Chef BigFatPanda’s DIY Disney Column

DIY Disney — Making Disney Recipes At Home

John Saccheri (aka ChefBigFatPanda) writes the Chef BigFatPanda DIY Disney column for The Disney Food Blog, which focuses on step-by-step photos and instructions on how to make Disney recipes at home! John’s most recent endeavor for the Disney Food Blog is creating original, Disney-themed magical drinks that we can sip at home!

John has been rooted in the Disney culture from childhood. John only had the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World once, at the age of 5. After returning home, he never stopped talking about it, yearning to return. His parents were worried about this “obsession,” but John began working at the age of 12 with a focus on saving up for the next Disney trip. He was able to visit Disney World at least once a year from 14 years old onward. Today, a successful entrepreneur, John was able to move from his hometown of Long Island, New York, to Central Florida to be close to the Mouse. Going to the parks still seems like a fantasy to him!

Cooking came naturally growing up in an Italian household where fresh tomatoes and basil were grown in the home garden. John’s Mom continues to be very influential in passing down recipes and techniques. For him, combining Disney with cooking is nothing short of pure bliss!

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