News! Disney Park Mugs Arrive at Starbucks Locations in Disney World and Disneyland

They’re heeeeere….

Disney Parks "You Are Here" Collection

Disney Parks “You Are Here” Collection

As of TODAY, Main Street Bakery and Fountain View (the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Starbucks locations) are carrying Starbucks mugs dedicated to the park in which they serve your mochas, Frappuccinos, and soy, half-caf, vanilla lattes (no whip!). We stopped by Fountain View today to see the Epcot mug. Since you can only see one side of the design in the box…

Epcot "You Are Here" mug

Epcot “You Are Here” mug

… we grabbed one to show you each side of the design (if a circular mug indeed has a “side,” that is).

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Bottom of Epcot mug

Bottom of Epcot mug

Also at Fountain View were the travel cold cups, designed

to match the regular ones you would receive if you ordered a cold beverage in Disney Parks.

Travel Cold Cups

Travel Cold Cups

Travel Cold Cups

Travel Cold Cups

Thanks to reader Matt, we got a peek at the Magic Kingdom mug also!

Magic Kingdom "You Are Here" Mug

Magic Kingdom “You Are Here” Mug

With two more Starbucks locations coming to Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, it’s anticipated that each location will receive its own special mug as well. Here’s a sneak peek at the mugs you’ll find there, with photos courtesy of Starbucks.

Animal Kingdom "You Are Here" Mug

Animal Kingdom “You Are Here” Mug

Hollywood Studios "You Are Here" Mug

Hollywood Studios “You Are Here” Mug

Find them in Disneyland in Anaheim, too! 

You may recall seeing the Orlando mug that is carried at the Downtown Disney Starbucks locations.

Orlando mug

Orlando mug

It’s part of a series I always referred to as “city mugs,” and many Starbucks fans enjoy collecting these cups from their travels around the world. Well, now they can be collected for travels around “the World,” too ;).

Will you be collecting the Disney “You Are Here” mugs? Please let us know with a comment! 


  1. Charley says

    I picked up the Magic kingdom mug Wednesday. They had plenty and had a six mug limit for purchase. The mug is quite large and squat. Probably better for soup or cereal than hot beverages. The graphics are really charming And the interior of the mug is glazed blue which is a nice suprise. I think the cost was ~$14

  2. Terri D says

    If Disney isn’t outsourcing then why bother with the starbucks logo? Disney has never been able to “do coffee well” it was always a struggle to get a good cappuccino, even though they had great espresso machines. the staff didn’t know enough how to pull a proper shot, so they went all automatic and that was even worse. Even when we go to signature restaurants and they claim to have exceptional brewed coffee it still tastes like water…..Disney spends money on talented chefs, I think they should spend money on talented coffee roasters, and training proper baristas..they could have created a whole new retail line of Disney inspired coffee.
    if Disney doesn’t “outsource” why do GE and Ford and the country of Morocco sponsor attractions in Epcot?

  3. Stacey says

    ack, missed these by two months…I was hoping to add to my collection in October but could only get FL and Orlando at Disney then, looks likei may have to plan another trip:)

  4. Jessica says

    Darn it! I have been hoping they would do this because I collect the Starbucks mugs . . . now they finally do . . . and it’s the ugly new style mugs! I wish they would bring back the bigger mugs that they used to have. The size and shape are much more pleasing, and the design is much less cheesy. Oh well! Guess I have some thinking to do . . .

  5. Rachel Robins says

    Hello, I’m a collector of Starbucks Mugs and really love to have these Epcot and Disney You Are Here Mugs. Can you help me please? :)

  6. Shannon says

    I need all of these!!! Love me some Starbucks! Hope they are still around in 2016 when I’m back at the WORLD.

  7. Renée says

    We just returned from Disneyland California and didn’t see these adorable Disney Starbucks mugs and cups. Will these be available online? Mahalo & Aloha from Hawai’i.

  8. Jimmy says

    Someone just informed me the Epcot mugs were pulled from the shelves due to the purple line monorail being featured on them which was involved in an accident at one time. Can any locals confirm these mugs were pulled? I’m heading down tomorrow and would rather not waste my time searching for them if I don’t have to. Thanks :)

  9. Jimmy says

    Thanks Tom!

    Also, I stopped by the new Trolley Car Cafe in Hollywood Studios today and picked up the HS Starbucks mug.

  10. Sarah says

    I had a friend of mine look for some cold cups, and they were sold out everywhere! I have another friend going in April. Hoping they will have more luck. I can’t bring myself to pay eBay prices.

  11. Linda Cummings says

    Will the new Starbucks Disney “You Are Here” mugs be available at the Downtown Disney West Side store? If yes, will the mugs for all 4 theme parks be at that store?

  12. says

    Linda — From what we gather, the theme park “You Are Here” mugs will only be available in each park; in other words, you can get the Epcot mug in Magic Kingdom. None of the park mugs are available at the Downtown Disney store; I believe they’re selling the “You Are Here” Orlando mug at that location.

  13. Megan says

    So, Epcot’s new ones are still not in but, Hollywood Studios has theirs in. Does anyone know when Epcot and when Animal Kingdom will get theirs? TIA

  14. Linda says

    Brooke – I was under the impression that each mug will be available only in the theme park that it depicts…that is, the Epcot mug available at Epcot, Magic Kingdom mug available at MK, etc. Your note suggests that all mugs are available at any theme park, “…you can get the Epcot mug at Magic Kingdom.” Is this correct?

  15. Karin says

    We were just at Walt Disney World last week. The Starbucks at the Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios said that you can only get the mugs for each park at the individual parks (e.g. Magic Kingdom at the Magic Kingdom Starbucks, etc..). As of last Friday, the Magic Kingdom had several of them. Hollywood Studios only had a few. Epcot did not have any. They suggested that I check back in June.
    Here’s some info about Epcot mugs:

  16. Christine says

    We just got back from Disney yesterday and was able to purchase the mugs at Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. They were not at Animal Kingdom yet. Checked the Starbucks at Epcot and still no new mugs.

  17. Jason A. says

    I’m on site now. You can get all the mugs at their respected parks, I picked up a set for a family member. There is nothing at downtown Disney however.

  18. Jimmy says

    Jason, does that mean Animal Kingdom released theirs as well? I heard Epcot finally released the redesigned mug, just wondering about Animal Kingdom now. Thanks in advance!

  19. Linda says

    I purchased the Magic Kingdom mug last week at that park and today I went to the remaining three parks to buy the rest of the set. No problem at Epcot or the studios, however, a manager at Animal Kingdom said the Starbucks there is still being built and is anticipated to open in May or June. That mug will be available when the store opens. So, Jason, if you now have the complete set, I’m wondering where you purchased the Animal Kingdom mug?

  20. Janet Sala says

    I was at WDW in late April and managed to get the MK and EP versions. The redone Epcot mug has an all gray monorail. I, too, looked around Animal Kingdom and managed to find what I believe will be the eventual location of the AK Starbucks. It seems to be right across the sidewalk from Flame Tree Barbecue (which is also closed for refurbishment.) They are nice mugs–very stable. Can’t wait to get back for those last two, Studios and AK! Maybe in June . . .

  21. Shannon says

    I just came back from Disney today (5-15-15). I got mugs at MK, Epcot and HS. Starbucks at AK is still not open, much to my disappointment. :(

  22. Rachel says

    Is it possible to order online or by phone? I just came back from WDW and got the mug from MK, but now I want the remaining 3 mugs…

  23. Susan bigham says

    I was at Disney in October. I was only at Epcot and purchased a Starbucks mug. I would like to get the Christmas one or the ones from the other parks. Is there any other way to get these without going to Disney.

  24. Vanessa says

    Are the “you are here” mugs still available at Starbucks? I will be going to Disney World mid September this year and would love to buy the set!

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