The Incredible Halloween Pumpkin Carvers of Disneyland!

Happy Halloween Everyone! In honor of this candy-filled fabulous day, we thought we’d share a fun Disneyland Halloween Time tradition: The Incredible Pumpkin Carvers.

The Incredible Pumpkin Carvers of Disneyland

For several years now, Disneyland has featured some of the most amazing pumpkin carvers I’ve ever seen. This year, the “Incredible” carvers are located at the Big Thunder Ranch Halloween Carnival in Frontierland.

The sign says “Ask Them How They Do It,” so I did! On the day that I visited, I spoke mostly with Joe, a 7 year veteran carving for Disney. He told me that they carve all day long making Disney inspired pumpkins for guests to enjoy.

Pumpkin Carver Extraordinaire Joe Working on Yoda's Ear

Joe was working alongside of Georgina, who told me that the carved pumpkins actually last up to a year if you keep the carving on the surface (i.e. not cutting the tops off and cleaning them out).

Georgina at Work

Some of the pumpkins on display, including the “Baby Mickey” shown below, were featured last year at Disneyland’s Halloween Time.

Baby Mickey is actually a year old pumpkin!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I am not a big fan of raw pumpkin smell. So, when I asked about the smell while carving, I was surprised to learn that they use a white variety of pumpkin that actually smells like cucumber for many of their masterpieces.

Joe let me take a whiff of one of his pieces and yep, much more cucumber-y than smelly!

Mike Wazowski Pumpkin

Supplies used include, but are not limited to, carving knives, paints, shish kebob skewers, decorative floral pearl tips pins, ribbon, straw & pipe cleaners. And after viewing these, I think you’ll agree that the possibilities are endless!

Cinderella Pumpkin Embellished with Pearl Tip Floral Pins

Minnie Pumpkin

Cheshire Cat Pumpkin

Jafar Pumpkin

Johnny Appleseed Pumpkin

Marie Pumpkin

Ratatouille Pumpkin

Genie Pumpkin

Sleeping Beauty's Castle Pumpkin

Ursula Pumpkin

Sad Jack Skellington Pumpkin

Bambi Pumpkin Frontside

Bambi Pumpkin Backside Featuring Thumper & Friends

Maleficent Pumpkin

Brave Pumpkins Featuring Merida & King Fergus

Frankenweenie's "Sparky" Pumpkin

My family and I absolutely love watching these artists at work. I hope that Disneyland continues that fabulous tradition. It’s definitely one of Disney’s “magical” holiday touches.

Here’s a picture of my creation this year. Just in time for this weekend’s release of Wreck it Ralph.

I'm Gonna Wreck It!

Shhhh! I sorta used a template…

Have you been over to the Halloween Carnival to see any of these pumpkins on display? Does your family go all out for pumpkin carving? Tell us about your creations this year in the comments below.

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. wyndy says

    Thats actually johnny apple seed not ichabod and the bambi pumpkin just takes my breath away its so pretty

  2. Sydney says

    In the picture of the ichabod pumpkin it looks like mike wazowski is taking a bite of the apple. :P

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Wyndy & @Disneylovinfam7 I did see the apple and actually called it Johnny Appleseed but pumpkin carver Joe referred to it as Ichabod. So I went with what he said… Changing it now though. Don’t want to make people upset!

  4. says

    Ack, I didn’t see Sparky when I was there Monday. Guess I was too busy getting 10 pounds of candy. Lol. I loooove the Sparky pumpkin. I even had the pleasure of getting Joe and Georgina in a happy birthday video I was making for my husband. Fabulous pictures.

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