Food Vinylmation: Almost As Addictive as the Real Thing

I don’t collect Vinylmation. If I did, I’d have to mortgage my house. Just one look at these foodie designs and you’ll know why — how could I resist?!?

I’ve gathered a few of my favorite Foodie Vinylmation designs, but would love to hear your favorites! Do you own any of these?

One-of-A-Kind Mickey Premium Bar

Candy Corn -- Halloween Party Holiday Exclusive

Gingerbread -- Holiday #1

Ham and Eggs -- Urban Series #2

Vinylmation Condiments

Vinylmation Condiments

Sci Fi Dine In -- Park Series #4

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Cupcake Cutesters Vinylmation

Gingerbread -- Commemorative and Events 2009

Cheeseburger -- Urban #3

One of a Kind Chocolate Vinylmation

Swiss Cheese -- Urban Series #1

Cookie Jar -- Urban #3

Turkey with Butter -- Holiday #1

Strawberry -- Urban #4

One-of-a-Kind by Rachael Sur

Apple Cutester

Bad Apple -- Park Series #1

Sushi -- Urban Series #4

Coming Soon -- Cuppa Tea -- Urban Series #5

To Purchase Vinylmation:
Let me guess — you want them as much as I do, right? Luckily, there are still quite a few of them that are available for purchase and trading. Food Vinylmation figures are available at Disney parks and resorts and Downtown Disney. They’re also officially available online at the Vinylmation Store.

Below, I’ve listed a few amazon and ebay links for some limited edition and other popular food vinylmation figures. If you know of other “markets” for them, let me know (especially if you know the one person who owns that Mickey Premium Bar vinylmation…!). Please note: By making purchases via the first four Amazon links, a tiny percentage of what you spend goes toward supporting the Disney Food Blog. Read our disclosure policy for more info.:
Candy Corn: Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Exclusive
Cheeseburger: Urban Series #3
“Swiss Cheese” Urban Series #1
Cooked Turkey: Holiday Series #1
Cutesters Cupcake
Cutesters Apple
Cookie Jar

Thanks to Global Disney Pinvestigation for suggestions and guidance!


  1. says

    I adore that mickey premium bar one!! i have a blank one that i’d love to try to make my own like that, seeing as thats a one of a kind. Of the food ones I have, I just have the small gingerbread one from the holiday collection in a special tin. I might be making this up, but I thought someone said it’s supposed to smell like gingerbread too, but i’m not motivated enough to go over to my tin and smell :X LOL

  2. says

    Ha! Gingerbread smell, too? Awesome.

    I love, love, LOVE, the Sci-Fi one, as well as the entire idea of making these represent different restaurants on property. New obsession, maybe??? ;)

  3. says

    Just a Note AJ, the Urban Series #4 Sushi one isnt released yet, was suppose to come out in May, but US4 hasnt came out yet, maybe June?

    Great Post AJ! Anything with Pins or Vinyls im there!

  4. says

    Sushi Vinylmation? There’s going to be a SUSHI one? I don’t collect them for the same reason you don’t—-I just don’t have the money, and I know once I got started, I’d never stop!

    I did want the Epcot one….but now I MUST have the Sushi one!

    I never knew they made so many different food ones. I think they should make a whole series of park food ones…dole whip, turkey leg, box of popcorn, caseys corner hot dog, etc etc. We’d buy em up!

  5. Elisabeth says

    I LOVE the Bad Apple one. I actually had to buy it on Ebay for twice the normal SRP when the first series came out. They were so hard to find then, not so much now. I can’t wait for the sushi one to come out!

    Thanks for combining two of my favorite things together in one article!

  6. says

    Hi AJ —

    I collect Vinylmations but only the 3″ ones and only when I was at WDW so far. I have yet to order them online.

    I have the candy corn (this one came in special tin for Halloween), Gingerbread (special holiday tin from Magic Kingdom) and the turkey w/butter. But all of them look super cute!

    I’ll see what I can find later this month at our NYC Vinylmations trading meet!

  7. says

    Nate — I love that Sci-Fi one, too!! I’m hoping someone takes pity on me and gives it to me as a Christmas gift or something! I wonder why they chose that particular restaurant to start with…

    Rachel — Yep — I’m seriously coveting that Mickey Premium Bar one! If you turn your blank into that, send pics! :-)

    Cody — Thanks again for all your help on this one. I think there are a couple here that aren’t widely available or even released yet, but I figured I’d include ‘em anyway :-)

    Dana — I KNOW! Cody said there was a popcorn one, but I couldn’t find a good pic :-( Still, they have park food pins and park food Mickey ears hats, so the vinylmation can’t be too far off…

    Elisabeth — My pleasure! I’ve been wanting to do this post for a looooooooong time, but there just weren’t enough cool food ones out until now :-)

    Hey Michele! I’m pretty jealous of your candy corn one; I love it!! And the NYC Vinylmation trading meet sounds awesome! Why didn’t they have that when I was living there?!?

  8. says

    Love the honey mouse condiment one! Too bad those come in a pack of three and are way more expensive that way. I don’t own any as of yet, but I’m thinking that if I can limit myself to just one 3 inch per year that is designed around something meaningful to me, then I might be okay. Haha, I definitely couldn’t go out all out collecting them.

  9. says

    That Mickey Prem is fantastic! I have the slightly simpler version from Urban #2. I just got home from spending a semester on the College Program and spent the whole 4 and a half months hunting down a Mickey Prem from Urban #2 and found it in a trading box in The Art of Disney on my last day there! It was a magical moment for sure. =D

    I’m really looking forward to trying to find the ketchup and the strawberry the next time I’m at WDW! Those are two of my favorite new vinyls!

    If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a fan of vinylmation. =)

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  10. Shayne says

    Oh no……

    Honestly, before this post, I never really “got” the appeal of Vinylmation.

    But, alas, you have opened my eyes to a whole new world of cash hemorrhaging possibility. {Sigh}

  11. says

    AJ —

    I found the candy corn at Magic Kingdom shop (I think I was in Frontierland) while on my March trip. I saw it and grabbed it.

    I like the ones in tins. I also picked up a flower & Garden festival one while there, so I’m sure there will be a Food & Wine one too.

    (..and don’t think I forgot Tusker House…I am almost to that day in my TR! ;)

  12. says

    My sister collects them and I am trying me best to fight it. I already have enough pins (lol). She gave me a cupcake one. I like the honey one and upcoming cuppa tea.

  13. Anderson says

    I love Vinylmation! They are incredibly addictive though, and yes quite the expensive hobby. The cheeseburger one is one of my favorites but I am so looking forward to the honey bear coming out soon!

  14. says

    My kids and I started collecting Vinylmation on our April trip. I LOVE the foodie ones! I brought home several to give before our next trip but I may have to actually order some, too! Yes, something else to spend the Disney moolah on….

  15. stacey says

    I have to say, when I first saw the Vinylmations in the parks, I thought it was the DUMBEST idea EVER! Who wants to pay $10 for a little plastic Mickey? Well, my daughters each got one, then 2 more…well, we have about 20-30 of them now and it’s CRAZY! :) We love them! It’s the thrill of not knowing which one you can get and the fun of the hunt to get the ones you really like. They are too cute, but I still think they are overpriced for a 3″ vinyl figurine. Oh well, gotta love Disney!! :)
    By the way, this Disney Food blog is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for doing it! :)

  16. Griffin says

    They are really cool! Especially the ones you can get that are themed after rides, or in this case like the Sci Fi restaurant. But just too much money to justify getting a bunch of em right now…

  17. Lia says

    I have the Cutesteres cupcake and the Urban cheeseburger!!! I love the food VM’s- they’re so cute!

  18. Lan says

    I started collecting these last year and yes I am hooked. I hope the rumors are true that there will be one for the 2010 Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. I love this site!!!

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