Disney Dream Dining: Attention to Detail at Cabanas

You’d think I’d be used to Disney’s attention to detail by now, but every once in a while I’ll see piece of imagineering awesomeness and think to myself, “Well, heck. Will you look at that?!”

This morning, I was having breakfast at Cabanas, the Disney Dream cruise ship’s all-day dining area. While scurrying around to get my oatmeal and juice, a flash of color caught my eye. Mind you, I’d been to Cabanas many times at this point, but I’d never noticed this special addition…

Cabanas Mural 1

These murals depicting seascapes and your favorite Finding Nemo characters are actually mosaics! They line several of the walls at Cabanas and can take you completely by surprise! I just wanted to stand there and stare once I’d noticed them.

The best part — besides the bright colors and artistry — are the characters! Your favorites from Disney/Pixar’s Finding Nemo are represented. Even Bruce (who is hopefully remembering that Fish are Friends, Not Food!).

Disney-Pixar Finding Nemo Characters



Check out all of the murals — there are slight differences in each one! Bon Voyage!

Bruce Mural


  1. says

    Pretty! I told Jay last night I want to cruise again … you should consider getting a DFB cruise together and watch the foodies come out of the woodwork! :-)

  2. says

    That is a wonderful Mural of Finding Nemo. I can only imagine the time and work that went into putting that together…

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    Oh my goodness, that is absolutely gorgeous. I think my hubby would take an hour just standing there taking photos. I may have to take his camera away in March thanks to everything going on.

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