News! Disney Pulls Starbucks “Monorail Purple” Epcot Mug from Shelves

Remember when we told you about the uber collectible, brand new Disney Starbucks mugs last week?

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug

Well…it seems as soon as the Epcot “You Are Here” mug debuted, it was gone.

The colorful collector’s item only arrived on shelves last week. Together with similar versions depicting other parks, the mugs quickly took the internet by storm. Lots of our readers commented that they couldn’t wait to add the mugs to their collections.

But if you’re in that group of eager buyers, you’ll have to wait a bit for the Epcot version, as Disney has pulled it from the shelves. The reason the mug has been yanked is the color scheme.

The mug features iconic images of Epcot, including Spaceship Earth, a couple of World Showcase landmarks, and a monorail whizzing by. All are depicted in shades of blue and purple…and herein lies the problem.

Epcot "You Are Here" Mug

Epcot “You Are Here” Mug Featuring a Purple Monorail

Monorail purple was one of the two trains that were involved in a 2009 fatal accident that killed Disney Monorail Pilot Austin Wuennenberg, and quickly thereafter retired from the monorail fleet (replaced with monorails teal and peach).

There is no word whether Disney is just being sensitive to the issue, or if they have actually received complaints, but they did confirm that the accident was the reason for the mug’s removal.

A Disney spokesperson has said that a new version of the mug will be available in March. It will still feature a monorail, but without the purple stripe.

At press time, the Magic Kingdom mug, which features a blue and yellow design, is still available.

Magic Kingdom "You are Here" Mug

Magic Kingdom “You are Here” Mug

For those of you who got one of the “Monorail Purple” mugs, we suggest you guard them safely. They’ll likely be extremely collectible.

How do you feel about Disney’s move to remove the mug from store shelves? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.

Source: Orlando Sentinel


  1. Essie says

    I think it’s best that they removed it. It was a terrible tragedy for that guy and his loved ones. It may seem like a long time ago to us, but to the loved ones of the victim, I’m sure the pain feels like it was just yesterday.

  2. Galloping Gourmond says

    Shame, it was my favorite mug. I understand why they did it though. It’s a good and sensitive proactive move.

  3. Jennifer says

    I think it’s great that they did it. It doesn’t matter to me if it was because people complained or what, I know they did it out of respect for the CM that was killed and his family.

  4. Winston says

    I wouldn’t be too quick to think this is related to the accident.
    Disney is notoriously tight lipped about this type of thing.
    They still sell Monorail red toys and red was the second train in the accident.

  5. Winston says

    Oh…well. I see “They did confirm…” I wonder if they’ll remove monorail red items too?

    So, nevermind.

  6. says

    Winston — According to the Orlando Sentinel article, the other monorail involved in the accident was Monorail Pink. Based upon that information, Monorail Red merchandise should be safe.

  7. Clayre says

    That’s is a shame as I loved the look of this mug but I do understand the reasons behind it. I hope they can adjust the colours and relaunch soon, ideally in time for our easter trip.

  8. nitabee says

    I wish they’d waited just like two weeks! I’m not even a real coffee drinker, I just like blended drinks like frappucinos, but I love Disney and really wanted the Epcot mug. The purple color on the inside of the cup was beautiful.

  9. nitabee says

    P.S. Forgot to say, I wish they’d waited like two weeks since I’ll be there next weekend! Oops.

  10. Alison says

    Good move, Disney. Very respectful. I bought one of these mugs last week, completely oblivious to the significance of the purple monorail. I was just in line at Starbucks, the mug was on the shelf next to me, and I thought “cute mug.”

  11. Jon says

    Who actually noticed this as an issue before Disney withdrew the mugs? I bet most people didn’t even remember which monorails were in the accident until news like this reminds them.

  12. Julie says

    I think they could’ve maybe honored the family and maybe some of the sales could have gone to the families involved.

  13. Samantha Shindledecker says

    I absolutely loved the colors. I’m not a huge Disney fan (I mean, I love them, but I don’t follow everything.) So, I was unaware of the tragic accident. I think they were on the right track by pulling it, but I also think maybe they could have asked the family, and got their opinions and feelings on it, or even dedicated it to the man who lost his life, Austin Wuennenberg. I think that would have been a brilliant idea.

  14. zara says

    I think its terrible that they added to the end of the article, if you managed to buy an epcot mug keep hold as it could be collectible,why does everything come down to money? #greedyconsumerism

  15. says

    That sucks bc PURPLE IS MY FAVE COLOR. THAT is crazy…..the color scheme and EPCOT should be left alone. Bc it is in EPCOT….AND I remember when that tragedy happened as I lived in Orlando at that time and was at the parks and ticket and transportation center the day it happened. It was very sad…..but the accident happened over the Ticket and Transportation Center not actually at EPCOT. SO the PURPLE MUG SHOULD STAY BC HE LOVED HIS JOB….AND HE SADLY PASSED AWAY….BUT DOING SOMETHING HE LOVED. HE WAS A NICE GUY….I RODE IN THE FRONT CABIN WITH HIM ALL THE TIME. I AM SURE HE Would want everybody to remember HIM AS DOING WHAT HE LOVED.

  16. Morgan says

    I have to agree with Jon. While tragedies happen, and by their nature leave behind painful memories, life does move on & pain heals. Car manufactures don’t stop making certain colors because of accidents, etc. The color was not the cause of the accident. At some point so long after the fact, reminders like pulling a product for that reason keep the wound more open than just letting life happen.

  17. Jill spinelli says

    While I can thoroughly understand WHY this mug was pulled, I look at it as an honor and a tribute. Wouldn’t it have been nice for Disney to set up a fund and all proceeds from this mug could have gone to the family??

  18. Lee Tompkins says

    I loved the colors of this mug….my question is “Didn’t someone from Disney have to approve this scene???? I understand why they pulled it, but by pulling it they have created a selling nightmare on e-bay!!!! Some very greedy people are selling this mug for $150 to 2500…so sad to make money off of a tragedy….

  19. Johnny says

    This is ridiculous…. What difference does it make what color the monorail was? I had forgotten the color, ’til now! It’s not like it’s depicted with a bashed-in nose. It’s just a purple stripe. Why remove just the purple stripe? Why not remove the monorail as well? Where does it end?

  20. Johnny says

    Pulling the mug is the same as trying to remove all memories of Austin’s existence. Why not keep the purple in his memory?
    As usual, Disney dropped the ball on this one.

  21. Christine morrison says

    I think it should have viewed as a tribute to that poor man. A way to remember his service and be his legacy .

  22. aristea says

    i agree with so many who commented that it would have been admirable to honor Austin and contribute some of the proceeds in his memory.
    it is a disgrace that we have come down to greed…to selling on ebay at a prohibitive price. disney had the decency to pull it, people should have the decency to ‘not’ sell it.

  23. Tammy says

    I think it could have served as a tribute…I think the color scheme was lovely and I wish I would have got one!

  24. Poly1985 says

    All they need to do is change the purple color on the monorail to the aqua color that is also on the mug. It would keep the same colors and the problem would be solved.

  25. Nicole says

    Just wanted to mention that the re-release is showing up on eBay. I’m not near the parks, so I don’t know what the stock is like, but the monorail has simply been changed to gray.

  26. Julian says

    I’m sorry but this is ridiculous. It’s a color. I feel terrible that the person passed away in a tragic incident but if we start outlawing things because they have matching colors… come on!

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