News! Enjoy the Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package — Complete with Dessert Party!

UPDATE: Frozen Summer Fun, originally scheduled through September 1st, has been extended through September 28, 2014! The Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package is available for booking for the following dates: September 5 – 7; September 12 – 14; September 19 – 21; and September 26 – 28, 2014.

There’s fun and refreshing news out of Arendelle — er, Disney World — today! We’re excited to bring Frozen fans word of a brand new experience highlighting their favorite Disney Film!

Frozen at DHS

As we all know, Frozen has landed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for the Summer in a big way. Starting Saturday, July 5 and running through Monday, September 1, guests will enjoy all kinds of ways to experience the magic of the movie.

But we’re most interested in the eats, of course! And so we can’t wait to check out the The Frozen Summer Fun Premium Package!

Available July 5 through September 1 (except for August 23), guests who purchase the package will have access to three of the new Frozen experiences. (UPDATE: This event has been extended! Please see updated dates at the top of this post.) After checking in at Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner beginning at 10:30 a.m., guests will enjoy refreshments and reserved viewing for Anna and Elsa’s Royal Welcome Procession at 11 a.m.! Sisters Elsa and Anna will arrive via horse drawn sleigh, accompanied by Kristoff and other citizens of Arendelle.

Frozen Comes to Disney's Hollywood Studios!

Anna and Elsa Are Come to Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Next, guests can take advantage of reserved seating for a showing of the For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration. Performances take place daily from 12:30- 7 p.m.

To wrap up the evening, guests are treated to an exclusive dessert party from 8:30-10:00 p.m. The party will take place in a reserved area where they’ll enjoy VIP viewing for the new Frozen Fireworks Spectacular set to music from the film.

We Hope There Are Frozen Cupcakes!

We Hope There Are Frozen Cupcakes!

Prices for tickets are $59 for adults and $34 for children (including tax and gratuity). Please note: the UPDATED PRICES for the extended dates are $69 for adults, and $39 for children. Discounts do not apply and Park admission is required. You can book this experience by calling 407-939-1939.

Will you be booking a Frozen package for you and yours this Summer? Leave a comment and tell us about it!


  1. Elizabeth says

    This package is way over- priced !! It sounds like it would be fun, however, those prices are way too steep. Why can’t Disney make things more affordable for regular families ?? If they charged $20 for an adult and $10 for a child, I am sure a lot more people could afford this and they would still be making a profit. Disney really needs to lower these prices !! Thank you for listening.

  2. says

    Just booked it! My husband and I did the Star Wars Weekends Feel the Force package and absolutely loved it. This seems like it’s exactly the same format, and the unlimited desert offerings were well worth it. I did notice the omission of alcoholic beverage offerings, but I imagine this a much more kid friendly event, so that’s completely understandable. I can’t wait!

  3. Mike Venere says

    I agree….but then everyone would do it….Not saying that is right or wrong, but they price out many of these events extra high (Look at Food & Wine festival as well) to get a certain clientele. And they know they will pay. Let’s be honest!

  4. Constance Cook says

    I agree about the pricing…ugh. It’s my daughter’s birthday next week and we had planned already to be at Hollywood Studios on Monday. That being said, I am taking her to this event. My husband and other kiddos are going to be doing other things there while we partake in the festivities because we cannot afford 59 for six people!!

  5. Meghan says

    I didn’t think the pricing was too bad considering you get reserved seating and THREE events, as well as refreshments at one and a dessert party at the other. The dessert party for Wishes is $21.99, and that’s only for one event, not three. No, it’s not cheap, but if they offered a dinner package instead, you’d be forking over a lot more!

  6. Valarie says

    I just booked this package for our upcoming trip. My husband and I will be surprising our 8 year old twin daughters. I think that it is money well spent. Knowing that we will not have to spend our day waiting in long lines and boosting our girls up to see the parade, etc. I assume that it will be similar to the fireworks dessert party in MK with the exception of the seating.

  7. says

    Booked this event this afternoon! So excited, sounds like fun. Yes Chelsea there will be alcohol for adults, the cast member who took my reservation mentioned it. Come on Saturday! !

  8. Sandy says

    We just booked and above Chelsea above said without alcoholic beverages. but the CM who booked us, said anyone over 21 can drink the specialty drinks. I wonder if there will be drinks? My husband really wanted to do something special this trip and now we know what it will be. We will let you know how it goes next week.

  9. Erin says

    The dessert party and other offerings are great. I don’t have a problem with the price. I do take issue with the lack of seating. There are small children and seniors in our large party. I am happy to pay the price but having no seating to have dessert for a couple of hours seems crazy if it is really a family friendly event. Little kids can barely eat a cupcake successfully let alone do it standing up. It is summer and hot, even at night. Throw up a tent and some folding chairs to eat, then we could stand for the fireworks.

  10. Carla says

    Does anyone know if events like this can typically accommodate guests with food allergies?

  11. says

    I’m really curious to see if they’re going to keep this… in the same area as the Feel The Force package. I’m always up for a good dessert party, but the Feel the Force reserved area was just “okay” for viewing the parade and/or the fireworks… but not great.

    I went on one of the “Mark Hamill” days and the line to get into the reserved area started forming an hour before the suggested “get there by” time. There’s not enough “front row” space for the 250+ guests in the reserved area, so… it wasn’t much different than trying to see the parade anywhere else (i.e., you still have to get there early). While it’s true that Mark Hamill is quite popular, so is Frozen.

    Firework-wise, the area was a bit too close to the sorcerer’s hat, the bottom half of the fireworks were mostly blocked by the hat and the surrounding stage scaffolding.

    The $59 price point at Hollywood Studios does include alcoholic beverages. There will be a few cutely named mixed cocktails that can be made with or without alcohol. Those drinks and the dense frosting topped rice crispy bon bons were the best part of the Feel The Force package! If you went to that one, the format and desserts will be very similar… but with more blue and white frosting!

  12. Sarah Wilson says

    Have booked and really excited – this is our holiday of a lifetime and my girls A&E Frozen obsessed so is perfect. We’d tried to get into other events which are already full – bring it on 29 days to go!

  13. Helen Grayson says

    How do I book this??
    My daughter loves Frozen as we are going to Disney in six weeks – it would be a fantastic surprise for her. It is a little expensive but to get a character meet and everything else I think it will be worth it and that’s what special treats are about :) But,I cant find it anywhere to book – its like its a secret ;) any help would be greatly appreciated

  14. says

    Not at that price point. If it were around $30, I’d think about it. Paying twice that for three reserved spots and some desserts and drinks is just not worth it to me, esp since I don’t drink alcohol.

  15. Michael Villar says

    Why isn’t Anna ‘Frozen’ in the picture if neither of them are wearing gloves?

  16. Coco says

    Hmm, I have an ADR for 11:45 for lunch, based on other parades (and after some people have seen this one, of course), do you think I’ll be able to watch the entirety of the parade before going to the restaurant or should I try to reschedule for later? Thank you!

  17. Peggy says

    Booked our families for Aug 25th, the last day of our vacation. What a way to end it! :)

  18. Val says

    Just to clarify so no one misunderstands what is included. I do not believe an actual Character meet is included, correct?

  19. Sheila says

    Yes Val, no meet and greet. Just the parade space/refreshements, singalong, and fireworks/dessert party.

  20. Chad says

    Just read about the premium package and just booked for this family of six for July 29 (Tuesday). $304 for a family of six is a bit steep, and I don’t love the idea of subsidizing alcohol we won’t drink. Still, non-alcoholic mixed drinks sounds like a lot of fun for us and the kids, so that is an added perk I didn’t know about (thanks, Mealtrip).

    The cost is secondary, with the primary thought being a Frozen themed experience for the 5 & 7 year-old. They’ll feel special being at a Frozen party, even if they can watch the parade and fireworks elsewhere.

  21. Lana says

    If it included a meet & greet I’d probably sign up. The only night we could do this would cause me to cancel our Anna & Elsa FP over at MK! Maybe if they extend it through the end of September….

  22. Essie says

    The cost does sound high; all of the costs at WDW are very high. I’m thinking that it’s costing them so much to keep the parks and resorts going and keeping everything clean and up to standards, is costing them so much these day that they constantly have to keep coming up with these extra special ticket events. I for one am on a very limited disability income, but I’d rather see them keep everything nice than to see them constantly cut back on everything. Just a thought.

  23. Aloha says

    Hubby just booked our tickets! Can’t wait to take our 4 and 12 year old daughters…they will love it!

  24. Venessa Hinojosa-Wright says

    Considering that the cupcakes alone are $5.50 each PLUS you get unlimited drinks and a bunch of treats, I saw at least two cupcakes, a marshmallow olaf, colorful bon bons??and something that looks like a blue push pop, 5 ice cream treats like Mickey Mouse bars and sandwiches, fruit bar, frozen banana and one more and VIP seating for all three shows?? That sounds like a good deal to me! What else do y’all want? =) I wish they would last until Oct!

  25. TaraLee says

    Carla, We just did the Wishes dessert party on our trip last week. Our son has peanut allergy that we noted when we made the reservation. They brought him out a special plate of peanut free desserts just for him! They were so good with all of our ADRs, that I’m sure this would be no different!

  26. Lianne says

    Just booked for the 27th for the first day of our holiday, hopefully it will be a magical way to start for my girls first time at WDW as they love Frozen. I’ve accepted that the meet and greet is unlikely as we won’t be standing for 3 hours in the heat for that so maybe this will be a nice (albeit expensive) alternative. Will have to get our money’s worth with the alcoholic cocktails and eat until I feel sick ;0)

  27. Dai says

    We are so excited about attending this event. We called on Wednesday, July 10th, and booked a reservation for August 12th for 1 adult, 2 children. The first 4 dates we wanted were full. I believe it is worth the price for all you receive, and appears to be a fun and unique experience. After all, playing in snow in Florida!!!! Wow!

  28. Constance Cook says

    We were there over the weekend. Went to Hollywood Studios on Sunday 7/6 and Wednesday 7/9. Decided not to purchase the “special event” ticket. Had a great time anyway. Were able to see Elsa and Anna on stage. Didn’t do the fireworks…too late for the kiddos. Enjoyable time had by all.

  29. Sandy says

    Today was a great day for this package. When checking in at Min and Bills make sure you get your tix for the singalong. You can pick the times, so know when you wamt to go ahead of time. Its hourly throughout the day. Before the processional the treats that were offered were frozen lemonades, Mickey bars, and bottled drinks. Sitting on the ground waiting in the hot july heat my family of 5 consumed 4 lemonades, 3 Mickey bars, and 5 waters. We got 5 additional waters afterwards. For the best viewing go to the point of the triangle closest to the stage, however the floats have trouble turning this 90* turn and cut it very close with Kristoph’s float. Elsa and Anna come out on stage for a brief show. For the singalong, don’t get in the huge line. Look for a sign for the package, they let you in a back door and bring you to the front 5 rows. Be happy to not fight those hordes.Finally, the dessert party let us in right at 8:30. However, in the morning they announced that if it is raining the dessert party would take place at the Disney Jr soundstage. There were tall standing tables and they also had much shorter standing tables perfect for young kids. My 4 year old was a great height. There were adult drinks, sodas, water, Pog juice (my family’s fav!!!) and a berry lemonade. They had light up straws for the kids drinks. There was about 10 varieties of desserts on one table from rice Krispy desserts, cupcakes, pumpkin, raspberry cakes, and an Olaf cake pop. There was an ice cream cart. And a chocolate fondue table with a large variety of cut fruit, pretzels, marshmallows and nuts. This was all set up near where we were in the am but closer to the stage on the left side. Unfortunately my 7 yr old son took a nasty spill at dinner (on a spilled drink in ABC com.) And had a bad headache and after filling up in a couple desserts he had enough of the music. The stage played a DJ with music until the “ice men” band came on. They played pop music from the 80s-today. By 9:15 my kids were done and did not to see the fireworks. (Which were suppose to go off at 9:45 but were at 9:30). So we watched from the parking lot once we got to our car. All in all worth every penny to see my 4 year old daughter in such awe! And yummy treats as well!

  30. Julie Chapman says

    We did the special package and it was worth it! Only down side is in the evening if you get a seat so you can see the stage you can’t see the fireworks very well. If we had known we would have moved out of the area (with snacks and drinks in hand) to watch from a more central further back location. There are tables in the evening so no chairs – after a long hot day in the park there were more than a few sitting on the ground.

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