New Caramel Apples in Disney Parks

Well, maybe they’re not new to you, but they sure are to me! I found these caramel apples at the Main Street Confectionery in Disney World on a recent visit… . Don’t forget, the cast members will be more than happy to cut these up for you and put them in a small container for easier eating.

Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple

Just from a commentary standpoint, I think it’s interesting that Disney World has started using this “Fresh” packaging, which we saw first in Disneyland. More evidence that the two parks are merging their product lines even further?

For more info on Disney caramel apples, check out our previous post all about ‘em!

White Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie Apple
We first saw these at Pooh Corner in Disneyland (where they were only $7.95 last April…hmm…), and I was SO excited to see them pop up in Disney World, too!

Caramel Apple Pie Apple

The apples are coated in caramel, then white chocolate, then cinnamon-sugar. After that, it looks like they’ve been dipped in some sort of crumbled pie crust — yum! I think some ingredients are missing from the list here… ;-)

Caramel Apple Pie Apple Ingredients

Milk Chocolate Butterfinger Caramel Apple
Um. Yes please.

Chocolate Butterfinger Caramel Apple

You know we love the butterfinger cupcakes around here, so why not add this awesome flavor to an apple?! Nutrients, people! Nutrients at Disney World are important!

Chocolate Butterfinger Caramel Apple Ingredients

Chocolate Caramel Krispy Apple
Building on the success of another favorite Disney treat — rice krispy treats — the Disney food imagineers have created another sure win. And just think how healthy this is for you! Apples! Cereal! It’s a winner all around!

Rice Krispy Apple

Krispy Apple Ingredients

Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple
A gorgeous looking treat, if I do say so myself! Apples dipped in caramel and Oreo cookie crumbs, then drizzled with white chocolate. Wow…

Oreo Cookie Apple Assembly Line

Oreo Cookie Apple

Chocolate Oreo Caramel Apple Ingredients

Which apple would you try first? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. says

    The fact that you can ask for these to be cut up makes them so much more a-peel-ing. (lol, sorry, I had to). In all my visits to Disney, I’ve never gotten a dipped apple. I really need to get one now. The question is, which kind?? Apples and Oreos doesn’t sound like the best combo but, really, when is anything at Disney not delicious??

    Thanks for this post. I’ll be down in 9 days staying at the Treehouses and have been on your site nonstop anticipating all the great food I’ll have. :)

  2. says

    That Oreo apple looks really good!!!! And I always forget that they’ll chop up the apple for you – do they do that at Goofy’s Candy Company as well?

    The fairly obviously missing ingredients from the Apple Pie apple make me slightly nervous though, as it seems that pretty much any ingredient I’d be allergic to (cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, clove, etc) that should be included on that list isn’t there. Hopefully they aren’t lurking in other treats!

  3. says

    I’d have to go for the Oreo one!

    Last time I had one I also asked if they could slice it for me and with a smile, the cast member split it into 4 and put it into a plastic container for me! Was sooo much easier to eat.

  4. Griffin says

    I love the tip about asking them to cut them up for you. Might have to get one of these next trip :)

  5. says

    I would definitely try the cookies and cream one, definitely! And the fact that you can get the cut is great! I never just bite into them, it’s too much of a mess! I think a fun flavor for kids would be similar to the oreo cookie one, but if they added gummy worms, it would be like a “dirt and worms” type thing. I’m going to WDW in May, and I will be looking for these!

  6. says

    I had no idea the CMs would cut them up for you, and it never even occurred to me to ask! I always talk to my DH about how much I’d like one, but I never get one for fear so much of it would go to waste. Problem solved!

    I’ll be there in less than a week, so I might just have to use a snack credit for the Oreo or Butterfinger apple — yum!

  7. Mark D. says

    Never knew they would cut them up for you! I might actually get one now.

    That Apple Pie one looks redunkulous!

  8. says

    We will be there soon, too. I’d never have thought to ask for one to be cut up, so I’m glad you mentioned this!

  9. says

    I think the Butterfinger Caramel apple looks the most appetizing.

    Most of the candy Shoppes and places that sell Caramel apples nowadays seem to go the route of cutting apples up on request, as to please people. I know it makes it a whole lot easier to eat that way.

  10. says

    I think I’d probably have to go with Oreo, though I admit that the chocolate caramel krispy apple sounds good, too.

    We leave in 31 days, but will be there for only a day and a half on this trip. And I’ve got a long list of new foods to try. Something tells me I may return home about 20 lbs. heavier!

  11. Katy says

    It’s definitely between the Oreo apple and the white chocolate apple pie apple! They both look delicious!

  12. Sid says

    Never tried one because I thought it would be too messy. Thank you for letting me know that they will cut it up. Already on my list for the next trip.

    Oreo, definately. Yumm

  13. says

    I want…one of each, please!!!

    I love that they will cut the apple up for you! I have veneers on my teeth and eating a caramel apple (which is always my favorite) is virtually impossible unless it is sliced.

  14. says

    I think caramel apples are my new favorite snack at Walt Disney World! I had two traditional milk chocolate caramel apples on our recent trip, and they were awesome! I’d love to try that Oreo one!

  15. Deb says

    Had the apple pie caramel apple while at Disney World over New Years! It was the most delicious thing I ever tasted! I wish there was somewhere to order another one!

  16. SawyersMommy says

    I hate apple pie and I hate cinnamon, but that White Chocolate Caramel Apple Pie Apple is INCREDIBLE!!! My favorite treats at Disney World are so many of the different caramel apples and the chocolate croissants. I could gain so much weight there ;-)

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