News: Disney World Meatball and Beer Bar; New Disneyland Crepe Menu

Here’s a bit of mid-week news for ya:

Disneyland Cafe Renee Crepe Menu

DisZine has had a series of posts on Cafe Renee, a new crepe and funnel cake stick location in Disneyland’s Downtown Disney. The crepe menu is the newest addition of information:

Cafe Renee Crepe Menu

Looks delicious, doesn’t it?

Portobello Meatball and Beer Bar

The Disney Parks Blog is reporting on the new Meatball and Beer bar dreamed up by Chefs Tony Mantuano (of Top Chef Masters fame) and Steven Richard at Downtown Disney’s Portobello Restaurant.

Open from 11:30am to 11pm, the Portobello meatball bar serves four varieties of meatball sliders: beef and veal with parsley, spicy pork, chicken with sage, and salmon with tarragon. Tomato basil sauce and grated cheese top the mini-sliders, and they range in cost from $1.95-$2.95. Available beers include European Pilz, Olde Pelican E.P.A., and Blackwater Porter.

Portobello Meatball and Beer Bar

Menu Source: Disney Parks Blog


  1. says

    i ADORE crepes!!! i cannot wait to try the ham & cheese crepe, followed by the fresh indulgence. YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

    ooooooooh, and i also love meatball sandwiches! those sliders are so cute & tiny. yes please!

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Apparently meatballs are one of the current hip foods. In a retro 50’s kind of way I guess. I’m all for cheap eats so I think it’s a great idea but I wish the menu had more than 4 kinds.

  3. says

    Robin — If you get back to DL before I do, I’d love to hear what you think about the crepes and funnel cake sticks!

    TJ — I KNOW. I love that stuff. Seriously, how does nutella get to have a more “healthy” rep than frosting?

    Mark D — It’s the perfect combination. Also makes Portobello a little more accessible and “visit-able”

    GG — I can’t keep up with what’s hip these days, but I DO like the introduction of lots of tapas-focused dishes. It’s ideal for the way I want to eat — lots of variety in small portions.

    Gator-Chris — Well said!

  4. says

    I’ve heard Nutella quiet a few times in the past couple of a days. What exactly is this mysterious substance?

    The German Crepe sounds a bit too liquidy-based as though it’s going to make a mess. Also, it’s funny how there is a four dollar difference between the least expensive crepe and the most expensive. Both equally unhealthy as well unless you minus a couple of things from the… eh, never mind. ;)

  5. Rich T. says

    I’m all for new varieties of beer. The homogenization of the drink menus has been pretty depressing. Plus meatballs with veal. I might actually visit Portobello now.

  6. Steph says

    Oh dear lord..does that say Nutella in a crepe?? YUMM!!!!!

    I am thinking I need to get to Disneyland Toute Suite!

    Josh – Nutella is a cocoa and hazelnut spread…it is so yummy! I can eat it by the jar! I seriously can’t keep it in my house because I have no control! LOL

  7. Galloping Gourmand says

    AJ – you are right about tapas. They have gotten pretty big here in CT lately but haven’t quite branched out beyond traditional Spanish tapas food yet. Now that foodies are seeing smaller plates on tv shows like Top Chef and Food Network Star I’ve noticed a trend towards offering smaller plates. That’s a good thing. I’ve always thought that too much food is just as bad as too little.

  8. Christina says

    I think I need to schedule a trip to Cali just for crepes! That german crepe sounds a lot like a Dutch baby. It would be even more perfect if they had a duck crepe!

  9. says

    Josh — Nutella = a chocolate-hazelnut spread used a lot over in Europe. My favorite thing to do with it is mix it with peanut butter on graham crackers ;-) Also, I bet that powdered sugar soaks up all the liquidy stuff in the German crepe — sounds delish!

    Rich — Agreed on the homogenization of the drink menus. That was a SAD, sad day for me when I went to the different lounges and found all the same things.

    Steph — I can’t keep nutella in my house either! Seriously, that’s something I just can’t buy unless I’m OK with eating the whole jar over a 48 hour period! ;-)

    GG — Agreed. My husband and I found an AMAZING tapas place in Kaua’i on our honeymoon that really branched out from the Spanish “box.” It was probably one of the most expensive restaurants on the island but we splurged to go twice because we couldn’t get enough. I love that I can order 6 or 7 different items and try them all between the two of us. Also, Paradiso 37 has a nice little appetizer menu that can be treated as tapas…

    Christina — Duck crepe! Fancy schmancy! Any chance you and the brewcrew are headed to Cali anytime soon?

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