Raglan Road Review

Disney World’s Raglan Road Pub offers guests a wealth of Irish charm and classic dishes with a contemporary twist. I know that sounds like a pamphlet, but it’s pretty much whatcha get! You’ll find this spot in Downtown Disney, right next to Cooke’s of Dublin, so you’ll be surrounded by Little Ireland as soon as you get there.

Raglan Road is rarely quiet in the evenings. You’ll want to come here when you’re ready to have a bit of fun, indulge in some delicious food, and enjoy the raucous goings-on around you. That’s not to say you’ll feel as though you’ve wandered into a frat party; even though Raglan Road is on Pleasure Island, the feeling here is of a decidedly more upscale, slightly tipsy cocktail party vs. the final night of Rush Week.

Raglan Road Main Dining Room

Upon entering the restaurant, the massive expanse of polished wood will surely be the main draw for your eye. Although this place is easily the size of four or five pubs back in Ireland, the decor remains similar — wood paneling, flooring, bars, tables, and booths; brass fixtures; old world feel. What’s different here is the soaring ceiling and cupola, edged by beautiful stained glass panes that make you feel like you’re sitting inside a sunset when you visit at dusk.

Check In Area

Stained Glass Trimmed Cupola

Main Seating Area and Dance Stage

The pride and joy of the pub are the imported Irish bars. Nope, it’s not just the alcohol that’s imported here — it’s the bars themselves. Hacked off and shipped straight from Ireland, these:

Raglan Road Bar

Raglan Road Bar 2

They flank the main dining area, so no matter what edge you’re standing on you’re not far from a pint. They’re so important that they’ve even named the chairs after VIPs. This one’s named after Master Chef (and Disney Food Blog Interviewee) Kevin Dundon.

Chair Named for Master Chef Kevin Dundon

On your way out (or while you’re waiting for your table) be sure to stop into the gift shop, where you can purchase a number of Raglan Road themed items, along with Master Chef Kevin Dundon’s cookbook and condiment line.

Raglan Road Merch

Kevin Dundon Condiment Line

To add to the atmosphere, take the time to read your menu thoroughly. You’ll find plenty of tongue-in-cheek adds like the Raglan Road FAQ, which offers tidbits of info like, “No, we don’t serve half-pints. It’s grounds for imprisonment back home in Ireland.”

Raglan Road FAQ -- Click for Larger Image

And “How to Speak Dublinese.” Be sure to ask your server the whereabouts of the Jacks. Anything could happen.

How to Speak Dublinese -- Click for Larger Image

Of course, don’t forget to read the Raglan Road Story…

Raglan Road Story -- Click for Larger Image

…and by now you must be really hungry!

I couldn’t wait to head back to Raglan Road. I’d eaten there once a few years ago, but not since the inception of the food blog, so it was an exciting opportunity to look at the restaurant in an entirely new light!

We were seated relatively quickly, even though the restaurant was crowded. Before we were called, however, we had the chance to indulge a bit at the bar. For me: One for the Road — a mix of Ciroc Vodka, Midori, Orange and Pineapple juice. For my husband — a pint of Newcastle.

One for the Road

Good Old Irish Pint

Decisions Decisions

Once seated (at a table instead of my preferred booth, but alas…), we decided quickly on a couple of appetizers and two Irish classics done Dundon style.

Our first appetizer was this:

D'Lirrah Appetizer Menu Item

An incredible array of appetizers on a sampler tray big enough to feed a family of four! The best part of the presentation was the forest of scallops and battered sausages — so much fun! We fought over the ribs (delicious) and sausages (who doesn’t like battered sausages?). The scallops and grilled chicken (the healthiest options, of course) were lesser loved by us, but the platter is still worth ordering! Next time, I might pitch the scallops and get more sausage!

DLirrah Platter for Two

And because I can’t pass up a corn chowder, which just so happened to be the soup of the day…

Corn Chowder

For entrees, I chose the Bangers and Mash (how else was I going to do the Battle of the Bangers?), and my husband chose the Keen Eye for the Shepherds Pie, with prime beef and lamb under mashed potatoes.

The Bangers and Mash (actually called “Traditional Guinness and Onion Banger”) were delicious — a Guinness-based beef and onion stew served as the gravy in this re-imagined pork sausage dish. The serving was hearty and the taste was savory and delicious. The stew gave a homemade edge to the whole thing — as though it was something you’d sit down to after coming in from a walk on a winter day on the Irish cliffs…somewhere… . Though I’d probably have to choose Rose & Crown’s Bangers and Mash over this one, it’s definitely a different — and delicious — approach to a standard dish.

Guinness and Onion Banger

The shepherds pie had a contemporary twist — molded instead of standard pie-form. The meats were tender, but not mushy, and were complimented well by the potatoes. While this isn’t what many would consider a “traditional” presentation, we thought it was a fun way to showcase an age-old dish in a new an interesting way.

Shepherds Pie

But dessert is why you go to Raglan Road, my friends. Dessert is why you go. We couldn’t pass up the (famous) Ger’s Bread and Butter Pudding, which is served with a caramel/butterscotch type of sauce and a cream sauce…amazing.

Ger's Bread and Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter Pudding with Sauces

And as good as that was, the star of the evening was the Fresh Apple and Strawberry Tart with berry compote and vanilla ice cream. This may or may not be on the menu when you go, but if it is, grab it. Get two. The oatmeal-y, buttery, sugary tart reminds me of the “flapjacks” I loved so much in the UK. Covered with the tart berry compote and the sweet vanilla ice cream — this thing has it ALL.

Strawberry and Apple Tart

Inside Tart

While Raglan Road is well known as an authentic Irish hot-spot, few folks who haven’t been there are aware that they also provide some incredible authentic entertainment. Irish dancing a highlight, performed every hour or so on a tiny stage in the middle of the restaurant.


There are also some fantastic Irish musicians who showcase their own music and Irish favorites most nights. We were seated right next to the stage and it DID get loud, so if you’d like to have the opportunity for plenty of conversation, request a seat away from the stage area.

Music Announcement Board

Irish Band

For information on discounts, atmosphere, famous dishes, links to full menus, and Disney Food Blog posts about Raglan Road, see our Raglan Road Info Page.

What’s been your experience with the food and atmosphere at Raglan Road? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    Ok, now I’m just hungry (and its only 7:30am)!!! Guess its time to head to Raglan Road!!

    Thanks for the great write-up! I love to sit outside at night and watch the Characters in Flight balloon rise and lower! AHHH! Wish I was there!

  2. Emma says

    I have really enjoyed my dining experiences at Raglan Road – food was delicious & staff are so friendly. Recommend the ‘it’s not bleeding chowder’ with a glass of Rose wine.

    My only (little) complaint was that the service was very very fast on my last visit; some plates were cleared before everyone in the party had finished (etc).. but it was a Saturday night so they probably wanted to turn the tables more quickly!


  3. says

    This is one of our favorite places! Our kids are older and go-go-go the whole time at Disney. You can often find my husband and I here enjoying good beer and good music. I got him the CD for the band and he loves it. The corn chower is UH-MAZING!!

  4. TRAVELNUT1974 says

    Sorry to be pedantic but the Newcastle Brown isnt Irish – its from the North of England

    the food looks good and tasty and not a million miles from what you would see in a real irish pub – ie. fish n chips / bangers n mash / irish stew etc

    although the presentation has been gussied up a bit with an american twist!

  5. says

    I really want to try this place on my next trip. Can you dine off the full menu at the bar, or is the bar just for people drinking? Would you recommend an ADR if I wanted to eat at the bar (especially after 7pm, while the entertainment is happening)?

  6. Alan says

    Raglan Road is my favorite spot outside of the parks at WDW. It is the third incarnation in this building. Originally it was a fast food court, then a jazz club. But this is now a great destination to end a day at Disney. A fresh take on traditional Irish cuisine is a delight. And every dessert is great. And it has free entertainment which is in short supply at DTD. Here are two tips about RR. The smaller of the two outside bars (The Hole in the Wall) has a Happy Hour in the late afternoon. You can save on their beers and well drinks. They have tables and you can buy a counter meal from Cooke’s of Dublin and they will bring it out to your table. And to my taste the best draft there is Smithwick’s (pronounce Smidicks). Try itl.

  7. Mark D. says

    You may get kicked out of an Irish bar for saying the reason to go is dessert. I am not even Irish and I know the reason to go is delicious BEER.

  8. Brenda says

    Raglan Road is a perrenial favorite in our house – we love the atmosphere and always go in the evenings so we can enjoy the live music. The food and service have always been a hit for us and they have a nice selection of beers on tap. It’s nice to still have a place in Pleasure Island where grown ups can have a few drinks and enjoy a slightly rowdy good time after 9PM.

  9. says

    Wow, what a terrific review! You really captured the details and feel of dining at Raglan Road at the end of the day.

    I agree with Alan . . . a pint of Smithwick’s will do you right.

    The salmon is also a terrific entree. We were really impressed with the food, and the appetizer menu can’t be beat!

  10. says

    The F.A.Q. is just hilarious! I like the “No, she is not on the dating market. (The line starts here…)” out of all of them. The one about not knowing how the chef looks old is a good one too.

    The band that they have their doesn’t sound too shabby either.

    I just looked at their menu and they have an item called the “Drunk Chicken”, that’s sort of odd…

  11. says

    Oh,I love Raglan Road… I don’t know if they ever serve it in Disney, but the Kansas City RR serves an amazing Irish breakfast. And the bangers flatbread with Dubliner cheese is incredible!

    If you aren’t one to fancy a Guinness try a pint of Magners- possibly the best hard cider available in the States. In Ireland it”s marketed as Bulmers. Not sure why the name change here, but it’s the same company.

    On a side note, you must get to one of Kevin’s Signature Dinners. Better food is hard to find. I was lucky enough to chat with him a bit this past weekend in Kansas City about the restaurants. He is incredibly nice- and remembers me every time I see him.

  12. Whitney says

    My husband and I were at Raglan Road just a few nights ago for dinner with good friends of ours who live in Florida. It was the first time we had been there and we had a great time!

    My husband had the same dish yours did – the shepherds pie – and he REALLY enjoyed it. I started with the soup special (it was a potato, bacon, leak soup – AMAZING!) and for dinner I had the mushroom risotto with grilled shrimp. The shrimp were HUGE! Almost like prawns! YUM!

    The atmosphere is amazing – we had a great time! How fun to come home from our trip and see your review! :)

  13. says

    Kathie — You’ll be there before you know it! :-)

    Kelly — Yay! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

    Emma — Thanks for the constructive criticism (and the menu suggestion!). That’s one problem with many Disney restaurants is the fast turnover time. That’s why I love Citricos so much; I’ve NEVER been rushed there.

    Katie — Have so much fun! I look forward to your review.

    Andrea — AGREED on the corn chowder!

    Travelnut — Yep, sometimes you’ll find some British beers sneaking in there… alas! Thanks for the authentic review on the foodstuffs! Have you been to the restaurant? Would love to hear your review.

    Gray — Not sure about the full menu at the bar, but I wouldn’t see why not. And I would recommend an ADR. You just never know with Disney restaurants (as you know). Downtown Disney usually isn’t as crowded, but I know Raglan Road is some of the only after-dark entertainment in the “World,” so it can get crowded.

    Alan — GREAT tip on the Hole in the Wall!!! Thank you!!!

    Mark D — Touche!

    Brenda — Exactly; this is one of the only places left in WDW where you really do have a bit of “nightlife.”

    John — Great tip on the salmon! Thanks!

    Josh — Chef Dundon really does have a LOT of fun with the menu, but his food is extraordinary and he’s an incredible nice person to boot! I love the FAQ, too — very funny!

    Jody — You definitely have the bat phone to Kevin! :-) Thank you SO much for all of these tips from your comment. No Irish b-fast in Orlando (ask Kevin to start one!), but agree that I must get to a signature dinner with him. We’re never in Orlando at the same time, though! :-( Glad you found this post — I was going to kick it over to you!

    Whitney — They didn’t have mushroom risotto when I was there!!! I love that stuff! Will have to head back now!

  14. Heather says

    I haven’t been to RR yet, but it’s on my list! I’ve eaten in several pubs in Dublin and I’m excited to try the WDW version! Although, I do have to say that RR looks light and airy from your photos and most Dublin pubs are very dark!

  15. Rich T. says

    I have been here for both lunch and dinner. I still say that after two distinct visits the sausages and Dalkey mustard are not authentic and would have been better off if left alone. The batter is much too heavy and the mustard is not very mustard-like. Surprisingly, the one time I tried the sausages at Cooke’s, they were better than the main restaurant. The mixed grill for dinner was also a crapshoot, but I can never say no to black pudding. However, the burger I had at lunch with Dubliner cheese and rasher bacon was quite good.

    Also on the upside, the bar is quite well stocked. I had some excellent whiskeys in their High Falutin flight, and the last time I was there they were pouring Bushmills 400th anniversary.

  16. Angela says

    I ate here a few years ago and had the Salmon… it was SO GOOD. It was salmon topped with smoked salmon with a maple glaze, oh boy. It was cooked to perfection, I don’t think I’ve had a more perfect salmon since then! My only problem was that they put us on our own in the back, around a corner… it was very quiet and lonely! They did that too us at whispering canyon cafe too, and every time I went to the bathroom I walked through all the tables of people having raucous fun and was super jealous :(

  17. Frank says

    Our second visit to WDW brought 3 visits to Raglan Road. Such a great time. All the food is great. Even the kids, ages 11, 12, 16, try something different every night. Thank God for the dining plan!

  18. Charlotte says

    We’ve been to RR a few times and love it! On our next trip, we’re looking for at place that we can eat outside ~ I remember seeing tables outside near Raglan Road, but don’t know if those are part of the restaurant.

    Do you guys know? If not, can you suggest anywhere else (not in a park) that we might eat outside?


  19. says

    Charlotte — Cooke’s of Dublin, the counter service spot next to Raglan Road, shares outdoor tables with the bar next door. If you’re looking for a table-service restaurant with outside seating, Beaches and Cream, Portobello, Turf Club, and Big River Grille and Brewing Works are just a few that have outdoor seating.

  20. Denny says

    Maybe it was an off night but I’m afraid our food was terrible !….the worst meal we had all week at Disney. I had the fish and chips, and honestly, it was absolutely tasteless, a cheap Long John Silver meal had more flavor.The cook would do well to visit The Rose and Crown in EPCOT and learn how to cook fish.
    My friend had beef,at least that’s what it said on the menu, the cow must have been wondering around a Disney theme park for many years before it got to RR.
    Sorry to be so negative ,maybe I can end on a positive note…….good atmosphere, and beer selection.

  21. Steve W. says

    Not a true pint as in years pass. There are better Irish pubs in o-town and close by.

  22. marilyn says

    I tried this place a second time and wish I didn’t. The places was so crowed and I swear there was a wedding reception going on during our visit. The meal was horrible. The bread they served was hard. You could not even bite into it without loosing a tooth. We ordered the steak, and was tough and chewy. The potatoes were the best part, if there was a best part. Left there still hungry . Won’t be back.

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