News: 2017 Disney Dining Plan Changes and Updates

Details for the 2017 Disney Dining Plans have been announced! As in previous years, there are some changes in store for the popular program available to Disney Resort guests booking a Disney World Vacation Package.

Disney Dining Plan

Before we dive into the changes, just a reminder that to be eligible to participate in the Disney Dining Plan, it’s necessary to book a Walt Disney World Vacation Package (also called the Magic Your Way Package). The Package includes your stay at a participating Disney World Resort and base Park Admission tickets for everyone in your traveling party.

Let’s take a look a look!

2017 Disney Dining Plans

Entitlements for the 2017 Quick Service Dining Plan include the following for each guest (ages 3 and over) per night of your package stay:

  • Two Quick Service Meals (includes one entree and one non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Two Snacks
  • One Refillable Resort Mug

Entitlements for the 2017 Standard Dining Plan include the following for each guest (ages 3 and over) per night of your package stay:

  • One Table Service Meal (includes one entree, one non-alcoholic beverage, and one dessert OR one full buffet)
  • One Quick Service Meal (includes one entree and one non-alcoholic beverage)
  • Two Snacks
  • One Refillable Resort Mug

Entitlements for the 2017 Deluxe Dining Plan include the following for each guest (ages 3 and over) per night of your package stay:

  • Three Meals (redeemable interchangeably at Quick Service or Table Service locations)
  • Two Snacks
  • One Refillable Resort Mug
Your Table Awaits...

Your Table Awaits…

So, how is any of this different from the current 2016 Dining Plans?

Changes to the Plan for 2017

The biggest change confirms a rumor that surfaced when the 2017 Free Dining Promotion was released for United Kingdom residents. The Snack Credit entitlements will increase from 1 Snack Credit per night of a package stay to 2 snack credits for the Quick Service and Standard Dining Plans (the Deluxe Dining Plan remains at two Snack Credits).

All 2017 Disney Dining Plans will include two Snack Credits

All 2017 Disney Dining Plans will include two Snack Credits

The trade off is that for Quick Service meals, the dessert has been removed from the full meal entitlement, which now includes an one entree and one non-alcoholic beverage. Please note, Table Service entitlements will continue to include a dessert.

It’s Good to Remember…

When perusing the official Disney Dining Plan documents, keep in mind that there may be changes coming to the currently listed restaurants. The documents usually tend to change as contracts for the coming year are renegotiated. For instance, we’ll be keeping an eye out to see if the upcoming Frontera Cocina and Homecoming: Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine restaurants will be added to the list once they open. Another example: STK Orlando — the recently opened signature restaurant — is currently accepting two Table Service credits on the Plan. However, it is not listed on the 2017 documents. That does not mean they will not be added to the list for 2017 at a later date.

Will Frontera Cocina be included on the Disney Dining Plan?

Will Frontera Cocina be included on the Disney Dining Plan?

Again, changes to the listed restaurants are not unusual… with the good news being that this typically includes primarily additions to the list.

Stay tuned for more Disney Dining Plan information as it is released. Please understand that this information is subject to change.

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2017 Disney Dining Plan Changes and Updates

What are your thoughts on the changes coming to the Disney Dining Plan for 2017? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Mike V says

    I think it’s great that they are going back to the 2 snacks per day.
    The dessert add ons to a meal were a waste.

    Not to mention the GREAT value it will have at the Food & Wine festival!!!!!
    Gotta figure with being able to trade 1 quick service meal for 3 snacks, that’s a possible 8 snacks in one day that would be covered by the meal plan!!!!

  2. Jon says

    One error I’ve spotted on the Dining Plan documents is Tiffins is listed as regular Table Service not Siignature!

  3. Stacey says

    On first glance I thought this was a great switch to the Disney Dining Plan. Last time we went to Disney we had the Disney Quick Service Time Dining Plan and on the days we were at the parks by the time we ate our entree we were too full and to hot to eat a dessert. Having two snacks a day would be better, or so I though. But on second glance and after I thought about it I decided this was not a good switch and here is why. With the meal plans the dessert can be substituted for a drink or other side item that can be taken with you to eat at a later time. In order to maximize the dinning plan we used the meals for lunch and dinner, both times in which you could get a dessert. With this new 2017 dinning plan we would loose two desserts (from lunch and dinner) and only gain one extra snack. So, overall this new change to the dining plan is not a good thing for those trying to get their money’s worth out of the dinning plan.

  4. Jill D says

    Will they still allow you to substitute drinks for snacks at a quick service?

    And if they are taking away the desserts, it should be 3 snacks a day.

    Thanks for the info!

  5. Tricia says

    Will we still be able to trade quick service credits for snack credits and if so would it be for 2 snacks instead of 3? And/or would we still be able to trade the drink at quick service meals for any snack eligible item?

  6. Mike V says

    WOW…..and now San Angel opening for breakfast…..let’s get a review with some pics for that one!!!

  7. Tom says

    Is it just me or does it appear that restaurants that used to take Disney Dining plans is no longer listed? First glance I noticed both quick & counter service at Mexico is no longer on the list.

  8. Dana says

    This is a great change! The dessert at lunch always seemed like a throwaway for us – we’d much rather have 2 snacks, especially during Food and Wine.

  9. Mike V says

    Hey Tom….good call.
    I did not even look at the location list as quick service places don’t usually hop on and off.
    But this is very upsetting…..
    Yak & Yeti….San Angel…Katsuro…
    These are spots where burgers and chicken fingers aren’t the main appeal.

    I hope this is a preliminary list and more will be added!!

  10. Rebecca says

    I liek the idea of 2 snacks instead of dessert. Half the time i never ate my dessert so havign the option to snack later is way better. Plus it gives you a better choice of desserts so to speak.

  11. says

    Tom and Mike V — Normally, Disney waits until the last minute — near the end of the year — to add all of the restaurants back to the list. Stay tuned. You’re likely to see your favorites return.

  12. Kathy says

    Will they let you sub a salad/app for dessert @ table service locations? As someone who is health/calorie conscious I can’t imagine 7 nights of rich desserts.

  13. barbijd92 says

    The changes to the QS are horrible- they take away 2 desserts, and give you 1 snack. I’ve always gotten a yogurt or fruit as a dessert to eat later. Not sure if it is worth purchasing the meal plan anymore.

  14. Tricia says

    With the Quick Service meal no longer having a dessert (which I LOVE by the way since I much prefer 2 snacks and no dessert with the meal anyway), what does that mean for trading quick service credits for snacks? Like before, a Quick Service meal could be traded for 3 snacks, which was great for Food & Wine Service, but if it no longer has the dessert, can it only be traded for 2 snacks or can it not be traded at all anymore?

  15. Nana Lou says

    FYI…. you do NOT need to purchase tickets to be eligible for the dining plan. We’re passholders and we can add the dining plan to our room only reservation.

  16. Kari says

    I am so disappointed in the list of table service restaurants. The Epcot list went from 15 restaurants to 5 and the 5 they listed are all restaurants we don’t like. I also noticed there are no table service choice in AK at all! Wow. I think this may be the first time in years that we don’t do the dining plan. How disappointing.

    Any idea why they cut out so many restaurants – specifically so many of the most popular?

  17. says

    Kari — Stay tuned. Disney always, always waits until the last minute to add the restaurants, and rarely drops any from year to year. Check back toward the end of 2016.

  18. Diane Kennedy says

    We are coming to Disneyworld 30th April 2017, any idea when the dinning plan full list will be available, as we want to book restaurants in the 180 day window. There is two parties of three and one party of two going so we want to book a few meals together, beasts castle, le cellier and a few in downtown springs.

  19. Derek Pollard says

    I guess we have to wait and see whether this is a good deal or not. For regular dining plan users it is a good deal, at first sight anyway, as we are losing a dessert but gaining one snack. Doesn’t look so good for the quick service plan.

    This year we were able to exchange table service meals for quick service meal. What happens in the 2017 case? Do we still get a quick service entree, a dessert and a drink (or 3 snacks) or just a meal and a snack?

  20. Maggie says

    I justed wanted to say that you can get the dining plan without getting tickets. You just have to call. You can book your Disney World room only reservation, then call to modify it and add the dining plan of your choice. I have done this 3 times.

  21. Jim says

    I noticed Coronado Springs is not listed AT ALL. Any idea why? We’re staying there and it would be a shame to not have their restaurants included for us.

  22. says

    Jim — Disney waits until the very last minute every year to add all of the restaurants back to the Disney Dining Plan. It’s extremely likely that Coronado Springs restaurants will once again be part of the DDP. Hope this helps!


    we are staying at a Disney site 4/2 through 4/7 we did not go through a travel agent as we had done 4 years ago but we would still be interested in the Disney meal plan is that possible

  24. Ken Derouin says

    Seeing it is now January, is it safe to say that participating restaurants in the Dining Plan are now set in stone? The selection of restaurants especially at Epcot is quite dismal compared to previous years…

  25. Maria Wyszynski says

    We always get the dining plan however we are doing a quick trip this time and limiting us to the quick service option. However, I just looked at the list of options for 2017 compared to 2016 for Epcot and it looks like it was cut in half! Where is the Cantina in Mexico? Are they not including some of the quick service restaurants in the meal plan?

  26. kate says

    Many people are saying, including travel agents, that the free dining plan offer will be very different for 2017.
    Guests staying in a value resort will receive a voucher for free breakfast only.
    Guests staying in a moderate resort receive quick service plan with option to upgrade
    and finally guest staying in Deluxe get the regular dining plan.

    will be interesting to see….

  27. Tricia says

    Kate, I REALLY hope that’s wrong… I’ve been counting on the Free Dining Plan to try several signature restaurants… I was even going to splurge for a moderate resort (normally, I get the value that has the free quick service plan and upgrade to the regular plan)

  28. Donna says

    The comment about free dining is pretty much what the British free dining offer already is. Values get the ‘free breakfast’, but this is in fact one QS credit. Moderates get the QSDP and Deluxe gets DDP. Of course the difference is that the British offer is launched from the end of April and is bookable until early November (with the exception of the Value ‘free breakfast’ which is a short term offer)

  29. Craig says

    Has there been any confirmation on swapping QS credits for snacks? Can you still do it? Is it still 3 snacks? Planning a trip for Food and Wine later this year, but if you can’t do this anymore we may choose not to get the plan.

  30. says

    Craig — It is possible to do this, but sometimes it’s tough to find a cast member who knows how — that’s been my experience.

  31. David Downes says


    I am correct in saying that you no longer get refillable soft drinks with your table service meal.

  32. Maureen Kusturiss says

    I was told child table services could be used for quick services. I had 4 child table services left over at the end of trip and tried to get quick services at the beach club and they told me I couldn’t use them. Only adult table services could be exchanged. I specifically asked question because I knew the children would not be going to all table service dinners. Was I given wrong information or were cast members wrong at the beach club?

  33. says

    Maureen — It’s very hard to say. We encounter inconsistencies like this quite a bit; sometimes it just depends on who you talk to. That’s a bummer, though.

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