Review: Ice Cream Crêpes in Epcot’s France Pavilion

We recently shared some of our favorite Disney food kiosks, and this was definitely one of the contenders! There is so much culinary awesomeness these days in Epcot’s France Pavilion.

There are, of course, the table service restaurants — the bistro-esque Chefs de France and the more upscale Monsieur Paul. And no trip through this part of World Showcase is complete without at least one stop by Les Halles, the new boulangerie patisserie in the back of the pavilion.

And now that the long-awaited L’Artisan des Glaces is open in the former bakery space, the offerings are pretty robust. You can find something for every meal of the day here!

But, if you can believe it, there are even more fun food finds awaiting you along the main thoroughfare within the dark green kiosks of France.

Here, you can get grown up slushies, Champagne, and one of my favorite French street foods, Crêpes!

Disney World Crêpes

The très thin, tender, pancake-like creations are available here in some traditional flavors. But there are also some fun and super indulgent twists, like crêpes and ice cream.

That’s the treat we were after today…

The Creperie -- Crepe Stand in Epcot's France Pavilion

If you need a beverage, you’ll also find some espresso drinks here as well as, well, beer. Because everyone knows what a perfect pairing crêpes and beer are. :-)

Menu -- Click to Enlarge

One of the best part of this little kiosk is that you get a show while you wait! Inside the stand, you can see the crêpe griddle, where the thin batter is ladled and worked to form the basis for your treat. A container of Strawberry Preserves stands at the ready for saucing.

Crêpe Griddle with Batter and Strawberry Preserves

A while back, we made a stop here and just happened to capture the complete crêpe-making process from start to finish.

With very little arranging, I ended up with this cute crêpe flip book of photos! Behold, the making of both [Read more…]

French Crepe Flip Book

First things first: Answers to yesterday’s food photo quiz are at the bottom of this post! But, now, on to today’s post!

Many of you know that across the path from Epcot’s Chefs de France Restaurant is a crepe and ice cream stand. It’s there year-round, always ready to cater to any sugary whim you may have. Personally, my addiction to chocolate crepes requires me to stop once in a while to relive my days of visiting France, where crepes were cheap and plentiful. So I was excited when my dad sent this file of pics from his recent WDW trip. He’d snapped photos from outside the kiosk as the CM went through the process of making both a chocolate crepe and a sugar crepe in Epcot’s France.

Epcot French Crepe Kiosk

Epcot French Crepe Kiosk

When I opened the file, all of these photos were laid out right next to each other; I couldn’t help but think they looked like a very cool animation flip book! I wanted you to see them the same way. There’s a photo of the menu at the end, so you can see what other delectable goodies you can sample at the kiosk. Enjoy… [Read more…]