Introducing: Disney Food iPhone and iPod Cases!

We love finding a way to show off how much we love Disney food — and these cases will wrap your technology in favorite Disney treats! I couldn’t wait to share these with you. :-)

Carry a Mickey Ice Cream Bar around with you everyday! We guarantee – no melting!

The pink version is adorable. Just look at that vanilla ice cream peeking out!

Mickey Ice Cream Bar Pink Case

And, of course, we have to pay homage to the uber-popular Dole Whip!

Show off your love for the Dole Whip!

Feeling really hungry? This pink turkey leg case is low on calories! I love the Hidden Mickeys in the tin foil here. There’s also a blue version.

Turkey Leg Case

Just think – every time that you look at your iPhone or iPod, you can transport yourself to the Polynesian Resort and you’ll already have a Lapu Lapu in hand. Only the true Disney experts will know about this one.

Lapu-Lapu Case. Cheers!

Available for your iPhone and iPod Touch, including: iPhone 4S/4 Deflector, iPhone 4S/4 Capsule, iPhone 3GS Capsule, and iPod Touch 4G Capsule. And iPhone 5 cases are coming soon!

Make a Disney food fashion statement in the best way possible…

Which case is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Rhiannon says

    I LOVE the Mickey Bar! I’d get thR blue for my husband but it’s too close to turquoise and was deemed “girly” LOL.

  2. Laura says

    I love the blue Mickey bar and the dole whip :-)
    wondering if having it on my phone will constantly make me hungry though….?

  3. Lisa Miller says

    Oh, I just clicked on the link! Expensive. BUT – it wouldn’t be the first time I bought something Disney simply because I HAD TO HAVE IT. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Courtney says

    I agree with Jenny. I have a motorola ATRIX Android and the one Disney cover I have seen was that awful graffiti one. Might have to go iPhone next time so I can get the Dole whip one.

  5. Niki M says

    I’m hoping that Disney will realize that iPhones aren’t the only popular smartphone on the market. I get that iPhones are pretty universal in size but I’m still disappointed that very little is made by Disney for Android phones. That being said, I am impressed with the wide variety of styles they offer for iPhones from castles to characters to food.

  6. Courtney says

    Perhaps the focus on I products is because of the relationship with Apple & Pixar?? Makes you wonder.

  7. Amy says

    These cases are indeed cute, but not protective. I have a broken iphone because someone gave me a “cute” case they bought for me at WDW. It was my choice to use it, but I sure wish I had stuck with my protective case and my Mickey Mouse stickers. Just be careful if you have these!

  8. Jackie says

    I love the Disney phone cases, but like the others, I wish they were made for Androids as well. No time soon will I be swapping to an iPhone :(

  9. Allyson says

    I am sooo upset i had my mind set on getting one of those 3D lilo and stitch cases ever since i saw one i wanted one and i have a motorola atrix and they only have them for the galaxies and iPhones

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