The Beaches and Cream “Kitchen Sink Kit”

Update: Beaches and Cream is no longer serving the Kitchen Sink sundae unassembled.

Many Disney food fans know about the Beaches and Cream “Kitchen Sink Sundae” — a monstrous dessert filled with multiple scoops of ice cream, Oreo cookies, candy bars, cake, bananas, cherries, brownies, all of the toppings in the house, and an entire can of whipped cream — at Disney’s Beach Club Resort.

Kitchen Sink Sundae at Beaches and Cream

It’s clearly meant to be shared by multiple eaters, and while the Sink is served with dishes for each individual guest, a major complaint about the dessert is the goopy, melted, mixed-up mess it quickly becomes about a quarter of the way into the challenge. Even worse, if members of your group dislike — or are allergic to — certain ice cream toppings or ingredients, the Sink obviously can’t be enjoyed by all.

So here’s a lovely solution that might encourage you to get the Kitchen Sink with your group the next time you’re at Beaches and Cream: The Kitchen Sink Kit!

Kitchen Sink Kit

Kitchen Sink Kit -- the other side of the table

By ordering the Sink “unassembled” rather than completely put together, you and your guests each have the option to use whatever toppings and ingredients of the sundae you please while avoiding those you dislike! Why didn’t I think of that?! No more gooey mess of mixed toppings, mushed bananas, soggy brownies, and gloopy Oreo remnants in the bottom of the Sink! Brilliant.

Have you tried the Kitchen Sink Sundae? What was YOUR experience? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Erin Foster says

    I agree that the assembled Sink does get a bit icky/mushy/gooey about half way in – but that’s one of the benefits. I love that you can’t really see all the components swimming around in there. If I saw that I was eating a million candy bars and brownies, I’d feel guilty. But when they’re all together and disguised, I can pretend they’re not there. It’s like the Sink is a mixed salad :-)

  2. Sarah says

    It’s nice they offer it unassembled, but unless you have an allergy, pick around what you don’t like! I would think the whole experience is compromised by having it served other than in the sink.

  3. says

    I think my favorite part of this photo is the ginormous plate of whipped cream. I do like this idea, as I’m kind of a picky eater, however I do think it loses a lot of the splendor and pizzazz when deconstructed. Reminds me more now of a personal sundae bar.

  4. says

    I wonder if they would further dissassemble it in separating at least some of the ice cream. The issue we had when we went was that two of the people at our table cannot have caffiene of any kind.. so all the chocolate and coffee flavored things in it meant they couldn’t share. With all the ice cream in one bowl in that picture, the problem still remains. Had we been able to split this between 6 rather than the 4 of us, we might not have felt so sick afterwards! :)

  5. Holly says

    This is one of our favorite things to do at Disney World. As soon as we book a trip, one of the first questions my kids ask is if we will be getting a Kitchen Sink. My husband and I have actually thought about asking complete strangers to share this with us when we go by ourselves, so we don’t miss out :). I do understand how diffucult it would be to enjoy this if dealing with allergies in your group, but I think part of the charm of this dish is the filled to the brim, out of this world, ice cream and topping overload, that is the Kitchen Sink, and don’t forget the WHOLE can of whipped cream. I don’t think it would be quite the same experience if it came dissassembled.

  6. Aubrey says

    This is a great idea! As the resident sweet tooth in the family, they were all shocked when I ate about 5 bites and quit. Yes, I have a sweet tooth, but I’m also very pickly. I just didn’t like a lot of the stuff and hated when it got all mixed up.

    On the other hand, my BIL and nieces just grabbed a straw and stared drinking it when it got all melted. Very cute pic of my, then, 4 yo niece standing on a chair and leaning over the sink with a straw!

  7. says

    Emma — To my knowledge, it doesn’t cost extra to have it brought out disassembled :-)

    Erin, Evan, and Sarah — Wow, really? My virgoan tendencies must seriously be coming out here, because I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to get it disassembled! No mess, no fuss, just pure enjoyment! I guess I need to work harder to embrace my inner chaos!

    Sara — I loved that whipped cream plate, too! I’m so glad you saw it! I think I’d order it even FURTHER disassembled and just have them bring the can of whipped cream to my table. :-)

    Angie — I wondered about that, too. It seems that this bowl only has chocolate and vanilla, so maybe they substituted some of the flavors?

    Holly — I love that you’ve got some Kitchen Sink addicts for kids!

    Leigh — Get in your car. GET IN YOUR CAR. I’ll have some people meet you at the B&C stat!

    James — I’m with you. I figured there’s gotta be someone at every table who doesn’t like coffee, mint, chocolate, bananas, peanut butter…something!

    Aubrey — I’d be with you. Once everything started to taste like everything else, it’d be over.

  8. says

    Hey Jayne — just an FYI, this isn’t how the Kitchen Sink is served normally; you can ask for this type of service, but if you order the kitchen sink with no special requests, it will come as it always has.

  9. Sara says

    Ohhh…. the kitchen sink may have to be one of experiences this time around- we will be there in 30 days from today!! EEEKKKS!!

  10. Angela says

    I don’t like this idea… I mean, do it yourself sundaes are good and all, but its not a kitchen sink anymore. Half the fun is when it turns into a big, sloopy, goopy mess… and you have to guess what exactly it is you’re eating haha. I mean ‘kitchen sink’ sounds just like it looks… a big mess of everything! If you have an allergy just ask for that one thing to be left out.

  11. Mary says

    I just REALLY don’t get the point of this. Why not order separate sundaes for each person if you don’t like the Kitchen Sink the way it is offered? If you disassemble it, it’s not a Kitchen Sink anymore. Honestly I think this is one of the dumber ideas I’ve read in awhile.

  12. says

    Having done the Kitchen Sink once, with friends, and planning on doing it again this January with the same friends, I’m on the fence withe “Kitchen Sink Kit.” For me, the Kitchen Sink is all the things involved in making it an over-the-top experience: the first look at a sundae bigger than your head; all the toppings, including those I’d never choose myself; the dive and dig for your favorite items; and the gooey, sloppy mess. All shared with friends.

    Putting it together at the table is a smarter choice, I think, and I know I’d be more restrained and selective. But I don’t know that it would be the more fun choice, if that makes any sense?

    Still, it might be something worth doing with my friends as we’ve already had the traditional experience… Just for comparison’s sake. Ah, the things I’ll do for Disney desserts.

  13. carolyn says

    Wow – so tell me, who here has actually eat the whole sink!! I think I could do a really good dent with just ice cream, but the fixin’s… I’d be passed out on the kitchen floor! LOL

  14. Sara says

    Remember that the kitchen sink is pretty much completely customizable. Don’t want bananas? Ask for them to be left out. REALLY love mint chip ice cream? Ask for all mint chip. The servers there have always been very attentive to my family’s requests.

  15. says

    I’ve never tried any form of the kitchen sink, and it’s safe to say that I most likely will NEVER try it due to being Lactose Intolerant.

    Looking at the picture it looks like the just give you a plate of whip cream. They really should just give you the whole can. Unless the “Can” is a bucket in the back full of whip cream. ;)

  16. Moonies says

    The Kitchen Sink unassembled/kit sounds perfect for us. Our whole party is dying to do the Kitchen sink but we have two people in the group that are Gluten Intolerant. This way, everyone can dump in what we all will eat and we can eat off the plates for what will set the two GF people off!

  17. Ken says

    Shared the full kitchen sink with my wife, teenage daughter, and her high school best friend in 2008.. We loved the dimming of the lights and presentation when brought to our table. We still mention this wonderful memory, even though there was plenty left when we “rolled” out the door !

  18. Georgia Baker says

    We’ve had the kitchen sink 3 times within the past 9 months – we enjoyed it all together that’s what makes it the best – a treasure discovery on each spoon scoop !

  19. Jonny Birse says

    I just ate the Kitchen Sink…solo…today. Big mistake. It was really good but that amount of dairy was a huge mistake.

  20. dawn says

    we love the kitchen sink. we look forward to getting it on each and every trip to Disney. there are five of us and it is less expensive than getting 5 sundays. our grand daughter loves it when they bring it over and the lights start time we challenged the table next to us that we could finish ALL of it before they could we won as we put straws into the melted remains and finished it all and they wouldn`t do that!! it was a lot of fun!! I highly recommend it!!!

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