The Coffee House

A popular morning spot at the Disneyland Hotel; the Coffee House serves up plenty of java as well as “grab n’ go” style eats!

Service: Counter Service

Type of Food: American

Location: Disneyland Hotel

Drink menu: hot chocolate, hot tea, coffee (regular or decaf), Cafe Au Lait, steamed milk with a flavor shot, regular coffee with a shot of Espresso, Caffe Mocha, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Espresso, Caffe Americano, blended Latte (iced), iced Mocha, iced Latte, blended Mocha (iced), water, energy drinks, milk, fruit juices, chocolate milk, & bottled soda

“Grab n’ Go” style food: fruit & yogurt parfaits, fresh whole fruit, plain yogurt, an assortment of pasty & baked items, cold cereal, fruit snacks, Chef Salad, Chicken Breast Caesar Salad, fruit platter, Garden Salad, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, & a children’s turkey wrap (includes drink and a cookie).

Important Info:

  • During prime crowd seasons The Coffee House often attracts quite a crowd of guests in the morning, the earlier you arrive the better.

Famous Dishes: Caffe Americano, & the “Red Eye” (regular coffee with a shot of Espresso)

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