Coke vs. Pepsi

Which do you prefer?

Wednesday’s refillable mugs blog post made me realize that I haven’t yet done a food blog about one of the most critical facts about Disney food:

You can’t — and I mean CAN’T — get Pepsi products at dining establishments in Disney World.

This is due to a long-running Coca Cola sponsorship deal with Disney. For those of us who took the Pepsi challenge back in the 80’s and were shocked to find out that we are, in fact, Pepsi addicts, this is not the greatest news. But I had to mention it for two reasons:

1. If you’ve never been to the Disney parks/resorts and you ARE a “Pepsi-only” guy or gal, I wanted to give you a heads up. Contingency plans? If you have a car, head to Wal-Mart, Publix, CVS, etc. to grab yourself a couple of six-packs. If you don’t have a car, ask your Disney resort front desk or valet cast member to call you cab and high-tail it to the nearest Pepsi-permitting spot to stock up. If the cab idea isn’t your speed, you can purchase the goods prior to your arrival through a grocery delivery service like Garden Grocer.

2. I’m wondering if you Disney Parks experts can share with the rest of us how you get your Pepsi fix on property. E.g., what has been your experience with grocery delivery services?, where’s the closest place you’ve found to buy Pepsi products (Can you buy the stuff at HESS?)?, are there off-site restaurants you work into your schedule?

Looking forward to your answers and insights! Just click on “comments” up by the blog title!


  1. says

    I was going to post the same thing as Bigbearsg. I’m not a Soda drinker, so I don’t particularly have a say in the Coke/Pepsi debate, when I chose to have one, either will do. But I’ve heard that the Hess does have Pepsi as well as Dr. Pepper & Mt Dew. Much closer than Wal Mart or Publix! (Plus you can technically walk there from DTD!)

  2. says

    Im not a Pepsi drinker, but also the Hess station near the Boardwalk is basically within walking distance of the Boardwalk too, and if your at the Beach/Yacht Club and Swan And Dolphin, you could take a boat to boardwalk and then walkt to Hess.. just and idea.. :)

  3. says

    I suck it up and live with Coke for the duration of the trip. Or sometimes I’m lucky enough to find a vending machine that distributes mello-yellow which isn’t as bad.

    On the DCL, it was a whole other story though. Once we hit port in Nassau, it was a trip to the local supermarket by the port where pepsi was readily sold.

  4. Sarah says

    I’m just happy that when I drink soda, I go for Coke! Pepsi tastes… medicinal to me. It’s a last resort for caffeine on the rare occasion I want it. I guess when it comes down to colas, I love Coke. UMaine had a contract with Coke, so that instilled it even more (than what I already loved). But I can live with Pepsi should I have to…

    However, yes. If you’re staying on property and NEED Pepsi, it’s best to order out and keep a stash in your room. But that’s on BOTH sides of the Great Cola Debate ($ wise)! If you ONLY like Pepsi and can’t deal with Coke, it would probably be worth the drive/taxi to Gooding’s for snacks/bevs for your stay. If you rent a car, it’s easy shopping. You can pick up snacks and drinks to have on hand. Magical Express it? Then you have cab fare to consider. If you cab it (and I know this is Disney sacrilege! Forgive me!), the Crossroads do offer an array of dining options as well as a fun minigolf course should you want to spend some time in that area.

    The Coke vs. Pepsi is VERY relevant to this blog, and though I know it’s not a make or break for visiting WDW, it’s something for people to consider.

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    @Bigbearsg, @Kelly, @Cody — Thanks for answering the Hess question! Good points that you can actually walk to Hess from DTD or Boardwalk… Now I wonder if I can get them to sell 6-packs of bottles… ;-)

    @Brad — Didn’t even THINK about DCL… !!!

    @Sarah — GREAT options. I also remember that some towncar services let you make a stop on the way to your resort…that’s a possibility (stock up!)

  6. kwellborn says

    Being addicted to Diet Coke, I am SO happy that WDW serves Coke products!! I empathize for your Pepsi people, though, ‘cuz I would be very unhappy if I couldn’t get my fix.

  7. says

    I just found this blog today, and I’m so glad I did! Probably about 90% of my WDW trip planning is “Where are we gonna eat?”

    If I could replace my blood with Diet Coke, I probably would, so I’m really no help in this. I definitely advocate grocery delivery, taxi to a store, or a one day car rental if the Pepsi situation is dire. I do have to add that I have photographic evidence of Pepsi and Mountain Dew being served on Disney property- just not to the general public. I attended an after-hours party at the Studios as the guest of an SAP conference attendee. To my utter shock, they had Pepsi products alongside the Coke at one of the bars set up in the park. The attendant said it was by the conference’s request. I had to take a picture because, of all things I could have experienced that night, Pepsi was the most novel (nearly empty Fantasmic was the runner-up).

  8. says

    @Kwellborn Thank you for your empathy…it’s appreciated! :)

    @Jenna: Hey Jenna! Mousejunkies is one of my favorites — great to “meet” you. Anyway, that’s so exciting that you witnessed the sacrilege of pepsi products being served on property! Shocking, in fact! ;-) Thanks for the news…now I just have to get myself into an after-hours party…

  9. MichelleG says

    I have to say, we don’t drink a huge amount of colas in our family and when we do, we aren’t very picky. However, we drink large amounts of water and order cases from Garden Grocer for each trip. When you think about the cost (Disney charges @$2/bottle of water and Garden Grocer @$6/case of 24), you can see where the savings can add up. We still buy bottles at the parks, but it keeps from having to purchase bottles to take back to the room. We also purchase juice, breakfast bars, snacks, etc. The savings from the water pays for the delivery and most of the snacks, etc. I would never visit without making a Garden Grocer order!

  10. Jorge says

    The only place I know of that serves Pepsi on Disney property is Benihana at the Hilton near Downtown Disney (not Disney property, but close). If you plan on going to Universal, there are two places on their property that serve Pepsi: Hard Rock and Panda Express.

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