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  1. I really do hot agree with you. We have always had a great meal there. Maybe you should try the Calamari, or the chicken (or shrimp Campanelli ( sorry, not sure of the spelling). This is a very good restaurant and I know you are intitled to your opinions, but you can really hurt this restaurant with your negativity.

  2. yeah but price gauging for barely edible dishes and portions should be called out, that chicken looked repulsive like it came out of the freezer.

  3. My husband and I enjoy this restaurant very much. I recommend the spaghetti and meatballs, but we prefer the creamy cheese sauce over getting the marinara. In January, we attempted to make a dining reservation here, but all of the timeslots were taken. Too late, I realized that our Disney week was the one that included the Dr. King holiday. It was a rather busy time for a January trip. We enjoyed ’50’s Prime Time Cafe for lunch, and the Hollywood Brown Derby for dinner. We miss the three dessert tray, which we would order and then share. I choose the lemon sorbet if I’m full, and the tiramisu if I’m feeling hungry enough. Next January, we plan to spend two days at DHS, in order to dine four times (once each at our faves). I appreciated reading this restaurant description. Thanks!

  4. We had a fantastic meal here in Sept 2021. Great service (though the host was grouchy). My sister and I split a salad and entree and had some leftover.

    I ordered a similar menu item two weeks ago (the mamas Italian pasta with chicken, but I think I ordered the shrimp in Sept), and it seemed like I received about half to 2/3 of the pasta I received in Sept. The chicken was also super dry, and the service was awful. I asked for water and my lemonade, and she never brought water, and I don’t think she ever gave a refill on the lemonade.

    I don’t care to pay for meals, but being skimpy on cheap pasta is nuts.

    My sister really likes it there, but it won’t be on my ADR list.

  5. Wife and I just ate here today. We have eaten here many times. The quality of the food was poor. I had chicken Parm and it was very dry and pasta overcooked. Wife had fettuccine with chicken and same problem. Not worth the cost or going back

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