Lunch at Epcot’s Tangierine Cafe

Disney World’s Tangierine Cafe (like “Tangier,” Morocco; get it?) is a guest favorite for two reasons: consistent quality and a unique menu. While many think that Disney counter-service (fast food) is all burgers and pizzas, Disney fans know that there’s a lot more beneath the greasy exterior!

This is easily one of the most beautiful quick-service restaurants in all of Disney World. Being part of Epcot’s Morocco pavilion means that the architecture and design of the restaurant was under the guidance of the King of Morocco; intricate tiling and decor is all authentic Moroccan design.

Tangierine Cafe ordering area and dining room

View from indoor table

Gorgeous Moroccan chandeliers, zellige tiling along the counters and serving areas, plaster carvings lining the walls, and intricate iron work are all components to the design here — it’s worth it to just pop in, get a mint tea, and relax while taking in the incredible surroundings. And while there is seating indoors, you might enjoy sitting outside on the fenced-in patio and watching the World go by.

Indoor Table

Outdoor seating

View from Outdoor Seating

Good, unique, and healthy food can be found here at Tangierine Cafe, a counter-service restaurant that is continually mentioned in favorite Disney counter-service spots.

With a focus on Moroccan standards with an American twist, you’ll find options here for everyone, including adventurous and picky eaters.


Reader (and friend!) Sarah Holodick did a little investigating on her recent visit and has this to say about her experience at Tangierine Cafe:

I know I told A.J. that we would likely be getting both the lamb AND falafel wraps, but I couldn’t resist the lamb! (I promise, I will order the falafel again at some point in the near future and relay the info! I’ve ordered it many times and am never disappointed.) This was also the day that perhaps there was a new cast member working the spit. In multiple past visits (our favorite quick-serve in all The World!), the lamb is sliced in thin strips like one would expect in a gyro. This time, we likened it to lamb sausage. Seriously, look at the picture. That is not typical. Delicious, but not typical. I actually stopped trying to tackle the entire wrap about 2/3 of the way through, and went right for the filling. There was also a lack of the normal marinated (in tzaziki, I presume) veggies of lettuce and tomatoes, probably due to the massive amount of lamb involved. I’m not complaining, just saying!

Lamb Wrap

Lamb Wrap Inside

Here are a few more delicious options at Tangierine Cafe:

Falafel Wrap and Mediterranean Sliders

Chicken and Lamb Shwarma Platter

Meatball Platter

Chicken Wrap

And I’ve heard many accolades for this dish from vegetarian readers:

Vegetarian Platter

Of course, you can’t forget drinks and desserts. The cafe at the back of the restaurant holds a case of goodies, including baklava and other Moroccan specialties. You can also order a fantastic Tangerine Slush (alcoholic) or authentic Moroccan Mint Tea (iced or hot).

Bakery and Cafe Menu

Dessert Counter

This is clearly one of Epcot’s gems, offering authentic Moroccan cuisine for those who want to move away from the burgers and fries of standard counter-service. However, if you’re not as adventurous as the rest of your family, the kids menu offers hamburgers and chicken nuggets, and the platters can always be ordered without “fixins” if you’d like a more plain option.

I’d love to hear what you think about the Tangierine Cafe. Have you been recently? Favorite items? Headed over to try it soon? Let us know in the comments section below!

Thanks again to Sarah Holodick for contributing some food photos and the food review to this one! Always a pleasure to work with you, Sarah!


  1. says

    Love Tangerine cafe when I went in January. I had the Mediterranean Sliders Combo and really enjoyed it. I believe the falafel was a little dry and each slider could have used more tahini or tzatziki but it was still delicious. Can’t wait to go back!

  2. Nick says

    I have always loved the menu at Tangierine Cafe. We stumbled upon it our first visit to EPCOT and have been coming back since. Absolutely love the baklava that is found there and the portion sizes are out of this world on everything. The couscous also gives a refreshing zing on a hot summer day along with the iced mint tea.

  3. says

    I just LOVE Tangierine Cafe, it is a must do on each trip (and we usually eat here 2 – 3 times). Fantastic food, and by far the best deal for a counter service meal in WDW, meals often run $20+ for adults once you figure in drink and dessert.

    My one complaint is the dessert, I really wish they would offer another option other than the baklava (as far as the dining plan goes).

  4. dani says

    Love love love this place. It’s a refreshing break from burgers and chicken fingers (not to say I don’t enjoy those either!). Must definitely a place worth trying. I even got my picky mom to eat here and she liked it! It’s on my list for lunch for my next trip in February.

  5. Shayne says

    After hearing the rave reviews, we ate at Tangierine Cafe last January. I had the falafel wrap and it was really yummy. This is a great counter-service option when you need a change of pace. We were on DDP, but had we not been, the prices were also quite reasonable especially considering the amount of food you get!

  6. Joy4Tigger says

    Vegetarian platter is delicious but ask the chef to make you separate falafel balls as they are regularly fried in the same oil as the chicken is.

  7. Heather says

    Oh Yum! This is my favorite CS at Epcot! I love the lamb wrap! I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad meal here–although I do agree that the sliders are a little dry. Its also a really great value for a CS if you are on the dining plan–meals here are a little bit on the expensive side for CS.

  8. Betsy says

    I LOVE this place. The portions are big, the food tasty, and if you sit in the right spot away from the crowds you get the atmosphere and relaxation of a TS restaurant without the hassle and cost.

  9. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE TC! Between TC and The Land and Germany they are my 3 favorite places to eat! I always get double Couscous salad though :) SO DELISH!!!!!!!!! And ask for extra sauce to combat the dryness!!!!

  10. says

    This looks like a very interesting quick service restaraunt to eat at. The Wraps that they have look a bit like Greek Gyro’s though.

    I guess this could be one of the plus’s of having the Morrocan Government overseeing this part of Epcot, but I do know one minus is that the Kim Possible search is disallowed because of them.

  11. says

    To me, Tangierine Cafe epitomizes the standard that Disney Counter Service SHOULD be living up to, but sadly rarely does. Here is an affordable counter service option with higher quality, inventive food options to rise above the countless burger, pizza and chicken fingers parade. Now obviously EPCOT has it’s more unique Quick options (fish and chips, tacos, sushi, etc.) but generally in all of WDW, it’s all just too repetitive at the counters. (And having done a ton of research recently for my upcoming trip, I know what i’m talking about!)

    I personally love the lamb wrap. I will make a concerted effort to stop here for lunch one day, even with Marakkesh reservations another night. Totally different angles for Moroccan food, but enjoyable in much the same way. Don’t know that I’ll ever want to stray from the lamb, but i do know from others that the other options are just as tasty. The ambience is great too and seamlessly fits into the rest of the pavilion. Morocco is a pretty high standard all around for other EPCOT pavilions to live up to, and the food is a standard all of WDW should envy!

  12. Galloping Gourmand says

    I ate here for the first time last November. I thought it was very good. I don’t know much about Moroccan food other than that due to Morocco’s location as a trade hub – many ships stopped by the Straights of Gibraltar on trade routes from Africa and the Middle East and Europe – the cuisine was influenced by a great many places from around the world. Spices from around the world have all blended together to create a true world cuisine. Therefore, as the previous poster stated, the wraps are kinda similar to Gyros. Cooked salads and spreads resemble some slow cooked Indian Food. Sardines from Morocco are exported through the world.

    That is, literally, everything I know about Moroccan food. (Other than that much of it is tasty.)

  13. Emma says

    I look forward to eating here at an upcoming trip!

    We did stop off here for a drink one evening during our last vacation… the Cast Member noticed my sister’s Birthday button, and made her a completely unique cocktail that wasn’t on the menu!


  14. says

    I love this place! It’s so nice to have a unique menu of healthy options instead of the usual hamburgers and chicken nuggets. The veggie platter is awesome.

  15. Lillian C. says

    Tried this place in February. I had the falafel wrap and my husband had the slider combo for lunch. Stay outside and we both loved it! Delicious. Great place. I’d go again.

  16. Emily says

    Got the falafel wrap when I went there and it was so good that I went back on my last day there to eat again because I knew I wouldn’t have it again for years. One of my favorite places in Epcot :)

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