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Via Napoli, Epcot’s brand new Italian Restaurant, showcases incredible pastas and fresh Neapolitan pizzas. Here’s a glance at the menu so you can start planning your trip to the restaurant!

Sicilian Eggplant – pickled eggplant with olives, capers, tomato and raisins $8
Contadino Salad – colorful array of farm fresh greens, fagiolini, fennel, radish coins and tomatoes in a red wine vinaigrette $10
Arancini - (fried saffron risotto balls) with mozzarella and meat ragu $10
Calamari Fritti – corn crusted rings served with spicy tomato sauce $14
Minestrone – hearty vegetable soup of fagiolini, zucchini, peas, tomato, cannellini beans and basil pesto $8
Fritto Misto - an assortment of just-fried seasonal vegetables, fish, and cheese to be shared by the table; could include arancini, mozzarella, calamari, melanzane, asparagus, zucchini and carciofi (artichokes), Agro-Dolce sauce (Sweet and Sour Tomato Sauce) $24

Main Course Salads
Calamari – fried corn-crusted calamari with arugula, carrots and fennel with orange vinaigrette $18
Pollo - Chopped Salad with Lemon Chicken, Romaine, cantaloupe, cucumber, red pepper, green beans, vidalia onions, almonds and pasta crisps with honey-citrus vinaigrette $17
Bistecca – chopped mesclun, grilled steak, radicchio, watercress, tomato, red onion, Gorgonzola, apple and cucumber with a red wine-mustard vinaigrette $19

Disneyland's Naples Pepperoni Pizza -- Sister Restaurant to Via Napoli

Pasta al Forno
Baked in our Signature Wood-Fired Ovens

Lasagna Verde – spinach, parmesan, besciamella $20
Candele – candle-stick pasta, sausage ragu, polpettine, mozzarella, ricotto $16

Pasta Di Via Napoli
Mafaldine Amatriciana – ribbon pasta, guanciale & pomodoro sauce finished with pecorino cheese $22
Spaghetti E Polpettine – hand-crafted veal meatballs and tomato sauce $19
Fusilloni Trapanese – large cork-screw pasta tossed in a southern Italian pesto of vine-ripened tomatoes, almonds and basil $17

Piatti alla Parmigiana
Traditional preparation served with Tomato Sauce topped & Gratineed with Parmesan and Mozzarella Cheese, served with Spaghetti Torta

Tortino di Malanzane – eggplant $18
Pollo - chicken breast $22
Vitello – veal cutlet $26

Wood-fired Pizzas
Wood-fired Pizza made with caputo flour imported from Southern Italy, San Marzano tomatoes, handmade mozzarella and water from a local spring just like in Italy’s Campania region. Three sizes: Individual; large with 8 slices; 20-inch or 1/2 meter to share with 12 slices

Margherita – tomato, mozzarella, basil $15 / $25 / $34
Quattro Stagioni – eggplant, artichokes, prosciutto, mushrooms $17 / $28 / $36
Pepperoni - spicy pepperoni, tomato, mozzarella $16 / $27 / $35
Calamari – fried calamari, arugula, fennel $17 / $28/ $36
Quattro Formaggi – mozzarella, parmesan, fontina, provolone $17 / $28/ $36
Ortolano – tomato, mozzarella, vegetables $15 / $25 / $34
Piccante – Italian Spicy Sausage, broccoli-rabe, tomato, mozzarella $17 / $28/ $36
Carciofi – artichoke, pecorino, mozzarella, truffle oil $17 / $29/ $36
Prosciutto E Melone – fontina, mozzarella, pecorino, prosciutto, canteloupe $17 / $28/ $36

Dolci / Dessert
Tiramisu – mascarpone cream, espresso coffee, lady fingers and chocolate $8
Gelato Frizzante – ice cream soda Italian style made with San Pellegrino aranciata and Vanilla ice cream $10
Gelati E Sorbetto – vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, lemon sorbet $7
Coppa Di Brutti Ma Buoni – Amarena cherry and vanilla gelato sundae with cookies $10

Traditional Desserts from our Childhood
Torta di Sarena – apple cake with almond sorbetto $8
Zeppole di Catarina – ricotta cheese fritters with whipped cream and chocolate sauce $10

Beverages, Coffee, Espresso, Infusion
Cafe Americano $3
Espresso $4
Double Espresso $6
Cappuccino $5
Cappuccino “Alla Panna” $6
Cafe Freddo $5
Infusions and Tea $4

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