cakes look delicious! What is in the sauce on the plate? It looks like mango which would be a great combo of flavors.

  2. Bret says

    Ill miss the Lobster mac n cheese at Gasparilla….. Use to make a special trip over from Wilderness Lodge just for it.

  3. says

    Jaia — I’m not sure! I’ll have to check that guest review…

    Bret — Hopefully it will be back as soon as Gasparilla opens again after refurb! I know it’s a huge favorite.

  4. says

    Unfortunately, there are no plans to revive the Lobster Mac and Cheese at Gasperillas after the referb. The unfortunate truth is that not enough of the Lobster Mac and Cheese was selling to justify the rising cost of lobster. Literally pounds of unsold lobster was being discarded as food waste every week, and it simply got too expensive to continue.

  5. Alan says

    What a nice little menu for a pool bar. I think some of the best food at Disney comes from some of the least expected places. Maybe it’s the surprise of it.

  6. Mel says

    This vegetarian is specifically excited for the Grilled Vegetable Focaccia!!!
    Hummus isn’t used enough in Disney food, so this sounds especially delicious.

  7. Caitie says

    Hi DFB!

    So where do we sit to eat food from the Pool Bar and do you have the kids’ and breakfast menus? We will be coming to the GF shortly and the lunch menu for the pool bar looks suprisingly like a good substitute for Gasparilla’s. My husband will be grateful for the angus cheeseburger! I’ll go for the crabcake sandwich. What desserts are available for those on the DDP?

    Thanks for the post. I was very interested to see this update!

  8. says

    There are umbrella’d picnic tables nearby.

    As for the Kid’s menu, there are three choices: the Kid’s Meal Hamburger/Cheeseburger, a hold-over from Gasperillas, a Grilled Chicken Wrap with lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, and julienned carrots, and the Turkey Bacon sandwich, which just as it implies has turkey and bacon on it.

    Desserts are the pina colada cupcake, the macadamia nut brownie, and the almond fruit tart.

  9. Becky Coker says

    Is there a breakfast menu for the Beaches Pool Bar & Grill? I think I remember having quick breakfasts there on our last visit several years ago

  10. says

    Becky — They’re only offering a lunch and bar menu right now. You can still get quick service breakfast at Gasparilla Island Grill, however.

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