2010 Candlelight Processional and Dinner Packages

Candlelight Processional (copyright Disney)

Disney World’s Candlelight Processional is a magical special event that will be offered this year between November 26th and December 30th. See our 2010 Candlelight Processional Dinner Packages page for more information as it becomes available and to read all about the Processional and what to expect, including our personal tips and tricks for making the evening an unforgettable one.

The show is always incredibly popular, with guests lining up for one or more hours to get a seat at one of the three nightly performances (5:00, 6:45 and 8:15 pm). While the show is free (with Epcot admission), you can choose to purchase a Dining Package, which will give you guaranteed entry at one of the shows.

Processional Narrators (subject to change)
Nov 26 – 28 Isabella Rossellini
Nov 29 – Dec. 1 TBD
Dec 2 – 4 Frank Langella
Dec 5 – 6 Ed Asner
Dec 7 – 9 Jodi Benson
Dec 10 – 11 Whoopi Goldberg
Dec. 12 – 15 Steven Curtis Chapman
Dec 16 – 18 Thomas Gibson
Dec 19 – 21 Trace Adkins
Dec 22 -23 Brad Garrett
Dec 24 – 27 Edward James Olmos
Dec. 28 – 30 Marlee Matlin / Jack Jason

Dinner Package Information
Booking a Candlelight Processional Dinner Package means that you’ll have an advanced dining reservation for a participating restaurant at a particular time. Once you dine there, you’ll receive a badge that allows you to get into the guaranteed entry line outside the America Gardens Theater in Epcot to wait for your Processional performance to begin.

Unfortunately, we still recommend that you line up early (30-45 minutes in advance), as seats are not assigned and the closer you are to the front of the line corresponds to how much choice you’ll have when picking a seat. Remember that half of the amphitheater is not covered, so if it’s raining, you will get wet if you’re not seated close enough to the stage.

Last year, Dinner Package purchasers were also given reserved viewing for Illuminations on the evening of their Processional package, so that sweetens the deal.

If you’re using the Disney Dining Plan, the Candlelight Processional Package will cost 2 table-service credits per person.

For more details on last year’s event, including timing and participating restaurants, see our 2010 Candlelight Processional Dinner Package page.

Package Booking
Bookings will open August 26, 2010. At time of booking, a credit card number will be taken, but full payment will be made at the restaurant on the evening of your package. The Candlelight Processional Dinner Package may be reserved by calling (407) WDW-DINE.

Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, feel free to check out our favorite food-related things to do and see in Disney during the holidays!


  1. says

    My family already has reservations at one of the restaurants… does anyone know if we can just change the reservation to a CP Dining or would we have to cancel the original and hope we can get the new one?

  2. says

    Hi Bruce! From what I’ve read, you can’t turn an existing reservation into a package reservation. You will have to cancel and re-book under the Package. :-(

  3. says

    Wow, this looks really great! I wonder exactly what is scheduled for each night.

    The only person that really interests me is Jodi Benson (voice of Ariel from the Little Mermaid and Barbie from the late Toy Story 3) as the rest aren’t really well known to me.

    I hope they choose someone really well known for the 12/24 – 27 dates as that is going to be a very prime time!

  4. says

    Josh — Usually they’ve got some great people on board as narrators. My trips to the CP have always been memorable :-) (By the way, there’s ONE Christmas time thing…more to come!)

  5. says

    Most of the narrators are associated with Disney in one way or another is my guess. They do seem to have some pretty decent narrators lined up though, I definitely agree.

    I’ll do some more research into this candlelight processional as I’m now quite interested.

    Looking forward to the Christmas thing! :)

  6. Marcy says

    Thank you very much for this helpful info…never been to Disney during Christmas, but going this year…very excited! I would love to attend the Candlelight Processional, but I have two young children (2 and 4) and I’m not sure if they can hold out for the entire program…is it possible to stand somewhere in Epcot and be able to hear some of the narration and/or music during the show?

  7. says

    It looks as though they have changed the schedule again.

    For December 2 to December 4, Frank Langella has been replaced with Corbin Bernsen.

    Also Ed Asner (for December 5 to December 6) has been completely removed from the schedule! :o

    Here is the link to the official Disney Page: http://bit.ly/9DMJJV

    It doesn’t look like they are notifying anyone about the changes…

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