Review: Grab-and-Go Menu Available at Art Smith’s Homecomin’!

We’re so excited to share that one of our favorite new restaurants in Disney World — Chef Art Smith’s (awesome!) Homecomin’offers grab-and-go options! (Oh, and yes, apparently the name has changed from “Homecoming” to “Homecomin’.” Just FYI.)

Y’all know that Disney Springs has added lots of quality food stops, including Top Chef Master (and master of Mexican cuisine in America) Rick Bayless’ Frontera Cocina and the fully updated Paddlefish. But even before its opening, Homecomin': Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine — the official full name of Art Smith’s labor of love in Disney Springs — captured our attention.

The backstory here is that Chef Art is originally from Florida, and the restaurant is a charming homage to the state of his birth. From colorful murals depicting Florida agricultural life to booths reminiscent of church pews, Homecomin’ is clearly full of Art’s very big love.

Chef Art Smith on Opening Day

Chef Art Smith on Opening Day

Once those restaurant doors were open, we were there. And from our very first visit, we were hooked.

But we know you’re busy people. Sometimes there just isn’t time for Church Lady Deviled Eggs, and Art’s Fabulous Fried Chicken, and Hummingbird Cake. Sometimes, you just need to grab something and go (to another restaurant for second lunch, we can only assume, as there are just so many restaurants and so. little. time.). Homecomin': Florida Kitchen and Southern Shine has got you covered. Enter: Shine Bar.

Shine Bar Exterior

Shine Bar Exterior

Shine Bar is both part of Homecomin’s restaurant proper and a walk-up bar. And while the drinks here are worth a sip (or twelve), we are diggin’ their Grab & Go menu.

Grab and Go Menu at Shine Bar

Grab and Go Menu at Shine Bar

Several Homecomin’ favorites made the counter service cut, and we tried a couple for you. To get these tasty treasures for yourself, place your order with one of the bartenders in the Shine Bar.

First up, we ordered the Box of Fries.

Homecoming Box of Fries

Homecomin’ Box of Fries

So much golden deliciousness in a portable container. The Box of Fries is just that: a standard, entree-sized to-go box full of crunchy-on-the-outside soft-on-the-inside fries.

Homecoming Box of Fries

Homecomin’ Box of Fries

It’s like my favorite leftovers, only these are fresh and hot (not, you know, cold and mushy like doggie bag fries). These medium-cut French fries come dusted with plenty of seasoning (salt and black pepper, as far as we can tell).

Homecoming Box of Fries

Homecomin’ Box of Fries

Because of that spice, these are super flavorful. And because of the size of that box, they’re definitely meant for sharing. At $8.00, they might be a little steep for fries, but these are really good ones. And if they’re a filling snack for two or three people, the cost definitely makes sense.

Plus, I mean:

Homecoming Box of Fries Fry

Homecomin’ Box of Fries Fry

Happy Fry-day everyday.

In case you prefer some sauce to accompany your fries, you can snag some of those too.

Homecoming Ketchup and Ranch

Homecomin’ Ketchup and Ranch

The ketchup is, you know, ketchup.

Homecoming Ketchup

Homecomin’ Ketchup

Standard fry friend. But necessary. Fry’s friend who isn’t afraid to tell her she’s got black pepper between her front teeth.

We also tried Ranch, which was a nice creamy counterpoint to the seasoned fries.

Homecoming Ranch Dip

Homecomin’ Ranch Dip

But we couldn’t leave Homecomin’ without some fried chicken, so we ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich to go!

Homecoming/Shine Bar Fried Chicken Sandwich

Homecomin’/Shine Bar Fried Chicken Sandwich

There are no words.

Well, here are some: Like all of Homecomin’s (generally beloved) fried chicken, this generous breast of chicken is marinated in buttermilk and double battered before it’s deep fried. And that double batter makes all the difference. So much crunch!

Homecoming Fried Chicken Sandwich

Homecomin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

Now before you bemoan the chickenless bun, let us tell you that the bun itself is also delish. It’s buttered and slapped on a griddle, so it’s developed a little extra richness.

Homecoming Fried Chicken Sandwich

Homecomin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

And we’re happy the bun is substantial — because so is the meat! And we love how simple this sandwich is. The chicken is unabashedly the star.

Homecoming Fried Chicken Sandwich

Homecomin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

It’s fresh, juicy, and pretty much perfect.

Homecoming Fried Chicken Sandwich

Homecomin’ Fried Chicken Sandwich

It comes with a Hot Sauce Aioli (like a spiced-up mayo), and since we loved the hot sauce when we ate at Homecomin’ in the past, we also enjoyed this creamy version.

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Hot Sauce Aioli at Homecoming

Fried Chicken Sandwich with Hot Sauce Aioli at Homecomin’

But fear not if you don’t care for spice. You can order the aioli on the side, or ask for none at all, or (we’re just spitballin’ here) order some ranch dip and use that. Basically whatever you need to do to make this sandwich happen, do it.

The Fried Chicken Sandwich from Homecomin’ (via Southern Shine Bar) is simple and good. So good. It comes wrapped in brown paper, so it’s actually really easy to eat on the go. And at $10, we think it’s a steal. Quality and quantity are spot on.

Oh, and hey! If you’re thirsty and in the vicinity of Shine Bar, you can also order to-go cocktails!

Homecoming Drinks Menu

Homecomin’ Drinks Menu

We opted for water. But we were too drunk off fried chicken to notice a difference anyway.

Homecoming To-Go Cup

Homecomin’ To-Go Cup

Homecomin’ is one of our favorite new spots in Disney Springs, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Chef Art has brought comfort food to a new level. While it’s a little pricy (and we kinda wish we could get a smaller, single-serving of those fries), it’s totally worth it for its crazy deliciousness.

What’s your favorite new Disney Springs restaurant? Let us know! 


  1. Kate says

    I tried to eat from the Grab and Go back in February and was told it closes at 5pm. Is that still true?

  2. MAS says

    Darn no vegetarian options! Unfortunately, I’m allergic to pineapple so….I can’t even have cake for dinner!

  3. Steve A says

    Hopefully they’ll put this on the DDP under counter services. I want to try the Fried Chicken sandwich, but I don’t want to go to the table service and spend a fortune.

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