Disney Parks Blog Confirms Epcot Pizzeria

Construction From Front of Pavilion

Construction From Front of Pavilion

The Disney Parks Blog has confirmed information about the Italy pizzeria that we already knew…:

  • There will be a pizzeria in Epcot’s Italy
  • It will open later this year (DFB Note: we’ve heard September 1st floating around)
  • It will have authentic Neapolitan pizza and other Italian dishes
  • The restaurant will be run by the Patina Group, who also runs Tutto Italia

BUT — they’re also telling us some things we didn’t know:

  • The restaurant will seat 300
  • It will have “traditional Florentine architecture,” including vaulted ceilings and outside dining
  • The pizzeria will be “family style,” which could mean several different things
  • The pizza will be from a wood-burning oven
  • They’re…um…importing the water — though they don’t say from where they’re importing it…

    It’ll be imported from a source where the composition most resembles water used in Naples, Italy, to make the authentic Italian dough.

Even though Disney Parks says the restaurant doesn’t officially have a name, we still think it’ll be a lot like Naples 45 in New York and Disneyland, and that the menus will be close to what we reported last week. But, Disney’s been known to pull the old switcheroo, so we’ll keep our ears open and our eyes peeled! Click here for Epcot Italy Pizzeria construction pics.


  1. says

    I think it would have been interesting if this were a QS location in Italy, but I also think that more table service seating is needed, so that’s good too. I’ll be keeping my eye on it for sure as we have a trip planned for October!

    …I wonder if this will push Tutto Italia into a 2 credit location???

  2. Jeff W says

    If it is Naples 45… wood fired or not, “family style” or not, I WON’T be paying nearly $40 for a large pizza.

  3. Ro says

    Oh, so THAT’S why it costs $37 for a pizza. Cost of importing the water. Gotcha. ; )

    Thanks for the additional details, AJ. That’s going to be a huge place.

  4. Suzanne says

    I was wondering if kosher pizza will be offered-packaged, of course. Anyone know where I can find out?

  5. says

    Kelly — I edited that piece, as I guess we can’t be SURE if this will be counter-service or table-service. I suspect the latter, but there’s nothing to say for sure.

    Jeff — It WILL be interesting to see the menus and the pricing, indeed!

    Ro — Ha! That’s what I thought, too.

    Suzanne — I’m waiting (impatiently) for the menu to be published. :-) I’ll keep you updated as soon as I see something.

  6. says

    The imported water thing is interesting and . . . odd. Anyone know why they’re doing it?

    Everything is expensive at WDW, so it won’t surpise me if the pizza is.

  7. says

    Chris — I think the water really has something to do with the consistency of the dough, so perhaps it really is worth importing. I guess we’ll find out! :-)

  8. Suzanne says

    AJ, I really appreciate it!! I can’t ever get a straight answer from anyone when it comes to the kosher pizza, that is sometimes available by special order.

  9. says

    Suzanne — I know. Unfortunately, that’s all too often something that you have to call to find out. I’ll let you know if I hear something!

  10. Chrisj1968 says

    Now all these comments..I have a question or two: “Will this be considered a sitdown meal to be in-line or setup to work with the meal plans that disney offers?”

    “Why import the water? if that happens the prices could sky rocket to keep Disney in a profitable standing and make money. and there will be a limited supply of this water I’m sure.”

  11. says

    Hey Chris! I’m pretty sure this will be a sit-down meal, but I’m not 100% positive. Disney’s not confirmed this yet. Also, I imagine this will be on the Disney Dining Plan soon.

    Also, the other Naples restaurants import their water as well, so the costs associated with those menus will be similar in Orlando, I’m guessing.

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