Review: The NEW Sunday Brunch at Raglan Road Pub in Disney World

Sweet news out of Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant!

We were thrilled late last year to bring you the news that they would begin serving Sunday brunch after the new year. After all, we here at Disney Food Blog have enjoyed both lunch and dinner at the authentic Irish pub immensely.

Later in the week, we will be bringing you more exciting news from Raglan Road about another fun meal option for Sunday dinner. But today, we’re excited to bring you the first look at all the delicious dishes we sampled at a recent media event celebrating the launch of The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch.


The atmosphere here is lots of fun. The pub really is an “Irish” Pub: some of the features were actually built in Ireland and shipped to Orlando for assembly.

Raglan Road -- Outside

The hostess stand is directly before you as you enter, and to the left, you’ll spy the pub patio, a great place to people watch during the mild Florida winter — or anytime of the year.

Entrance Foyer

You’ll want to check out the gift shop as well during your visit. Here you’ll find a wonderful stock of Raglan Road merchandise, but you’ll also find items that celebrate Ireland.

I keep promising myself that I’ll buy some of the beautiful sterling silver jewelry one of these days!

Gift Shop

There’s a reason that Raglan Road appears to be so authentic — it is. The bars and much of the interior woodwork came from churches and pubs in Ireland. The beautiful bars are more than 100 years old!

One of the Two Bars

The small platform in the center of the room becomes a stage for traditional Irish dancing seven evenings a week. The dancers will also be performing during Sunday Brunch — more about that in just a bit.

As you enter the main dining room at the center of the restaurant, you also glimpse soaring ceilings that are crowned by a stained-glass cupola. The small stage on the back wall plays host to musicians and dancers each evening.

Dancing Podium and Live Music Stage

The combination of hardwood floors and high ceilings can make for a noisy venue, especially during times of live music and dancing. But it adds to the feeling of authenticity. You expect an Irish pub to be a little rowdy, don’t you?

Beyond the main dining area, you’ll find a couple of other cozy rooms. Request a table in one of these areas if you prefer conversation over entertainment. You’ll still be able to hear the music, but it won’t be quite as loud.

Music Room Seating

Beyond the other bar is this comfortable room, where I’ve had the pleasure of dining a time or two. And one of these days, I will finally get to sit at the table with the wing chairs!

Additional Seating

Snug alcoves like this one create an intimate setting, even for a larger party.

Booth Table in a Cozy Alcove

And now, a bit about the entertainment.

Brunch Entertainment

Raglan Road prides itself on nightly music and dancing, but with the introduction of the Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch, they’ll be extending the traditional Irish entertainment to Sunday afternoons as well.

While brunch will be served 11 am to 4 pm, guests will also enjoy live music and dancing from noon to 4 pm.

Raglan Road Dancers Perform as Creel Plays in the Background

Raglan Road wanted to bring the lively pub atmosphere to this weekend tradition. ” ‘Let’s get the party started’ isn’t an Irish phrase, but it aptly describes the spirit of a true Irish brunch or family Sunday lunch back home,” says manager Lorraine Gorham, who hails from County Mayo in west Ireland. “And that’s what The Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch is all about.”

After some toe-tapping entertainment and good conversation with my table mates, I was hungry and excited to sample some of the new menu items. Let’s dig in!


The brunch menu offers the best of both worlds. While you can order from the new offerings, guests who prefer lunch or dinner will find that their favorites from those menus are available as well.

Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Raglan Road’s signature complementary bread service soon arrived. Fresh Brown Soda Bread, chewy with the addition of oatmeal, soaks up the incredible Guinness Glaze and Olive Oil Combo.

The glaze is a reduction of Guinness and sugar, and is a favorite for many guests.

Irish Soda Bread and Guiness Reduction Dipping Sauce

We began our meal with a few new Signature Cocktails that have been created just for the new brunch experience. We each ordered something different, so I’m happy to share photos of all three with you!

The Elderflower Cocktail was light and refreshing, the perfect beginning to a leisurely meal. I don’t think that anyone noted flavors other than sparkling wine, but the pansy and strawberry garnish added to the beautiful presentation. And I did detect a slight blush of color.

Elderflower Cocktail

A table mate ordered a Mimosa, and stated that they certainly hadn’t skimped on the sparkling wine!


I enjoyed an Irish Red Eye, Raglan Road’s take on the traditional Bloody Mary. Featuring Absolut Pepper, Spicy Bloody Mary Mix, and a float of Guinness, this was a cut above your average savory cocktail, and was absolutely delicious!

Irish Red Eye

You probably won’t be surprised to find that none of us ordered Oatmeal or the yoghurt Parfait. They sound lovely and are beautiful in these photos, but I think we were all after a more indulgent experience this first time out.

Still, these are excellent, fresh options for anyone looking for a healthier menu item.

Oat Meal

Yoghurt Parfait

As we sipped our drinks, our meals began to arrive.

My friend seated across from me chose the Full Irish. The star of the brunch menu, it’s a traditional full Irish breakfast as the name implies — complete with sausage, fried eggs, black and white pudding, Irish bacon, roasted tomato, mushrooms, and “roasties,” or potatoes.

Full Irish

The black and white puddings were of particular interest to me. My new friend (who happened to hail from Scotland) explained a little about the dishes. For others who are somewhat unfamiliar with breakfast in the British Isles, here’s the rundown: the puddings are similar to sausages, comprised traditionally of pork, suet, and spices, along with oatmeal as a binder.

The black pudding receives its color from the addition of blood in the mix, while the white is — you guessed it — sans blood. Puddings like these are traditionally a good way for savvy house managers to stretch a bit of protein to feed a crowd.

She graciously offered me a taste of both, and I accepted. They were both incredibly delicious and full-flavored. The white pudding tasted of herbs, while the black was flavored with what I thought was allspice. Another table companion said that he tasted clove. Perhaps we were both right.

I would happily have had more of either!

Black and White Puddings

She also offered me a taste of the Irish sausage, which I was glad to sample. I thought it would be interesting to compare it to the puddings.

Beside the puddings, I found it to be a little bland, although it had a nice kick of black pepper at the finish. We chalked it up to our expectation that it would be as salty as American sausage, and it wasn’t.

Irish Sausage from the Full Irish -- Up Close

My plate came next. I chose the Eggs Benedict.

The presentation was fairly traditional with the exception of prosciutto in place of Canadian bacon. This was, hands down, the best eggs benedict that I had ever tasted.

Eggs Benedict

This is where I confess: I’m not really a huge fan of hollandaise. It’s so rich that I usually find it to be too much of a good thing. But this was incredible. Lemony and velvety, I couldn’t get enough, and ended up dipping my potatoes into it as well!

And my poached eggs? Cooked perfectly!

Eggs Benedict -- Up Close

I was tempted by these beautiful Pancakes Diaspora as well, although I ultimately went with the benedict.

Served with a berry compote, crème fraîche, and maple syrup, they sounded heavenly. But since the plate lacked a salty, savory component, I decided to save these for another day.

I’m definitely pressuring my husband to get them on our next visit, so I can steal a bite (or two. Or…)

Pancakes Diaspora

Another friend ordered the Smoked Salmon Omelette and pronounced it delicious.

I came close to ordering this as well; I’ve enjoyed Raglan Road’s Salmon Swoon smoked salmon appetizer previously, and it is out-of-this-world.

Smoked Salmon Omelette

My neighbor ordered Eggs En Cocotte. This entree surprised me a bit. From the menu description — “farm fresh eggs baked with spinach, mushrooms, and Dubliner cheddar cheese” (yum), I expected a gratin, all baked and melty.

But when the dish arrived, it was more like a casserole. She seemed to enjoy it very much, and the presentation in the handsome little Staub pot was lovely. (I am such a sucker for French cookware.)

Eggs en Cocotte

As we savored our delicious food, we continued to enjoy the steady stream of musical and dance entertainment.


I was looking forward to experiencing the Rollicking Raglan Sunday Brunch ever since I first learned of it, and I was delighted with what I found. The pleasant service and lively entertainment only added to the incredible food, and made the meal an experience to savor. I found myself planning my next meal here before we were finished!

If you are looking for a leisurely brunch experience while at Walt Disney World, away from the rush of the parks, I enthusiastically recommend that you give Raglan Road a try. This charming spot will wheedle its way into your heart with warmth, beautiful surroundings, and the staff’s passion to bring a wee piece of Ireland to Central Florida.

Another juicy piece of news (and more food pics — including some yummy desserts!) was revealed during the brunch, so stay tuned to Disney Food Blog for more incredible updates about Raglan Road’s new offerings for 2013!

Is Raglan Road’s new Sunday Brunch on your list to try? Let us know what you’ll be ordering!

Brooke B. Fehr is a staffer and writer here at Disney Food Blog. With a strong culinary background, she was the perfect journalist to cover this yummy event!

Note, DFB received complimentary admission to this event from Raglan Road. Of course, we were not obligated to report on the event — or to give it a favorable review. We always strive to give you our honest opinions at Disney Food Blog! Read more about our disclosure policy here.


  1. Helen says

    This looks really good a taste of home while away. Never seem to be able to get perfectly cooked poached eggs in Florida.

  2. Prof. Brainard says

    A full Irish breakfast (or English, as the case may be, since they are basically the same, often referred to as a fry-up in the U.K.) is synonymous with joy. I do note the absence of baked beans, but perhaps the potatoes take their place. Blood pudding is wonderful, and it’s a hoot to tell people you eat blood pudding, especially since we Americans tend to use “pudding” solely as a synonym for mousse. The Eggs Benedict does look perfect. It’s no mean feat to poach an egg to perfection, and they’ve certainly done it there. I’m not much of a one for cocktails at breakfast, though a glass a champagne always hits the spot in the morning, and I imagine they could produce one if asked. I wish I were there at this very moment!

  3. Christa M. says

    That Irish Red Eye looks amazing. Might need to add a little Guinness to my weekend bloody mary’s!

  4. Brooke says

    Helen — they were, indeed, perfect! Firm on the outside, with the yolk still soft. Just the way I like them. Hopefully you’ve found a good place for poached eggs now!

    Professor — thank you for your comments! I wondered about the beans as well, but everything was so beautiful and delicious in spite of their absence. Definitely make this a stop on your next visit!

    Christa — it really was fantastic. Another person at the table described a tiny bit of effervescence in his Red Eye that the Guinness float imparted. It really set this drink apart for him. It was the perfect way to start the meal.

  5. Joni says

    Is the Egg en Cocotte like swimming in a liquid? Is the spinach, mushrooms and cheese in the bottom of the little pot? Looks good.
    Wonder if you could get a side of ham with that?

  6. Suzanne says

    As an Englishwoman, I also lament the absent baked beans. My husband will be delighted though! Is it possible to use the DDP (deluxe plan) for this?

  7. Sandra says

    The Irish breakfast looks pretty much like the full English breakfasts I have eaten all over England–not one had beans, by the way. Their sausages are indeed different from ours, but with their own particular charm. This looks worth doing if only for the Eggs Benedict, since my husband loves them but has been disappointed in local offerings, even at a supposed specialty egg eatery. But I know I would order both the oatmeal and the yogurt parfait too. Fruit, fiber and calcium-yum! With a mimosa to wash it down…

  8. Alan says

    I have loved this building through all of its incarnations. But now, as Raglan Road, it has reached Nirvana. The outdoor bars, Cooke’s of Dublin and, without doubt, Raglan itself are all gems (emeralds of course). And now, as we read, they just keep improving it as they have been since it opened. We spend more time there than any other restaurant at WDW and there is something new and amazing to see and especially to eat every time we are there.

  9. Brooke says

    Joni — Yes, the eggs were in a sort of broth, and I believe there were mushrooms, spinach, and cheese in there, with the “toast soldiers” for dipping. It looked quite good! As for a side, there weren’t any meat sides available on the menu that I saw, but that could always change! And a request may very well be accommodated.

    Suzanne — I’m given to understand that the baked beans are a regional variant on the full breakfast theme? Although you would certainly know better than I :-) As for DDP participation, I would say yes. Raglan Road is participating in DDP for 2013, and their meals are 1 table service credit per meal.

    Sandra — I hope you have a chance to enjoy brunch at Raglan Road! From the sounds of it, both you and your husband will be pleased!

    Alan — Agreed! We find ourselves returning time and again to Raglan Road when friends are in town or for special occasions, like birthdays. It remains one of my favorite spots at Walt Disney World, and I think they’ve done an excellent job with their brunch menu. Let us know what you think if you sample it for yourself!

  10. Carol says

    Everything looks delicious! Thanks so much for this very informative post about the new brunch, this is definitely going to be on my “must do” list for our upcoming visit this fall. I think those Eggs Benedict will be mine, along with an Irish Red Eye, LOL! Can’t wait!

  11. Brooke says

    Carol — My pleasure! The Eggs Benedict were amazing, and I’m still dreaming of that Irish Red Eye! It was the perfect way to spend a Sunday brunch. I hope you can make it there. Let us know your thoughts if you do!

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