Two Le Cellier Meals. One Day. It Can Be Done.

And we did it. That’s right, folks, I actually booked two Le Cellier reservations in one day. I know you think I’m crazy, so just know that our two visits to the steakhouse on the same day were due to a crazy turn of events…we’ll leave it at that. ;-) Luckily, our two visits translate into a whole lot of food pics and info for the blog, so yay!


Located in Epcot‘s Canada pavilion, Le Cellier means “The Cellar” in Canadian (ha ha. just kidding. it’s French), so walking into the restaurant means you’re gloriously shoved from the (often) hot, humid, sticky Florida sun into a cool, dark, stone room. While I realize this is probably not ideal for the Canadian Cast Members who work there and probably came to Florida to get a little sun, it’s great for us tourists who are baking all day in the parks!

Le Cellier Entryway

The rooms of Le Cellier Steakhouse are made up of stone-textured archways lit by dripping “candle” sconces — it really does feel like you’re dining in someone’s wine cellar. And the tiny size of the dining room means that reservations here are some of the hardest to get in Disney World (thus my two in one day debacle — if I wanted to eat at Le Cellier twice during our trip, I had to do it twice in one day as all other reservations were taken for the entire trip).

Le Cellier Dining Room

FYI: My mom’s favorite part of Le Cellier is that the tiny dining room is invisibly broken up into the Canadian provinces. Her favorite thing to do as soon as we’re seated is ask the server “where we’re sitting.” It’s always fun if we’re in Ontario, because then we can talk about how we’re from Buffalo. Anywho — on with the review!


It isn’t 100% clear to me what constitutes “Canadian cuisine.” I’m extremely partial to Nanaimo bars and ice wine, both of which I think of as thoroughly Canadian, but I’m not sure of what standards I’d put on a “Canadian” restaurant menu. That said, if Canadian cuisine is in any way represented by the fare at Le Cellier, I’m moving to Saskatchewan.

In the same way that Canada embraces the melting pot of ethnic backgrounds its citizens represent, Le Cellier embraces the melting pot of cuisines they’ve added to the country’s collective cookbook.

Our lunch reservation was scheduled for the restaurant’s opening time, so our party was seated very quickly (we love booking for opening time — so quiet and calm!). Ordering was a no-brainer, as we’d all been to Le Cellier enough to know what we loved.

The breadsticks, as usual, came out first. Now, as every good Le Cellier convert knows, the breadsticks come with a story: Each bread type represents a different area of Canada. The sourdough bread represents the Yukon territory, which holds a Sourdough Festival each Spring to welcome back the sunlight (during the winter, they have only 3-4 hours of sunshine per day); the multigrain bread represents Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, which produce over 50% of the world’s grain; and the pretzel bread represents the Kitchener/Waterloo area of Ontario, which holds the world’s second largest Oktoberfest each year.


Also, because our visit was during the Epcot Food and Wine Festival, I ordered the Canadian wine flight, which included my beloved ice wine (yum!). The flight was decent, but, as usual, I enjoyed the ice wine far more than the other two varieties.

Canadian Wine Flight

One of my dining companions ordered the Canadian Unibroue, Trois Pistoles and deemed it delicious.

Trois Pistoles

Our appetizers soon arrived. The Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup made with Moosehead Beer and Bacon (natch) is a specialty of the house, and never disappoints as far as I’m concerned. The taste has a bite to it — that’s the Moosehead and sharp cheese — so be prepared!

Le Cellier Cheddar Cheese Soup

We also ordered Poutine for the table, and, before I get yelled at by everyone in the comments, I’ve heard that:

  1. Le Cellier has changed the way they’re serving the Poutine to be more authentic (white cheese curds and everything)
  2. I ordered the gravy on the side, so that wasn’t a fault of the restaurant


Even though I’ve heard that what we ate wasn’t as authentic as it could have been, I’m never disappointed in cheese + fries, so it was delicious to me!


Now, you’d think we would have been full after breadsticks, soup, and poutine, but here come the entrees! The Grilled Steak Burger topped with House-made Onion Ketchup and your choice of Cheddar or Blue Cheese was incredible as always. This will forever rank in my list of best burgers in Disney World for the Black Diamond cheddar alone.

Grilled Angus Chuck Burger

The Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich on Toasted Ciabatta with Onions, Black Diamond Cheddar, and Horseradish Cream Sauce was served with potato salad and reported as delicious. I’ve heard plenty of good comments about this sandwich — I imagine it can be listed as highly recommended.

Shaved Prime Rib Sandwich with Potato Salad

And, of course, the Le Cellier feature entree: the Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon served with Wild Mushroom Risotto finished with White Truffle-Herb Butter Sauce. This was outstanding as always. It’s stood the test of time, because that incredible butter sauce paired with the creamy risotto and grilled meat is just about perfect. Note: this is $25.99 at lunchtime.

Le Cellier Filet -- Lunch Portion

One of my dining companions also ordered the mushroom side order, which I didn’t sample (don’t like straight mushrooms, I’m afraid), but which was said to be quite good. The order is pretty large, though…

Oven Roasted Mushrooms Side Order

Don’t worry — we’re not done, yet! We saw two new desserts on the menu and had to try them! First up was the new Le Cellier Mont Blanc Semifreddo with chilled Fruit Soup. What’s a Semifreddo, you ask? It’s a type of custard or tart typically made with equal parts ice cream and whipped cream. In this one, the whole shebang was coated in a toasted meringue. I can’t say it was my favorite dessert in the world. I definitely was missing my old apple crumble with dried cherries and ice wine syrup, but, alas, that’s not served at Le Cellier any longer.

Semifreddo with Chilled Fruit Soup

Semifreddo Inside

The second new dessert we tried was called a Warm Apple Tart with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Maple Syrup, but didn’t feel very apply or tarty. It certainly wasn’t worth $6.99, I’ll tell you that. Dear Le Cellier — please bring back the really good desserts. Thx. Bye.

Warm Apple Tart

Overall, not a bad visit to Le Cellier. The wine flight was a great find (hopefully they have one during the Food and Wine Festival this year as well), and the dishes were divine as usual. Too bad about the desserts. We’ll order something different for…

Whew! About nine hours later, my husband and I returned for our second rendezvous with Le Cellier for the day. We must have been the last table seated, because the place emptied out pretty quickly, and soon we were very much alone in the dining room!

We ordered our favorite appetizer, the Spicy Chicken and Chipotle Sausage with Roasted Corn Polenta and Sweet Onion Jam. This dish is the perfect combination of sweet, savory, and spicy, and it is simply delicious. My husband and I always fight over the corn polenta, of course! Also, this appetizer is under $10 and could probably be a meal for most people, so if you’re on a budget or don’t like to consume massive amounts of food, consider this!

Polenta and Sausage Appetizer

Hubby also ordered the Steakhouse Caesar with Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan, Sourdough Croutons, and creamy Caesar Dressing. “Pretty tasty,” he says.

Caesar Salad

We were clearly having a red meat kind of day, so steak was the logical choice for entrees at this Steakhouse! We again ordered the filet this time around. Note how much bigger the portion is for dinner — this time it costs $34.99.

Le Cellier Filet -- Dinner Portion

And we also ordered the New York Strip Steak topped with Bercy Butter served with Gruyere Yukon Gold Potato Gratin. The gratin was fine (not stellar), but the steak — while it looked great on the outside — was red and cold on the inside. I’d ordered it medium rare, so we could forgive the mistake, but sent it back to the kitchen.

In my limited experience sending steaks back to kitchens to be more thoroughly cooked, I’ve never had a good outcome, and this was no exception. The steak came back cold again, so we sent it back to the kitchen for a second time. We’ve never had a bad meal at Le Cellier, so we had a good laugh with the waiter at how strange this was. When the (same) steak came back a third time, it was practically charred on the outside and still blood red in the middle. I’m not very picky about my steak, but we gave it a bite or two and gave up. Sometimes I wish they’d just try again with a new steak, ya know?

Instead, we ordered an extra side of mushroom risotto and shared the filet! :-) Problem solved! Le Cellier was kind enough to comp the Strip Steak for us, too, by the way.

Le Cellier New York Strip Steak

Side Order of Mushroom Risotto

So, since our evening was all quiet and romantic and what-not, we celebrated with chocolate cake! The Chocolate-on-Chocolate Whiskey Cake Chocolate Cake brushed with Canadian Whiskey, layered with Chocolate Mousse, finished with Honey-Thyme Anglaise and a Chocolate Walnut Sauce to be exact! And, while this dessert will not live forever in my memory, it wasn’t the worst chocolate cake I’ve ever had. Pros: incredible chocolate flavor and density. Cons: unmemorable, uninventive, no layers of flavor.

Chocolate Whiskey Cake

So, while this visit to Le Cellier was a bit of a bust, we had a hearty laugh with the staff (who agreed that our steak was indeed quite raw when first brought out) and ended up having a great time. Of course, how could you not have a great time when you have a huge skillet of mushroom risotto on your table?


Le Cellier remains one of my favorite spots for steak in Disney World, and it also offers a fantastic “getaway” from the theme parks if you can swing a reservation. While I’m not sure it deserves its status as one of the toughest reservations in Disney World, I will say that it has a fantastic ratio of delectable dishes per square foot. We dream about that mushroom risotto, my friends. Yes, yes we do.

What are your thoughts about Le Cellier? I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below.

PS!! A couple of commenters below reminded me about the “to go” option of Cheese Soup, Breadsticks, and Beer! This is a good option for those of you who aren’t able to get a reservation.


  1. says

    You are my idol! That is some day’s worth of food. Great feature…and I only wish that the menu was more inviting to my wife. Had to skip that one when we made our ADRs last week. Maybe i’ll sneak over there for lunch on her spa day!

  2. Rich T. says

    The last time I went, I wasn’t really feeling like a heavy steak after a long, hot day. So, I decided to mix and match various items to create a dinner:
    Appetizer Trio: I ate the tomato stack, which was quite good, but a fairly standard item. I don’t eat crab, so I gave that to my dining companion who seemed to enjoy it. I also parted with this serving of the soup.
    Cheddar Cheese Soup: Beer, bacon, and cheese. How can you go wrong?
    Duck 3 Ways: Quite delicious. It’s quite obvious the kitchen takes Canada’s French heritage seriously.
    Chicken and Chipotle Sausage: Tasty, but not what I would usually consider spicy. As you noted, the polenta was quite good.
    Poutine: Even if it’s not 100% authentic, it is a tasty and quite hearty dish.

    This interesting dinner choice made things quite difficult on our server. That’s a lot of plates to fit on a 2 seat table. However, she was quite impressive at keeping up with removal of the dishes.

    Also, I can personally vouch for the quality of the Trois Pistoles. I was actually introduced to this beer by a waiter at Le Cellier. It’s not often you find a server who knows as much about beer as they do about wine.

  3. Rich T. says

    I also agree that this is a great place to cool off from the Florida sun, as you mentioned. I especially appreciate the iced water dispenser they have at the check-in podium. I can’t imagine why I haven’t seen this in any of the other Disney restaurants.

  4. Elissa says

    We ate there in December. I really liked the atmosphere and the staff was extremely friendly and polite – they even came up with an off-the-menu substitution when my kids didn’t like the kids meal appetizers, so that was great. The pretzel bread was amazing and I could have eaten my own weight in it. The steaks, though, were good, but honestly not the best I’ve ever had. I think the steak I had the next night at California Grill was better – better quality, better cooked. For dessert, we had a selection of sorbets that was out of this world – maple, champagne, and unfortunately I don’t remember the third. Overall it’s a great restaurant, but I don’t know if it lives up to the hype.
    I wonder if they could make it easier to get in by offering a counter-service option with pretzel bread, Moosehead on tap, and the cheddar soup?? Just my thought :)

  5. says

    OMG AJ You are my hero! Twice in Le Cellier in one day… heaven! :)

    I love this restaurant so much. Thank You so much for wetting my appetite and getting me ready for my July reservation for lunch! Hello Pretzel Breadsticks, Filet and Camprire S’More Here I come!

  6. says

    I dont know if you know this, but you CAN go in and ask (without a reservation) for Pretzel breadsticks and Cheese Soup to go. Tried the To Go Pretzel Breadsticks during the Food and Win Festival, they gave you a good amount (i think maybe 4-5) for a reasonable price.

    My experience at Le Ceillier with the CMs has always been great, they’re friendly, and are always accomidating and welcoming, NONE seem to hate their job, unlike CMs around the rest of WDW. I know how your Steak ‘fiasco’ was, i hate to send meat back, i feel its just a waste of time, but im surprised that They didnt cook you a new steak… hmm… But glad to hear they accomidated you.

  7. Sarah says

    I haven’t been to Le Cellier in about 10 years, and I was a vegetarian at the time I did go! Needless to say, I ate a lot of Pretzel Bread (not necessarily a bad thing). I have a reservation there in October so I can experience it for real this time around!

  8. says

    If anyone can do Le Cellier twice in one day, I would have put my money on you, AJ! That Polenta and sausage app looks fabulous.

  9. Tricia says

    Thanks for the great review. I still haven’t been to Le Cellier and with the rumors flying about it becoming 2 table service credits I’m not sure when I will. It looks so good! By the way, the next time your steak isn’t done to your liking tell them you’d like a new one not a re-do on that one. We do it every time a steak comes out too rare & no one has ever refused! You’re paying for it so you should get it done right.

  10. James (Disneynorth) says

    Time for the Canadian to chime in…. LOL!

    Le Cellier is one of my top 3 restaurants in Disney (probably a close 2nd behind Cali Grill).

    I can vouch that the menu does have a French Canadian slant on it, but I would say that it is modeled after the many steakhouses in Canada. The restaurant does feel a lot like The Keg chain we have here (which does serve good steaks at a decent price).

    The wine selection you had was pretty good. Chateau des Charmes is a really good winery (not my favorite); same with Mission Hill. I only wished that Disney would bring in wine from some of the smaller wineries. The smaller wineries are producing far better wines than the giants.

    I have always had a great experience at Le Cellier. On my last trip though, we did eat there twice and I found the Fillet was a little salty the first time. The second time, I mentioned the saltiness and they did tone it down. The risotto is probably the best thing there. My wife and I tried making it ourselves with mild success. Didn’t think of ordering it as a side though.

    Great post AJ! Thanks.

  11. says

    We had that sausage and polenta appetizer on our last trip, and asked what was in it: polenta, sweet corn, and molasses, salt and pepper. I have plans to recreate it as soon as my kitchen is back in working order!

    I do love Le Cellier, but I’ll agree that sometimes it’s hit and miss, even if the cast members are always wonderful. Flat out, my favorite thing about the place is the pretzel breadsticks, and the mushroom risotto.

    We’re planning to head back in December this year. Cody’s suggestion of ordering the soup and pretzel breadsticks to go! What an epiphany! And hopefully, December will be just the right time of year to do that without feeling sick while full of hot soup.

    I don’t know if I could do Le Cellier twice in one day. You’re my hero for doing so!

  12. Elisabeth says

    I am never sure how big the sides are at Le Cellier, and now I know! We are going in October and I want that polenta in the worst way! I wish they would add a couple of game items on the menu since it is a big hunting country and they eat venison a lot.

    As always…thanks for the stellar post AJ!

  13. says

    ooo! im glad you posted this :) im going to le cellier for the first time in december, and i had the same problem where of all the 10 days ill be there, i could only get into le cellier on one night. i’m excited to go, but im not a big steak person (i’m going for the soup and poutine, mostly LOL) so i am glad i can see what the food looks like! i must try either that corn or mushroom risotto, they both look phenomenal!

  14. says

    oops i meant the corn *polenta* not risotto :) anyway! To Cody: do you know if that will count in the dining plan to get the soup/sticks to go, or is it just wiser to pay out-of-pocket for that?

  15. says

    Jason — I hope you get to try Le Cellier! Definitely one to sneak out to experience ;-)

    Rich — Thanks for your menu and the recommendation of Duck 3 Ways. I definitely need to branch out, and we have two more reservations for October!

    Elissa — I think Le Cellier lives up to the hype in some circumstances, and in others — like my second meal there — just fails. I think that if they were to try to pass it off as a 2-credit meal, it wouldn’t be worth it.

    Regarding the to-go option, Cody mentions his experience later in the comments section, but we’ve also got a great guest post on Le Cellier Cheddar Cheese Soup, Breadsticks, and Beer to go!

    Cody — Thanks for your comments, as always! I agree — the CMs are uniformly fantastic at Le Cellier. I’ve never had a bad service experience in terms of attitude or actual service. They’re fantastic. And thanks for the reminder about the “to go” options!

    Sarah — Can’t WAIT to hear how you like it as a non-vegetarian!

    Matt — For real!

    Gray — It IS fabulous; highly recommended. And it really can serve as a meal.

    Tricia — You’re so right. I really do need to ask for a new steak next time. The same thing has happened at a couple of steakhouses in our area and it’s been the same dreadful outcome.

    James — Thanks for the info from the local! The only steakhouse I’ve been to in Canada was, like, a Sizzler — in the 80s — so I can’t compare at ALL. ;-) Agreed that the risotto is the winner here; the skillet side dish is as big as my head, so there’s plenty to share.

    Also agreed that some smaller wineries might be a really interesting addition. Are we sure there aren’t some on the actual wine list (you’re the expert, so I defer to you!)?

    Amber — Agreed — but all restaurants seem to be hit and miss in Disney World. That’s one of my big criticisms of the resort on a whole — inconsistency in a lot of the restaurants. Alas. And December is the PERFECT time for soup! Love it!

    Elisabeth — Great point. Game would be an interesting addition! Have you sampled some of the items over at Artist Point?

    Rachel — Sounds like fun!! The soup and poutine are pretty great reasons to go ;-) Enjoy the polenta if you get it!

  16. says

    I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never had anything BUT the filet at Le Cellier! From the looks of the pictures, I need to remedy this. EXCELLENT post!!

  17. Elizabeth says

    We have reservation for our late Sep trip but I am not sure if we are going to keep or cancel them. Our reservations are for lunch the first Saturdday of food and wine, the same day we leave and we might want to avoid Epcot that day, or if we do go to Epcot, sample food from the booths and not do a sit down meal. This trip is just me and my 7 y.o. son (leaving hubby and teenage sisters at home) so i am not sure, I am keeping the reservation for now while I debate! We have had good experiences in the past.
    Thanks for the review and info!

  18. James (Disneynorth) says

    AJ, good challenge! Unfortunately, I didn’t grab a copy of the wine menu last year when I was there. Anyone have a copy or a detailed list of what was on the wine list??

  19. Galloping Gorumand says

    I hate to admit that I was disappointed with my last trip to le Cellier. Full disclosure, though, my father was a butcher and the exclusive butcher of a few well known resorts so I’m wildly picky about cuts of meat. Our party of 8 all ordered the same meal cooked the same way, but each piece came to our table cooked differently. Cooking to order for a large group is not a hard thing when everyone has the same meal but they completely blew it.

    That, though, points out to what Amber and AJ said. Even the best WDW resteraunts (VA excepted) are wildly inconsistent.

  20. says

    Im honestly surprised to hear the Strip Steak was an unfortunate experience. That item and the potatoes are one thing I’ve not tried yet looking forward to !!

  21. pap says

    so… was the polenta and sausage dish spicy at all?
    I remember my husband saying it would probably be too spicy for me (although I can be ok with a little spice).

  22. Shayne says

    Yum. We love Le Cellier. As you noted, the service there is always FANTASTIC and it’s a nice respite from the Florida heat. I’ve always wanted to try that burger, but we’ve never been for lunch. As someone else noted, I’ve never eaten anything there other than the filet because that mushroom risotto is to die for.

    We tried the sausage and polenta appetizer on our trip last summer (sigh, Wednesday marks one year since our last meal at Le Cellier…but I digress) and found it quite enjoyable.

    We are also fans of Mission Hill wines, and since we can’t that particular brand here in Texas, we always love to order a bottle with our dinner at Le Cellier!

  23. Tim Sampson says

    I agree with Hochberg.
    Anyways, great article and pictures. Why am I suddenly hungry?

  24. James (Disneynorth) says

    AJ, so here is the funny thing about the wine list…. Out of the 27 bottles, only 5 are Canadian and those 5 are from 2 wineries… LOL!

    I could make a whole wine list from the Ontario Wines alone! They must have an exclusive contract with those 2 wineries… That’s my thinking.

  25. Angela says

    I’m waiting for a picture of the new poutine with cheese curds so I can see how authentic it looks haha (I’m the one that complained about this before too :P). While what you had looks delicious, its fries with processed cheese and gravy on the side… real poutine has white cheese curds which are melted by the gravy and mixed all in mmmyum. Obviously I take my poutine seriously :P (I am Canadian after all). There’s a restaurant that’s based out of Montreal called Dunn’s that has a poutine with Montreal smoked meat all chopped in… heaven!

    I still haven’t been able to get in to Le Cellier…The main things I want to try are the soup and breadsicks anyways though so I’m just going to get some to go on my next trip. I think it would fit my budget a little better too!

  26. Angela says

    Oh, and by “melted by the gravy” I mean it should NOT be melted beforehand… it should still retain some cheese curd shape and texture and shouldn’t be saucy at all. Seriously it’s the most Canadian of foods, how can they get it wrong? I’ve heard from fellow Canadians that when they ask the servers there how it is, they’ve been told that its HORRIBLE.

    I should stop… I’m turning into a horrible poutine snob….

  27. says

    You are KILLING ME again! Wow, that all looks so good.

    We ate at Le Cellier a few times and have never been disappointed. I could live on pretzel bread/rolls for years, and theirs is really good.

    The steaks are always cooked perfectly and so flavorful.

    But I clearly missed the cheese fries! That will never happen again! Put me on an island with cheese fries and pretzel bread and I will die a happy man… about 800 pounds :p

  28. Donna says

    Very interesting article! I did not know that the dining room was broken up into invisible provinces.

    We’ve only eaten there once, but both DH and I really enjoyed our mushroom filets. I think this was the only TS meal that we both ordered the same thing!

    We are also from the Buffalo area and had a nice conversation with the CM at the podium who was from St. Catharines. Even though he’d only been through Buffalo once, on his way to Orlando!

  29. Susan says

    Thrilled to hear that you loved the sausage with polenta. I pair it with a side of mushrooms as my favorite Cellier meal. Have you ever tried to bake the pretzel breadsticks at home? I once spent and entire winter month trying to perfect the receipe- apparently boiling the pretzels baking soda flavored water is the key. I gave up after 10 batches -my pretzels couldn’t hold a (bread) stick to Cellier’s.

  30. will says

    love Le Cellier. usually have the appetizer trio which gives a taste of a lot of different food followed by the filet and the maple creme brulee for dessert (its devine!).

    Would love to know the name of the wines on your flight.

  31. says

    twice in one day? i think i did that *once* in my entire year of working there. :p in fact, it was my last day of work, and i got to take my “culinary day”, which was a training day all the service staff are supposed to get before they start waiting tables, so that they can see first hand what it’s like to work in the kitchen/what goes into each dish/how each dish is prepared and assembled. since i never got to have mine before i went into service, i requested to have it on my last day of work as a “going away” present. the chefs said they’d give me whatever i wanted from the menu for lunch, so i had the prime rib sandwich, as it was something i’d never gotten the chance to eat while i worked there. and it was great! :)

    then me and a few friends had a final le cellier dinner that evening once i was finished, and i had the maple barbecue filet with cream cheese mashed potatoes (which i believe is off the menu now! :( but i think if you request it they can still make it for you) and a lobster tail.

    ….. and now my mouth is watering. :p

    anyhow, congratulations! you’ve managed a feat that i only accomplished once in an entire year of working there!

    ps – what happened to the pretzel bread in that picture, huh? :p just couldn’t wait, could you…

  32. Snow says

    I wasn’t sure about visiting le Cellier on first my trip to WDW but now that I know they have a breadstick tribute to where I live (Kitchener/Waterloo) I feel almost obligated to go. :)

  33. trish says

    We just got back from 6 days at WDW and happened to get lucky enough for a lunch time reservation at Le Cellier. We didn’t plan ahead for reservations and I was laughed at by our concierge at the hotel when i asked, but luckily an early 11:45 was available. and perfect! it was quiet and we had really great service.

    I agree with all you’ve written. The beer cheese soup was to die for. We kept ordering extra pretzel rolls to dip in the soup. We also had the chicken sausage with corn polenta. I’m so thrilled I got their recipe for the polenta – it will be a go to dish at home now. We both had burgers and were a bit disappointed. While good, and the black diamond cheddar is amazing, the bread was dry and not a whole lot of flavor. I think we’re spoiled though. if you want the BEST burger at Disney you must go to Animal Kingdom and eat at the Yak and Yeti. Order the Kobe burger – wow. just wow. We go back there at least twice a trip for it!!!

    I will forever love Le Cellier and I’m sure we’ll return, but I’m with you. Not quite sure why it ranks as hardest for reservations. There are so so so many amazing restaurants at WDW. We actually had a better filet when we at in France at Epcot :)

    Love your blog!

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