News! Joffrey’s Coffee Named As Official Disney Coffee Provider

According to the Orlando Business Journal, Disney has partnered with Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. as the official specialty coffee provider for Walt Disney World, Disneyland, and Disney Vacation Club resorts.

Disney’s announcement that it has developed an alliance with the Tampa-based Joffrey’s company is great news for guests that have been less than delighted with the Nescafe offerings at the Disney parks and resorts.

(This announcement does not affect the presence of Starbucks coffee locations that will be arriving in six spots throughout Disney World and Disneyland over the next few years.)

Since 1995, Joffrey’s has operated kiosks that serve their coffee brand throughout Walt Disney World. Now, the brand will be present at select Disney restaurants, resort hotels, quick-service restaurants, and as self-service options in hotel rooms.

Transportation and Ticket Center Joffrey

“We are thrilled to be creating unique coffee blends exclusively for Disney guests,” said Chris de Mezzo, Joffrey’s roastmaster and chief operating officer, in a prepared statement. “After all, a Disney vacation is like none other, so the coffee that Disney guests drink should be like none other, as well.”

Coffee Drinkers! Let us know your thoughts on Disney’s partnership with Joffrey’s. Did your cup of joe just get tastier? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Jill D says

    I’m very happy, Nescafe tastes like brown water, I feel we deserve a drink that is actually coffee.

    What will this mean for the Starbucks? Probably nothing, just happy to use my refillable mug on something real! thanks!

  2. Jill M says

    This is great! Does it start immediately? I was actually thinking about hauling Starbuck’s Via with us in late April just because I’ve heard such awful things about the Nescafe!

  3. Dan B says

    It might seem trivial to some, but that Nescafe stuff is terrible! For coffee drinkers, this is great news. Still looking forward to having Starbucks coffee in the parks too though, as that brand is my personal favorite.

  4. Jodi says

    Wow my husband and i LOVE the Nescafe and are disspointed. I cant stand starbucks its so strong and bitter.. I hope this new brand is good. Never heard of it

  5. Wade says

    Good news because Nescafe is really awful coffee, if you can even call it that. My question – what does this mean for the flavored ground coffee that they sell in the gift shops in the hotels and parks – they have flavors such as French Vanilla, Pumpkin Spice, Hazelnut? It’s actually pretty good! I hope it does not go away.

  6. Scott says

    I have to agree with the prior posts. The Nescafe is/was horrible. Hopefully this change will take place quickly. That said, I would rather Starbucks be offered throughout all of Disney.

  7. Pudge the Fish says

    Makes me wonder if coffee will still be free with refillable mugs? It seems that guests want fresh brewed coffee and not a water/syrup hybrid like Nescafé. However, how would Joffrey’s accomplish fresh brewed quality while providing unlimited quantities for the masses?

  8. Paul says

    Will this mean that the Nespresso machines at the hotels will be gone soon? I will miss having a nice espresso on demand as Joffrey’s does not have an equivalent pod system.

  9. says

    This is a true gem for coffee drinkers. It may seem small to some who think a coffee is just a coffee. To us full blown addicts (Usually goes hand in hand with Disney Addicts) A good cup of coffee can make your day. Glad to see this change!

  10. Christa M. says

    I typically stick to Diet Coke at Disney, but if there’s a good coffee option, I’ll drink it. Yay!

  11. M.L. says

    I returned from Disney a week ago and my husband & I could’t wait to get to the airport and buy a real cup of coffee! The Nescafe is horrible! The only good coffee I had the 9 days we were there was a latte at Port Orleans Riverside.

  12. says

    We were at Disney World earlier this month on the dining plan and I noticed all the coffee stands that noted they were Joffrey’s coffee had little to no dining plan snacks or drinks. I think all you could get was one shot of espresso as a snack. Hopefull this agreement also improves this at the existing stands.

  13. Janelle Williams says

    Maybe I won’t have to bring my own coffee maker to Disney World! Never had Joffrey’s coffee. How does it compare to Starbucks?

  14. Chris D. says

    We were at Walt Disney World, in October 2012 and stayed at the Art of Animation. We thought the coffee was terrible!!! My wife and I love coffee and the Nescafe is Undrinkable!!! We stopped at Joffrey’s kiosks every chance we got. But felt cheated because coffee is considered a drink on the dining plan and we had to pay out of pocket to get a good cup of coffee. We look forward to our next visit :D

  15. Karen M Cowan says

    Dear Janelle W-

    As a diehard STARBUCKS espresso/americano fan let me explain nicely that Joffrey’s may be good for the masses ( of which I will be a part of occasionally) but…there is NOTHING that compares with STARBUCKS. I own an awesome OWNER’s LOCKER which keeps my french press safe and waiting for me when I arrive. All I need do is pick up a pound of STARBUCKS Sumatra or Espresso Roast, and I’m in heaven ( drinking STARBUCKS) in heaven ( AT WDW) !!!!

  16. Pearl says

    Didn’t read all the comments yet, but wish they had better coffee on the Disney cruise ships, just in case nobody else mentions it.

  17. Linda says

    I’ve been waiting to see when Joffrey’s is going to take over but haven’t seen any updates yet. Anyone heard anything yet? I was just staying at the Bay Lake tower May 13-16 and they still have the Nescafe machines in the Contempo Cafe. I am waiting for some good coffee. Hopefully soon.

  18. Bill B says

    Just returned from a trip to Disney World and was impressed with the coffee at Whispering Canyon Cafe. Saw in the menu that it was from Joffrey. Sure beats the “dark water” I have experienced at most other places. Anyone know what blend the Cafe uses? Would like to get some K-Cups.

  19. Gloria G says

    We had the Joffrey’s french pressed coffee at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina (Boardwalk resort) over the weekend. It was THE BEST COFFEE I’ve ever had. It was smooth, nutty, and dee-lish from the first sip. No bitterness at all. I’ll go back to any Disney park or restaurant just for the coffee.

  20. Pam S says

    Been trying to find out if the coffee has been changed over to Joffrey’s at the Port Orleans Riverside food court. Anyone know?

  21. Aimee Lavin says

    Just returned from 8 days at Disney World. I stayed at Carbbean Beach. Loved the coffee! It was the best I had. I am looking to see how I can have it shipped home. Very addictive. Drained each and every cup. Thank goodness for the refillable mugs at the resort.

  22. Brenda says

    I am sitting in the Everything Pop food court, full and happy, having just polished off a surprisingly good Southwest omelette. I said again, for the 2nd or 3rd time this trip, “this coffee is so good…it can’t be the same kind.” Then I realized I could probably google it and find out. Out comes the iPhone, tapped Safari – “Did Walt Disney World change their coffee?” Ahhh, mystery solved! I am SO happy!!! I have gotten used to the dark roast K-cups in recent years and had started psyching myself up for a week of Nescafé as I was packing for the trip, wondering if I would survive the experience. Way to go Disney! I’m impressed with some of the changes lately – real coffee and Magic Bands, things are getting better by the day.

  23. Nicole Fanelli says

    We just returned home from Disney World and I miss my Joffrey’s coffee. It was definitely the best coffee I think I’ve ever had!!!! Where can I get me some for home???

  24. QueenisNana says

    I am so amused at the “Starbucks” elitists. Should we tell them that in the coffee world Starbucks is the equivalent of ashtray coffee? The important thing is that we all have different tastes and are lucky enough to have choices.

  25. valerie murphy says

    My three daughters and I just returned from a WDW vacation. We had a great time ! We looked forward to the delicious coffee each morning and even ordered coffee in the afternoon because Joffrey’s coffee is so delicious! I would love to find a way to order this to enjoy at home. What blend of Joffrey’s is it? Please let me know.

  26. John Bellante says

    I just got back from Disney. Tried the Joffrey’s coffee. I didn’t care for it.

    Why not go with Green Mountain or even Maxwell house? A middle of the road blend?

    I hardly used my mug. Found myself continually dumping out half of it.

    Thankfully found out that if you ask the concierge they had some cuisinart decaf for the room machine. Not great stuff but it saved me.

  27. DLB says

    Stayed at the Wilderness Villas during December 2013. Joffrey coffee was supplied in the villa’s kitchen. We enjoyed the Joffrey coffee every morning during our stay. It was a wonderful tasting cup of coffee.

  28. Susie says

    Joffreys is just as bad as Nescafé. Just returned from Disney. Brought our own coffee to brew in hotel. Disney should have partnered with dunkin donuts and Starbucks thoroughout their parks and resorts.

  29. Enrico says

    I just got back from Disney World and I’m happy Nescafe is gone, but Jeffreys isn’t a good replacement. The staff lacks proper training and their coffee is sub par. I waited 15 minutes for a cappuccino and I was the only person at the counter. There are so many great coffee companies to choose from. I think Disney should be able to do much better. Try Marley Coffee or any of the other smaller specialty coffee companies that would be delighted to do business with Disney. In this day and age, people expect a good cup of coffee. Bad coffee is no longer acceptable. Bad coffee aside, I loved my disney vacation.

  30. Martha says

    I am not a coffee drinker. Last year I found Joffreys and tried their frozen drinks. I am hooked…much better than McDonalds.

  31. Jim says

    I suppose it is better than Nescafé in the same way hitting your finger with a hammer is better than hitting your face with one. Really not good coffee, reminiscent of the Maxwell House from a percolator of my youth.

  32. jeanne revolt says

    We stayed at a Disney Resort hotel this past April. I have to have my coffee in the morning, but never liked what they had in the room to make. This year I was pleasantly surprised by the Joffrey’s coffee. I love it! Gonna have to go buy a bag.

  33. Katie says

    I had the best coffee at Cinderella’s princess breakfast. I had no idea it was Joffrey’s until I asked them. Since having this coffee I won’t drink anything else it was fantastic! I need to find out which one I was served because I am going to order it.

  34. Norm says

    I’ve been completing surveys for years. Always have felt value for my Disney spend except the Nescafe coffee. Hideous stuff so below Disney’s focus on customer experience. Love Joffreys. My real early mornings in the parks with the family are now enjoyable.

  35. jeanne says

    Thank you for having Joffrey’s Coffee at Disney World. We have always stayed at a Disney Resort and had made that horrible coffee in the room. I have been buying Joffrey’s coffee since I had it down there.

  36. Jan says

    I am interested in the brand and blend of coffee currently served at The Crystal Palace. We visited in May 2017. It was the best!

  37. NENolan says

    I just love Joffrey’s but only wish there were more Joffrey kiosks in MK instead of that swill they serve on Main Street. One kiosk is not enough Disney!

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