Construction Update: Two Starbucks Locations Coming to Downtown Disney Orlando

As Downtown Disney begins its transformation in earnest into what will be Disney Springs, signs of change are popping up everywhere!

Disney Springs Artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs Artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs Artwork on construction walls

Disney Springs artwork on construction walls

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the two (that’s right… two) areas that are adding Starbucks locations for guests to grab their skinny half-calf extra hot no foam sugar-free vanilla lattes.

Starbucks arriving to Downtown Disney in the spring

Starbucks arriving at Downtown Disney in the spring

We thought we’d give you a glimpse of their future homes so you can know where you’ll be able to find your triple venti upside-down Caramel Macchiato after polishing off a Full Montague at Earl of Sandwich.

First up: Starbucks at the Marketplace. This location will be nestled between the two main entrances to the World of Disney store.

Future site of Marketplace Starbucks

Future site of Marketplace Starbucks

Future Starbucks location by World of Disney

Future Starbucks location by World of Disney

While those pictures give you some idea of the location, the artwork on the walls provides a glimpse of what the space will look like.

Artwork on construction walls for Starbucks

Artwork on construction walls for Starbucks

And, second: Starbucks on the West Side.

Formerly home to Wetzel’s Pretzels, you’ll find this spot beside the grassy area next to Bongos Cuban Café (across from D-Street — you can see the top of the Bongos pineapple on the left side of the photo).

Starbucks West Side future location

Starbucks West Side future location

Its neighbor to the right (facing the water) is the Characters in Flight Balloon experience.

Characters in Flight

Characters in Flight

Again, right now it’s essentially refurbishment walls, but this picture will give you an idea of the vision for the future store.

Artwork on construction walls for West Side Starbucks

Artwork on construction walls for West Side Starbucks

And now…to be honest, these next pictures won’t really show you anything new. I just know a lot of folks across the country are going through a pretty tough winter, so I thought you might enjoy some palm trees and blue sky :) .

Palm trees!

Palm trees!

More palm trees!

More palm trees!

Starbucks… coming this spring to not one, but TWO, locations at Downtown Disney.

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Starbucks locations in Downtown Disney? We’d love to hear ‘em in a comment!


  1. Joni says

    What use to be where the 2nd SB location is going. Next to Bongo’s
    I think getting 2 SB is going to be nice. So one isn’t always jammed packed.
    Looks like #2 will be a pretty nice size one.

  2. Brooke says

    So Wetzels is gone?? I know there’s a small stand in the Marketplace, but is the full size store gone?

  3. Kera says

    I’m curious why does the fountain view Starbucks have alot more Mickey themed pastries and the one on main street has zero? Why in DCA in Cali have sandwiches and yet every Starbucks at WDW only serves breakfast sandwiches?

  4. Claire says

    Ok, gotta vent now….They got rid of Captain Jacks at Downtown but are now going to put in two Starbucks!!! SERIOUSLY!?? I couldn’t give a (insert profanity here) about Starbucks. I realize people have got to have their caffeine fix, but why not a cool Disney coffee place where you could, say, get killer baked goods, like the Writers Stop or Starring Rolls? I stood silently by while they put one on Main Street USA and Epcot, but they have now gone over the edge in my opinion.

  5. Carolyn says

    Seriously?!! Could Disney not think of anything else more interesting to put up? I could see one location, but 2? I thought the whole point of this renovation was to update and put new life Downtown? Just because you added a couple of Starbucks doesn’t make it hip and fresh or fun for that matter. Imagineers are slipping.

  6. Amy says

    I could not be happier about this. Two different locations is smart! Way to go Disney, after many many years of sub par coffee, finally a good iced coffee to save the day! And for those who do not care about coffee then it should not even faze you, walk on by and have a magical visit.

  7. Vance says

    While I don’t mind Starbucks coming in, especially to DTD, I don’t know why they chose that spot for Marketplace…right in between two entrances to the WoD…I’m sure it is a high traffic area but it will look really out of place right there…I think a better spot would be the pin shop and have the pin shop re-locate inside Team Mickey when it shuts down

  8. Barbara says

    As a retail person, I can see the CMs dreading those Starbucks that mean thousands of $$ in damaged merchandise through the stores adjacent due to sloppy customers and inconsiderate people with their grandes and such. Not the best locations, Disney-Wan-Kanobi.

  9. says

    Can we please start a grassroots campaign to get Disney Parks cold cups sold in these Starbucks locations?! I would totally buy one!

  10. says

    I definitely feel as though Starbucks is a good move in the parks and resort areas.
    The products are popular and the quality is consistently great, so that ticks some big boxes for the vast majority of guests.
    I must admit that the World of Disney location is a bit odd, unless it is themed very carefully, a Starbucks in the middle of that area definitely risks taking a little charm away.

    Every faith in Disney getting things right, and I guess with Disney Springs now looming closer, we need to brace ourselves for lots of shocks, but more likely, amazing new experiences to sink our teeth into!

  11. Michelle P says

    See, I was thinking the Sbux in between the two entrances was great! So many times our group has split up to shop and some finish faster than others. Now, I can grab my triple-shot, extra hot, half-caff, sugar-free peanut butter flavored mocha frappaccino while I wait! :-)

  12. Paul A. says

    While I do not drink Starbucks (burnt & bitter) coffee, I’ve accepted its arrival in the World. But, why attached to the World of Disney? If anything was to go there, and nothing should because of the horrendous traffic bottleneck since the stage was added, then it should absolutely be something 100% Disney. I agree with Vance, put SBs in Pin Traders and move Pin Traders to Team Mickey.

  13. Sandra G says

    Ugh! Starbucks takes over the World. I am so disappointed that they would deep six unique stands (like Wetzel’s) in favor of the Walmart of coffee places. I realize lots of people like them, but to me, one would have been plenty. It’s bad enough that they ruined the Main Street Bakery, but really, can we please have something more special than what I can get half a mile from my home in Virginia? And I don’t object to Disney eateries serving Starbucks coffee, in the bakery or anywhere else. But please leave some special Disney stuff when it comes to food and theming, including on the cups (and MSB cinnamon rolls, I’m talking about you).

  14. Tami says

    Boo!! I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again, Starbucks coffee is NOT that great, they are monopolizing the coffee industry & everyone (including Disney) is buying into it. Away with Starbucks already! Let’s be creative & bring in a LOCAL, yummy & unique coffee shop! I’m sure Walt would have approved of THAT. I’ll be grabbing my coffee at Ghiradelli or from one of the vendors that serves Joffrey’s, thank you very much.

  15. Donhitchdc says

    I’m assuming the Hagen Daz that was attached to the Whetzel’s will be gone too. Starbucks now serves two types of pretzels, for those dying for a pretzel. Also, isn’t it possible that Whetzle’s can’t afford the rent at Downtown Disney? Not too upset with this, since Disney Springs seems like it will be like a shopping mall, not an amusement park. Q

  16. Kelly says

    I agree that it would be preferable for Disney to create a high quality, Disney themed alternative to Starbucks. I just never understand the outrage about the corporate invasion of Disney this supposedly represents. All of the parks, from day 1, have been deeply connected to corporate branding and sponsorship. I mean, look at the old Tomorrowland photos advertising Monsanto. Wretzel’s is an international brand, and Joffrey’s isn’t exactly the mom-n-pop shop around the corner. I actually think Starbucks fits in better at Downtown Disney than in the parks. Disney must be seeing enough of an increase in coffee sales at the existing Starbucks to double down here. In the end, profit is the driving factor behind all these decisions.

  17. Wendy says

    For those curious about Wetzel’s, there is a small kiosk in Marketplace (near Lego/World of Disney, right by the water). I don’t know whether or not Wetzel’s/Haagen Daz will have another location once the transformation to Disney Springs is complete.

  18. Roz Vining says

    I love,love,love Starbucks!!! We have been to the one at Epcot and Magic Kingdom and it was great!! I know some people are not happy with them being at WDW, but we do love it when we are ready for a Frappacino or a Latte! Thanks Disney!! We’ll see you in 4 weeks for Mardi Gras!!!

  19. Lindsey says

    I’m bummed that these didn’t go in while I was working at DTD! My only iced coffee option at the time was Ghirardelli’s, and I constantly thought, “Man, it would be great if they opened up a coffeeshop somewhere in DTD.”

  20. Kathy says

    There is a reason Starbucks r so popular. Strong consistent coffee. If Disney created their own strong bold brew there would not be a need. But they sort of have boring coffee. Sort of like their hot tea. Twinings. Gag. If u r a hot tea drinker the tea Disney chose is awful. Cheap tea. Now if they put the Disney theme hit tea out there at more than one restaurant I’d b happy. But Twinings is everywhere. At least Starbucks has tazos. They r quality. And consistent. Personally they have good breakfast sandwiches too. Something else that is lacking in Disney. Good breakfast quick service.

  21. Ddubb yep says

    Don’t spend a dime at these ridiculous places. Everything cost a fortune because of the ” Disney Experience” but doing construction in building these for them, we were all treated so badly by the general contractor (Randy) that I will never take my family to Disney again just because they were the ones that hired the contractor in the first place. Disney makes all the millions, and the people that slave to make it all for them get paid pennies, and have to deal with so called smart people running these projects that are lost and run the most unsafe projects I’ve yet to see. The people in charge of these SB coming soon should be shut down and exposed to the public for the truth behind this so called Disney experience that’s the biggest crock of s*** I’ve seen in over 35 yrs in the construction field. By far the very worst project I have ever been on in all my projects combined.

  22. lulu says

    Just came back from a trip to Disney. Just to let people know, the walking traffic at Downtown Disney has been SIGNIFICANTLY impacted by the construction. First, the boat ramps for the Port Orleans Riverside and all other boat accessible hotels (to Downtown Disney) is closed and they are now using the west side boat ramp. For many this won’t matter, but for those traveling with kids or elderly this can be an issue since it is much farther from the marketplace area. Also, with all of the walls that are currently up for construction, the walking areas are much more crowded than usual because lots of walking space is now blocked off. The whole distance from the west side boat ramp over to the marketplace was constant, heel to heel traffic. Again, not an issue for some, but in my case (I went with my older mother) it was an issue.

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