Special Report: S’PIN Cocktail for ESPN The Weekend

Fellow blogger and friend Amanda Tinney, who writes Disney Every Day, came across this “extra” bar set up outside Hollywood Brown Derby during ESPN The Weekend — complete with a brand new adult bevvie created for the event — and caught it on film! Thanks, Amanda!

ESPN The Weekend Sign

When you’re in the Walt Disney World theme parks as much as I am, you tend to notice when even the slightest thing is out of place. I recently attended “ESPN The Weekend” at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and while making my way from the American Idol Experience towards The Animation Courtyard, I noticed something peculiar. A bar…outside of the Hollywood Brown Derby Restaurant, right on the walkway. As I moved closer, I noticed beer, along with assorted bottles of liquor….Wowza! This bar was no joke! And it was definitely not a permanent fixture.

Brown Derby Bar Outside the Restaurant

Brown Derby Bar Outside the Restaurant

It’s not everyday that you see a bar serving mixed drinks out in the middle of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. In fact, the only chance you might ever get to see this again is during a special event. Upon further inspection of the placard on top of the bar, I noticed the S’PIN Cocktail, created especially for ESPN The Weekend no doubt.

Wanna know what the S’PIN Cocktail consists of? I took my best shot…pun intended (with my camera people…not my shot glass), so raise your glasses high Sports Fans!

ESPN The Weekend Special Event Bar Menu

ESPN The Weekend Special Event Bar Menu

How about you? Have you seen anything out of the ordinary like this at Walt Disney World? Did you attend ESPN The Weekend and try this special adult beverage? I’d love to hear about it.

Thanks, Amanda! You know I love hearing about new drinks in Disney World. I wish I could try this one!


  1. Evan says

    I believe that is nearly identical to the Snowball that is served at the temporary bar location for the Osborne Lights. It really just seems like a glorified Long Island Iced Tea.

  2. says

    I kind of like how Disney rolls out these drinks that match the event, like the “snowball” and “merry margarita” for the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights

  3. says

    No kidding, Evan? You’ve got a great memory! Glorified long island ice tea, here I come (I’m a sour mix fiend.)!

    Agreed, Matt, though I didn’t even think of it until I saw these comments! I remember seeing those cocktails several years ago; do they do them every year?

  4. says

    AJ: Yes, they have those every year. And the “booze stands” that Amanda reported in this article are out for special events (i.e. Star Wars Weekends) as well as especially busy days (Easter, Christmas, July 4th). Not sure for SWW or holidays like Easter if there are special drinks, but I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

  5. says

    Noticed the Dan Aykroyd wines. We follow each other on Twitter & I was curious about the brand – haven’t seen yet. Cool that it was included here. Hope to try one day. Its good to see Disney has a fun imagination with its adult beverages!

  6. says

    Matt — Thanks for the info! I haven’t seen the temp bars out for SWW when I’ve been, but, then again, I probably wasn’t looking that hard! Would love to get your reports from SWW this year (the celebrity line-up looks cool!)

    Rori — I thought that was interesting, too! I hope someone will pop in with a review of the Aykroyd wines!

  7. says

    We visited Hollywood Studios today and saw two temporary bars, one outside Brown Derby and one outside Sci-Fi Dine-In. When we spoke to the Cast Members both said they were temporary for Spring Break and today was the last day, but the Cast Member at Sci-Fi indicated they might be back for Star Wars Weekends and maybe other special events later in the year. Can’t remember what the Brown Derby bar had, since we just wanted Jack and Cokes, but the Sci-Fi bar had Long Island Iced Teas and Rum Runners on the menu, in addition to beer wine and other mixed drinks. I think it’s a great addition to the park, and I hope they bring them back for other special events.

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