Video Tour and Photos: Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing, Rose Gallery, and Ballroom

On Sunday, we took you on an EPIC adventure into Be Our Guest Restaurant and Gaston’s Tavern in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

Be Our Guest Lobby

Today, we’re stepping into the Be Our Guest Restaurant again. But this time, we get to finally check out the dark and foreboding Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing and the bright and enchanting Rose Gallery!

In the video below, Walt Disney Imagineers Chris Kelly, Ted Robledo, and Tim Warzecha walk us through the three dining rooms in the Be Our Guest Restaurant. Let’s follow them through the royal entrance and into the elegant Ballroom, lovely Rose Gallery, and the darker West Wing where the Enchanted Rose awaits.

Don’t care to watch the video? No problem — we’ve got some incredible photos below that showcase even more of Beast’s Castle and Be Our Guest Restaurant!

Be Our Guest Restaurant West Wing

Here, the Enchanted Rose lies in the West Wing. Watch closely as the petals begin to fall just like they do in the film!

Enchanted Rose in West Wing of Be Our Guest Restaurant

Enchanted Rose in the West Wing

Check out the claw marks on the portrait above the fireplace. The imagineers didn’t stop there. Watch for the portrait to change between the Beast and the Prince each time a rose petal falls from the enchanted rose… .

The portrait begins as a painting of the Prince.

Prince Portrait in the West Wing

Once a petal falls, guests will see a flash of lightning as the portrait starts to transform into a painting of the Beast!

Watch Closely -- The Prince Morphs into the Beast when Enchanted Rose Petals Fall

And here is the full transformation of the painting!

West Wing Beast Portrait

The West Wing is clearly going to be the darker, scarier spot to dine. Remember that when making your table requests!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Rose Gallery

In the Rose Gallery, the love between the Beast and Belle is celebrated with this ornate music box created and given as a gift by Maurice. And yes, you’ll hear “music box” music as you move into the Rose Gallery.

Be Our Guest Music Box

And the Gallery is where imagineers brought the rest of the Beauty and the Beast Characters to life through huge portraits!

Rose Gallery Portraits at Be Our Guest Restaurant

Rose Gallery Chip Portrait

Rose Gallery Belle and Lumiere Portrait

And there’s so much more where those came from! Don’t forget to visit our MEGA post of Be Our Guest Restaurant, Beast’s Castle, and Gaston’s Tavern Pictures here!

And if you’d like to know more about the food and atmosphere, See LOTS more photos and full menus from Be Our Guest Restaurant here!

Finally, stop by our Be Our Guest restaurant page to read up on all the news from this new restaurant, including pictures of the restaurant’s atmosphere and interior!

What’s your impression of the new Be Our Guest Restaurant? What room do you most want to sit in?


  1. Jan says

    Would you happen to know that since there will be ‘counter service’ lunch, if a Reservation is necessary at lunchtime or is the reservations just for dinner? Thank you !

  2. Beth says

    I am SO THRILLED to have gotten a reservation for Be Our Guest on November 24th! Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie, and the West Wing looks like my spot for a table request!

    AJ, when I made my reservation, I didn’t know which rooms were which, so I didn’t make any table request. Could I call now, or should I wait until the night of?

    I can’t WAIT to try the food here as well. My DH and I will be celebrating our Anniversary for this trip.

  3. missy says

    can souvenir Cup be purchased at lunch? 10 year old does not like the adult menu. I don’t know many kids under the age is 15 that like that type of seasoned food. Can she still.order kids meal? Maybe disney should have a 10-15 age menu option or pricing w kid options.

  4. says

    Missy — I’m not 100% sure, but knowing Disney they will make the souvenir cup available for lunch as well.

    Beth — Yay! Good for you! Congrats on your anniversary! I’d say wait until the night of to make your table request — that’s how it usually works at most dining locations. But you CAN call and note on your dining reservation that it will be your Anniversary; and you should let them know that at the podium when you check in as well.

  5. Rachel M says

    I was down there last week and was able to poke in and look around. It looks beautiful and I hope to be able to eat there next visit. I have a feeling it will be very popular.

  6. Tracy says

    OMG! Had dinner there this evening and it was the most enchanting dining experience I have ever had in my life. The chandeliers, the falling snow, the Beauty and the Beast music playing so eloquently in the background. And the food was heavenly. SO lucky to have been in the right place at the right time today. Cannot wait to go again but they are booked for dinner until May! I got a little choked and and we sat there for quite a while after dining soaking up all the magic.

  7. G says

    I’m going down to WDW on April 18 for several days and was poking around the dining website to see if there were ANY open slots for dinner at BOG. Surprisingly enough, I was able to secure a reservation for the 20th at 6 PM for, while the ‘official’ word may be that they’re booked up through May, keep checking and you might get lucky like I did.

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