Dinner Review: The NEW Trattoria al Forno at Disney World’s BoardWalk Inn

We’ve been waiting and the day is finally here! We have had our first dinner at the brand new Trattoria al Forno, and we’re excited to share it with you!

Trattoria Stone Medallion at the Hostess Station

Trattoria Stone Medallion at the Hostess Station

Trattoria al Forno replaces Kouzzina by Cat Cora, which closed in September after a 5-year run on the BoardWalk. While we have heard from some readers that they’ll miss the Greek restaurant, we are interested in seeing just how Disney goes forward bringing an Italian offering to this space.

It is true that there are many Italian restaurants on Disney World property — several within walking distance of Trattoria al Forno. So it will be interesting to see how this one compares. Speaking of, let’s head in and explore a bit before we turn our attention to the food.


We gave you the full tour of the new restaurant last week, but we’ll show you around just a little here as well. You’ll find Trattoria al Forno tucked into Disney’s BoarkWalk, right between Seashore Sweets and the BoardWalk Pizza Window.

Trattoria Entrance

Trattoria Entrance

Step inside, and rich, earthy finishes of stone and wood greet you. Directly ahead, the bank of wine coolers hints to you the large role that vino plays in the menu.



As was the case in the restaurant’s previous lives — before it was Kouzzina, the Mediterranean-leaning Spoodles occupied the spot — the exhibition kitchen has always been the main focus of the dining room. That continues with Trattoria al Forno.

Wide Shot of the Trattoria Kitchen

Wide Shot of the Trattoria Kitchen

And it is this detail that makes the backstory of the space a little thin. As it goes, Trattoria al Forno is a family-owned restaurant that has been on the BoardWalk for years. Originally, the family owned a boardinghouse and a restaurant, but over time, the restaurant has grown.



With its growth, it has expanded down the BoardWalk, taking in one room after another — but they all face the beautiful exhibition kitchen. Perhaps the kitchen grew, too. :-)

This is one of the most extensive “on stage” kitchens that you’ll find at Disney World. It seems that just about everything takes place in front of guests, and finishes and equipment are part of the decor. Check out the bright red meat slicer, which will be used to slice some paper-thin charcuterie a little later on in our story.

(By the way, in the background of this picture you’ll see Chef Dee Foundoukis, who arrived here to head the kitchen for Cat Cora at Kouzzina and has apparently stayed on with Trattoria al Forno. So for those who are chef-watchers at Disney World, that may be an interesting tidbit.)

Meat Slicer and Chef Dee!

Meat Slicer and Chef Dee!

But let’s get back to the theme. To convey the progression, you see slight changes throughout the space from “room” to “room.” The restaurant’s original dining room is the Cucina, a warm, casual spot that has the feel of an eat-in kitchen.

Kitchen from the Cucina, the Restaurant's First Dining Room

Kitchen from the Cucina, the Restaurant’s First Dining Room

At some point, the family must have decided to glam things up a bit and build a more upscale dining room, and the Sala de Pranzo came into being. You know you’ve arrived in the formal dining room from cues like the crystal chandeliers overhead and the large display of silver and glassware along the back wall.

Sala da Pranzo

Sala da Pranzo

Still, business continued to boom, so a living room area, the Salotto, was converted to the restaurant’s third dining room.

Seating in the Salotto

Seating in the Salotto

Finally, guests may also find themselves in the Taverna. According to the story, this secluded area represents the restaurant’s origins and still retains the feel of a cozy inn restaurant. (Guests who dined at Kouzzina will recognize this as the former “Coranation” Room, an area used for Chef’s Table dining.)

The Taverna

The Taverna

Throughout the space, the seating is comfortable, and finishes are rich and refined. There is a mismatched sense to the furnishings, but it doesn’t really intrude on your consciousness. Overall, the theme here is conveyed in subtle fashion.

Seating -- Looking Back Across the Rooms

Seating — Looking Back Across the Rooms

We had dinner at Trattoria al Forno on opening night, and the restaurant was full throughout our time there. Even at capacity, however, it never seemed loud or uncomfortable. Shocking, since the previous restaurants in this space — Kouzzina and Spoodles — were well known for sound carrying and bouncing off the walls.

A Full House on Opening Night!

A Full House on Opening Night!

Speaking of dinner, let’s get to it.


When we sat down to order at Trattoria al Forno, we found the menu to be a curious mix. Based on pricing alone, you quickly understand that this is not a signature dining experience. (And be happy about that; your wallet will most certainly thank you.)

Trattoria al Forno Logo on Brand-New Coasters

Trattoria al Forno Logo on Brand-New Coasters

However, Chef Dee and her talented crew still seem to be doing something special here.

Remember that bank of wine coolers in the waiting area? There’s a good reason for that emphasis right up front. Trattoria al Forno features a wine list comprised completely of Italian wines.

Wine List Cover

Wine List Cover

And the list of offerings was impressively extensive. More than 60 bottles represent the major wine regions of Italy. And on the night that we visited, there were over 30 wines available by the glass or quartino.

Wines Available by the Glass or Quartino

Wines Available by the Glass or Quartino

In addition, guests who are looking to learn (or who just enjoy a little variety) can choose from a full list of Wine Flights.

Wine Flights

Wine Flights

If your tastes do not run to wine, there are other interesting options as well. Choose from a list of Specialty Cocktails, or try one of three Grappas on offer. If you’re interested in exploring Italian Beer, there are also some enticing options on that front, including larger bottles for sharing.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Beverage Menu — Click to Enlarge

The Dinner Menu is rather small in scale, taking only one page for Appetizers, Pizzas, and Entrees. We found there to be a good mix of familiar dishes, but there were also a couple of things that we were less familiar with. You’ll see the whole fish made it over from Kouzzina.

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Dinner Menu — Click to Enlarge

Because my friend isn’t much of a wine drinker, I opted for a quartino of the Cantine Dei Rosso di Montepulciano, a Tuscan Red. It was the perfect medium-bodied wine to sip before our food arrived and throughout my meal. The quartino, about a glass and a half of wine, was exactly the right amount as well.

Quartino of Wine

Quartino of Wine

After we ordered, our server brought to the table a small loaf of Ciabatta Bread, wrapped in paper and still warm from the oven. This might be a good time to mention that each table includes a stand in the middle for placing shared dishes. Beneath the stand was a stack of bread plates that we also used to share the various courses. We used the stand at least three separate times during the course of our meal.



There were small cans of Tuscan Olive Oil on the tables, but no dishes to pour the olive into, so I added a little to my bread plate. Our server instructed us to pull apart the bread in rustic fashion. No butter came with the bread automatically, but we saw a table nearby with some, so I’m assuming that you could have it if you asked.

I also noted at this point the absence of salt and pepper on the table — something I missed, since I usually add fresh ground pepper to my olive oil. This is a carryover from Kouzzina. I once asked at Kouzzina if I could get a salt shaker, since my Greek Lasagna was utterly tasteless, and was told by my server that the Chef didn’t want salt and pepper on the table as the food should have come out perfectly spiced. So bring your own salt and pepper packets, folks.



The bread was fresh however, and the olive oil was extremely flavorful.

We decided to begin our meal with the Grilled Treviso. I’ll be honest: I had to Google it. ;-)

I quickly learned that Treviso is a type of Radicchio, but its long, tapered shape is more in line with what we think of as Endive. I was excited to try it. It’s a winter vegetable, so I appreciated that nod to the use of seasonal ingredients.

Grilled Treviso with Gorgonzola Dolce and Pistachio Gremolata

Grilled Treviso with Gorgonzola Dolce and Pistachio Gremolata

The Treviso was pleasantly smokey and charred, and was served with Gorgonzola Dolce and Pistachio Gremolata. The flavors were amazing, with the Gremolata cutting through the richness of the Gorgonzola.

This was a dish that I didn’t particularly want to share. In fact, I think it was my favorite of the night.

Grilled Treviso with Gorgonzola Dolce and Pistachio Gremolata

Grilled Treviso with Gorgonzola Dolce and Pistachio Gremolata

Next, we decided to share the Thin-Sliced Italian Cured Meats. They’re served with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata.

Thin Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata

Thin-Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata

The menu doesn’t specifically name the meats that you can expect; I’m assuming this allows the chef to change the offerings depending on what’s available.

Thin Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata -- Up Close

Thin-Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata — Up Close

Our plate included Prosciutto, Soppressata, Bresaola, and Coppa.

Thin Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata -- Different Angle

Thin-Sliced Italian Cured Meats with House-Pickled Peppers, Olives, and Caponata — Different Angle

The meats were delicious and I enjoyed trying the different varieties and noting the differences in each. We also enjoyed the accompaniments, especially the freshly-prepared Caponata and the Olives. I think I would enjoy the platter more if it included an assortment of Italian cheese as well.

Caponata, Pickled Peppers, and Olives -- Up Close

Caponata, Pickled Peppers, and Olives — Up Close

Next, we sampled the Truffle Cream Pizza. Doesn’t the name just sound amazing?

The White Pizza includes three cheeses — Asiago, Pecorino, and Fontina.

Truffle Cream Pizza

Truffle Cream Pizza

The Truffle Flavor was very subtle. It may have been because we had just sampled the strongly flavored meats. Overall, I wanted a little more truffle, but the crust was tender and the cheese complemented the truffle flavor nicely. I always love the nutty flavors of Asiago and Pecorino, which marry so well with the creamy Fontina.

Truffle Cream Pizza -- Up Close

Truffle Cream Pizza — Up Close

This is a great time to mention something we observed during the meal. Trattoria al Forno isn’t really being marketed as a small plates spot, but I think you could easily enjoy it this way. Because we were both eager to taste each dish and offer an opinion, we basically split everything. The dishes that we chose and the addition of those bread plates that were already on the table made this very easy to do. There were so many other things we wanted to try! But there was only so much room on the table and in our stomachs. :-)

On to entrees…on our first visit, we thought we’d stick with a couple of more traditional dishes to gauge how they executed the classics. First up, a DFB favorite — Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana.

The first thing to note was the huge portion. Although the Chicken Breast was pounded flat, making it appear larger, it was still a big portion.

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

The Chicken was juicy and well seasoned with a crisp breading. We enjoyed the Fresh Marinara as well.

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

If the dish had a weak component, it was the Tagliatelle served on the side. It was a very lightly tossed in sauce; in fact, I could barely taste it. It’s nothing that couldn’t have been corrected by asking for a little side of sauce, however.

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

Chicken Breast alla Parmigiana

We were also intrigued by another fun take on a traditional dish — the Polpetta Gigante. The Giant Meatball is served on a bed of three Ricotta Cannelloni, and the dish is smothered in Fresh Marinara.

The sauce itself had a little zip to it. I tasted the sauce on the chicken and then this one, and they did seem to be different. The tomato sauce on the chicken had more of a fresh tomato flavor and much less spice.

Polpetta Gigante -- Giant Meatball with Ricotta Cannelloni and Marinara

Polpetta Gigante — Giant Meatball with Ricotta Cannelloni and Marinara

We cut into the meatball to check it out, and were surprised to see that there was a lot of green inside! I discussed the meatball at length with our awesome server, Ryan. He said that it was All-Beef, and that the green was finely chopped Spinach, which lent some moisture to the meat mix. This is especially important, he commented, because the meatballs are cooked at high heat. I’m assuming that they’re prepared in the wood-fired oven.

I’ll also note that the meatball was well seasoned, and was actually quite spicy. I tasted the sauce separately from the meat to see if I was just picking up the spice from the marinara, but it was definitely the meatball. I loved it — but it may give pause to someone who isn’t a fan of spicy foods.

Polpetto Gigante -- Inside

Polpetto Gigante — Inside

The meatball is served on a bed of Ricotta Canneloni. The rolled pasta was simple but delicious.

Ricotta Cannelloni -- Cross Section

Ricotta Cannelloni — Cross Section

Next, it was time to move onto something sweet, and we took our time poring over the Dessert Menu. There are some very interesting Digestifs and Liqueurs.

Dessert Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Dessert Menu — Click to Enlarge

We were also both impressed with the Espresso and Coffee Offerings. The desserts themselves seemed to represent a good balance again of traditional with some surprises thrown in for good measure.

Dessert Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Dessert Menu — Click to Enlarge

We settled on a Press Pot of Coffee to share. It was incredibly good, and the perfect ending to our meal.

Press Pot of Coffee

Press Pot of Coffee

We decided to sample three of the eight desserts. We started with Tiramisù. The classic dessert was extremely light in flavor and texture.



The Mascarpone was very lightly sweetened and the Ladyfingers used as the cake component were soaked with Espresso, but the recipe seems to be devoid of any alcohol. I missed the little punch that the customary dark rum or Kahlúa gives the mix, but it was still quite good.

Tiramisù -- Up Close

Tiramisù — Up Close

Next, we tried the Signature Dessert — Bomboloni.

Traditionally, Bomboloni are filled, but in this case, the light, egg-shaped doughnuts are served with Dark Chocolate Sauce and Vanilla Gelato instead.

Signature Dessert Bomboloni with Dark Chocolate served with Vanilla Gelato

Signature Dessert Bomboloni with Dark Chocolate served with Vanilla Gelato

While they were good, I think I would have enjoyed more sauce with them, and the portion was quite small. Still, the idea of doughnuts and ice cream is a good one. :-)

Bomboloni with Vanilla Gelato -- Up Close

Bomboloni with Vanilla Gelato — Up Close

Finally, we were intrigued by the Spaghetti Gelato and Meatballs. After asking exactly what it was ;-) we decided to give it a try, too.

This one is pretty basic — Vanilla Gelato is put through a machine to resemble Spaghetti, and is topped with Raspberry Coulis. Raspberries are rolled in some type of fine crumb (pistachio?) to resemble Meatballs. Pretty similar to the kids’ dessert cupcake concept over at Mama Melrose.

"Spaghetti" Gelato and "Meatballs"

“Spaghetti” Gelato and “Meatballs”

It was fun and fresh, and the Gelato and Press Pot Coffee pairing was a match made in heaven. But I would skip this one if you’re an adult. Tweens or kiddos who’d like to order something from the grown-up menu might get a kick out of it, however. I think the next time I want Gelato, I’ll stick to the Affogato al Caffe or the Spoonful of Gelato. With all of the terrific gelato options on the menu, I think they should go with a sampler of two or three flavors.

"Spaghetti" Gelato and "Meatballs" -- Up Close

“Spaghetti” Gelato and “Meatballs” — Up Close

And with that, it was time to wrap up dinner and walk a bit of that food off at Epcot.


Much has been made of the fact that Trattoria al Forno is another Italian restaurant in a sea of similar eateries at Disney, but I think there is a distinction to be made here.

To begin, there are some truly interesting things going on with the menu. I was pretty impressed with the wine list, stocked exclusively with wines from all over Italy. But in addition, the assortment of Grappas, Italian Beer, and really interesting Italian Liqueurs and coffees took the experience to another level. As such, the closest comparisons here would be Tutto Gusto and Tutto Italia in Epcot’s Italy pavilion, and Il Mulino in the Swan Resort.

I think the menu also represents a good balance. This is Italian, and people will expect there to be certain standard dishes — especially at Disney World. Chef Dee has balanced that expectation against offering some more interesting options. I am very excited to see where the menu goes from here, and how it is tweaked in the long run.

And speaking of the long run, that’s the expectation for Trattoria al Forno. We had the opportunity to speak briefly to Chef Dee during dinner, and she’s very excited about the restaurant and its long term prospects. After all, there is a reason that Italian cuisine is so popular. It is at once comforting and unexpected. I think that sums up what we are seeing here perfectly.

Finally, I want to mention that we had seriously great service. Our server, Ryan, was relaxed, funny, and very knowledgeable about the menu. I must have asked a hundred questions about the food and wine, and he was prepared to answer every one. It seemed clear to me from chatting with him and other members of the staff that they’re very excited about the new direction the restaurant is taking.

Will you be dining at Trattoria al Forno in the near future? Leave us a comment and share with us your thoughts!


  1. Vince says

    I’m excited to try Trattoria al Forno in August. While I miss Kouzzina immensely, it sounds like they came up with a worthy enough replacement for it.

    I’m also glad to hear that the service was wonderful – the last 3 or 4 times I was at Kouzzina, the service was slow, rude and missing at times.

  2. Sue says

    My family and I will be dining at Trattoria al Forno on Saturday, Jan. 16, 2015. Until then my mouth will just be watering in anticipation!!

  3. Lauren says

    We will definitely want to try this restaurant. We love spending an evening on the boardwalk and I think this will fit the bill for us.

  4. Maureen says

    I’m very excited about this restaurant! We usually stay at the Beach Club, so this will be a nice option for us if we don’t want to head into the park. We went to Il Mulino for the first time last April, I had to send my entree back (the first time ever) and my husband contracted food poisoning. So to say that is not an eating option for us is an understatement.

    I know there is some sentiment like “we need another Italian restaurant like a hole in the head!”, but not all of us are so lucky to live in places that have access to great Italian places. So I am always on the lookout for a good Italian food-and can’t wait to try this place!

  5. Mandi says

    Booked a reservation for our arrival day in May at the 180-mark, but I was waiting for your review! I am dying for the fresh mozzarella and my mother has never met a bolognese she doesn’t like!

  6. says

    Vince — I hope you stop back by and tell us about your experience!

    Sue — Enjoy! I’m definitely looking forward to another dinner here in the near future.

    Lauren — I think it’s the perfect spot for casual dining on the BoardWalk.

    Joy — I still give Via Napoli the edge for their Neapolitan pizza. But the one we sampled was very well made, and I look forward to trying their other varieties.

    Anna — Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Maureen — Let us know what you think when you visit!

    Mandi — Yay! I’m so glad we could help! Be sure to stop back by with your impressions. It will be fun to hear how the restaurant continues to develop!

  7. says

    We ate there the second night. Before I complain, let me say the food was fabulous!
    I’m sure they’ll work out the kinks, but at first glance and based on other reviews, I’d say avoid getting seated in the Taverna. Service was terribly slow (but friendly). So slow that a couple tables got up and left and I saw more than a few very unhappy faces. It was over an hour before our entree arrived, and another table waited about 20 minutes for the check.
    As a party of two, we’re used to getting the short end of the stick at Disney restaurants, but the first table we were given was awful. One side was a booth and it was right on the crack between two cushions. Very uncomfortable. The hostess tried to move the table a little, but couldn’t do much because we were then right on top of the people next to us. She asked if I was ok, and I said not really – she replied “Ok, Buon Appetit!” and left. We had to get up and ask for another table. We remained in the Taverna. Service speed was very random among the few tables in there. A couple seated before us didn’t get their entrees until we were on dessert and another table was served almost immediately. We both had the Beef Bolognese and it was sooo good. A huge chunk of meat that I wasn’t expecting. Could have used a few more noodles, but it was a sizable portion. Tiramisu was small but excellent.
    It’s a nice option of you’re staying at one of the Boardwalk area resorts, but I’m not sure it’s worth the extra time away from the parks.

  8. Mike says

    Credit where it’s due. The food was great and atmosphere was amazing however I will not be returning based on the awful service I received.

    First it took us over 15 minutes for our waiter to even greet us. Then he gave us the menu told us ‘I would like to tell you our most popular dishes try not to interrupt I want to get through this quickly.’ No Joke. He did tell us he was new there and still learning but the service we got was very poor. It took another 20 minutes for us all to receive our drinks. The worst was when dinner came. After putting the parmesan on each of our plates a small amount was left. The server stated ‘oh she likes parmesan cheese’ to my girlfriend and the runner then dumped the reamining on her plate causing the bowl to fall out and drop into her food. He then proceeded to pick it up with his hand say ‘oh good theres no glass in it and start to walk away’ Luckily the manager was close by he went about replacing it said he would take care of it and offered us free dessert. That is when things got worse. After we ordered dessert (which we weren’t planning on until it was offered as recovery) there was strawberry on my friends plate to which she has an allergy. We politely asked for a new one minus the strawberry garnish. The runner stated ‘you went your whole meal without mentioning the allergy that’s your problem’. He then proceeded to argue with us when we apologized said the menu didn’t mention it and we didn’t plan on dessert. He got in our face and we had to tell him multiple times to leave it was very embarassing and unprofessional. The manager came back over and proceeded to tell us ‘sorry about your problems everyone else seems to be having a great time.’ They did end up comping our meal but it was still such poor service the food couldn’t save it. Once again though everything we ordered was great we got the giant meatball, chicken parmesan, and campanelle. I myself got the soup of the day which was great. The back of the house here is phenomal but they need to work out the service part. I hope they do because it has potential.

  9. Winston says

    I can see not having Salt and Pepper on the table because of limited table space, that’s acceptable. It’s not acceptable not to supply it on request.

    Even tho the chef might have seasoned something perfectly to their taste. People have different tastes. Thomas Keller, one of the best chefs in the world, travels with a selection of salt to season his food at the table and supplies it at his Michelin stared restaurants; The French Laundry and Per Se. That consistently make the ‘Best Restaurants in the World” top ten lists.
    Grant Achatz chef and owner of Alinea and Next (Both Michelin Starred restaurants and rated best in the US) supplies salt at his tables. Victoria and Alberts (Yet another Michelin Star restaurant) supplies not just one salt–but a selections of different type of salt.

    Rather in worrying about “Insulting the Chef” maybe the chef should worrying about insulting
    the customer. It is confrontational to the guest to insult their taste buds deny their request and tell them what is basically ‘chef is better than you’.

    This is even more puzzling because it’s still a Disney restaurant and most seasonings are strictly middle of the road.

  10. Teri says

    Going to Disney again in January look forward to checking this restaurant out however am insulted by a chef (if it was the chef’s decision) not to supply salt & pepper. Really????? Also am becoming tired of tables that are so small you have to juggle your meal. If I wanted a tray table I would eat at home. Overall Disney’s food options have grown tremendously over the years and we do enjoy checking them out. Happy New Year to all!

  11. Rose Murray says

    Winston. You can’t get salt and pepper. Really! I am going in March. I always ask for salt. Everywhere. I salt the unsalted butter. Lol. I would have had to leave and go to the pizza window and grab some packets! Maybe I’ll go prepared. Stop on the way in! ;) Yes that is very strange!

  12. Stephanie says

    I didn’t really have interest in this restaurant until I read your review. We are staying at Broadwalk in June so I’ll try it out then. Maybe try and get a reservation.

  13. Sharon says

    Short and sweet….
    Food was excellent. Ambiance, cozy…
    Service???? Horribly slow, lame, inexcusable…. If you’re short on patience, please go elsewhere

  14. Don says

    Whole fish! Whole fish! And let me just add… Whole fish!

    Seriously, the whole fish was the best thing on the Kouzzina menu (and that’s saying something – I loved that menu). I know it’s not for everyone – I mean, it’s a WHOLE FISH. But the flavor and texture are amazing. So knowing it’s on the new menu, and with the same head chef… Fantastic!

  15. Marion says

    Looking forward to visiting here in April. Already made my reservation! I will miss Kouzzina, but am willing to give this a try.

  16. ginny rivielle says

    We just ate there two notes ago. Overall impression, how does the word perfect sound.

    We shared the sliced meat, my husband had lasagna and I had the chicken parmesian. And we shared the 3 small Canoli for desert. The meats were sliced just right..just the correct thickness so that the taste of each piece came through. Lasagna is my husband’s favorite and he was not disappointed. I don’t normally get chicken parmesian, because it has a tendency to be overcooked and dry. But I was very pleasantly surprised. It was pounded thin, but not to thin so that you only tasted the breading, and the chicken was extremely tasty, moist and juicy. To me (and I have made homemade pasta for many years) the pasta was cooked perfectly with just the right amount of sauce. You don’t want lots of sauce on it, because you want the homemade flavor to come bursting thru. The bread was exceptional, but I if I have to say one thing negative in this review I have to say th as t I missed not having a pepper mill to add pepper to the oil. We were full after the entree but had to try the canolies. Again we were not disappointed.

    Now for the service. I can’t say enough compliments to the entire staff. Right from the beginning, we were taken care of extremely well. It is very difficult for us in a restaurant, as I have a 60 pound service dog that needs to have enough room to fit under the table so she can be out of the way of traffic flows. We had to wait a few extra minutes to be accommodated, but that is normal for special requests, and when we were, we were seated at the perfect table for her. Our servicer, Sean, could not have been more helpful with menu items and suggestions, and picked exactly the right Chianti for my husband’s talk taste.

    We will return again, many times, as I feel this is one of the best restaurants for a quiet, but yet casual meal in Disney. This is not the first time we have visited Disney, as we are retired and live in the as tea. Having dinner at Disney has always been (and we have been coming since 1973) our favorite entertainment pastime. And this restaurant has to go to the top of our list for places to go again and again.

  17. ginny rivielle says

    Sorry for the above typos. This new phone of mine seems to type in words that it feels fit the sentence better, and I. Am sure you can pick out the results.

  18. Frank says

    Went last week for our second visit. First was in late January.
    Again, I felt rushed. Almost a chain restaurant type atmosphere where turning tables was the prime objective. I’ve not felt like this at any other Disney restaurant, especially their neighbor, Flying Fish (my favorite BTW).. anyway, I had the Braised Beef Bolognese with House-made Cavatelli. The beef was very dry, there was very little sauce and few cavatelli. Disappointing at best. My wife had the Slow-cooked Lamb Shank with soft Polenta. Small portion and very little polenta.
    Our first visit was actually better from a food standpoint, not a rushed standpoint. Waitress was in high gear. Personally, I think it was just how she works, but I really felt pushed. My wife had the Bolognese at that visit which was better than mine. I had the Linguini with Clams which was very good.

  19. Juan Sosa says

    I need to make a reservation for a group of 20, but It is impossible to call you, you never answer the phone, I have 2 weeks trying and your recording is always on.

    Please send me an email or an phone that you will really answer.

    It is urgent!!!!!!

  20. Dana says

    I’ve been there twice and look forward to going again next month. It’s elegant without being stuffy. And our service has been excellent.
    Each time I’ve had the cavetelli bolegnesse (asked for it spicy), yum. It’s hard to try something new when you enjoy something so much! Others in my party got the giant meatball and all loved it (offering me no taste I might add). They loved it.
    The capreses salad is delish!
    I’ve had the affogato and the cannoli for dessert. I prefer the cannoli and plan to get it again next month as well.
    My daughter is all about the bambolini.
    I would love to try the white pizza as an appetizer since there will be four of us, but we’ll see.

  21. William Miner says

    This was our third time here and we were very disappointed with this visit 3/25/17. Our waiter Ibrahim was fine at first but once our meals got to our table and he had other guest he was no where to be found. Had to track him down to get grated cheese for our dishes, never once did he come back to ask us how our meals were or come to refill our coffees. Took forever to find him to get our checks so we could go continue with our evening. The first two times we had faboulous waitresses, I can’t recall there names but they were at our table very often making sure everything was OK. This took place at 5pm when your restaurant just open and not busy, not really sure if we will go back again. We went to Pizzeria UNO in Orlando and our waiter was fantastic, we asked for the manager so we could praise him for his excellent service and it is basically a fast food restaurant, I expected more from Trattoria al Forno.

  22. says

    William — Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with us. It’s been a while since we’ve dined at Trattoria al Forno for dinner, but we’ll be back there shortly to check out their new character breakfast offering.

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