Disney World’s Toontown Fair — A Foodie Farewell

As you know, Mickey’s Toontown Fair will close Friday, February 11, 2011, to make way for the new, expanded Fantasyland in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

As a farewell to a land many of us grew up with (and watched our kids grow up with), Erin Foster suggested we gather a few of our favorite photos and brightly-colored, cartoon memories of Toontown, food blog style.

Mickey and Minnie’s Houses
It looks like food played a big part in the ‘Toon’s lives. Mickey’s and Minnie’s country houses in Toontown both featured very busy kitchens! Minnie was always cooking up yummy sweets and giving us recipes for her favorite cookies; and Mickey — in the midst of a remodeling contest — had a some bigger worries at hand!

While we previously took a full tour of Minnie’s Country House Kitchen, here are a few of the best parts!

She’s got quite the spice rack! I wonder what you use “Outa Thyme” for!

Minnie's Spice Rack

Minnie tempts us with her “diet cookies” — which lie just under this little glass partition! ;-)

Minnie's Diet Cookies

Minnie's Diet Cookies

Minnie’s mixing up something sweet!

We've Got a Cake Mixing Up for the Oven...

We've Got a Cake Mixing Up for the Oven...

And you can help her pop some popcorn in the microwave!

Cooking in Minnie's Kitchen

Check out her freezer for some interesting ingredients…

And Minnie's Freezer Section

And Minnie's Freezer Section

But don’t forget the “symphony” played by her kitchen pots and pans!

Musical Pots and Pans

Musical Pots and Pans

And we visited Mickey’s Country House Kitchen soon after stopping by Minnie’s, but it’s always fun to take another quick look at the fiasco going on there!

toontown fair kitchen remodeling

Looks like Goofy’s had a hand in this remodel…

Mickey's Mess

Mickey's Mess

Hopefully Mickey doesn’t forget to pick up these necessities on his grocery list!

Mickey's Shopping List

Mickey's Shopping List

And once you head outside, you can see all of Mickey’s prize veggies growing in his garden. Soon we’ll head into the judge’s tent to see what other dishes are on display…

Mickey's Pumpkins

Mickey's Pumpkins

Mickey's Tomatoes

Mickey's Tomatoes

The Judge’s Tent
On your way into the Judge’s Tent to see Mickey himself, you’ll come across several Toontown delicacies! First of all, from the looks of this film being shown in the queue line like Minnie’s finished that cake she was baking in her oven!

Film in Meet Mickey Queue -- Minnie with cake

And don’t forget to check out some of Toontown’s best that everyone’s been cultivating and creating especially for this contest! See any familiar shapes?

Pie up for judging

Food in the judge's tent queue to meet Mickey

Once you’ve hugged the Big Guy, keep eye “peeled” for some of the prize-winning produce as you leave the Judge’s Tent and head out into the shopping area!

first prize melon

Prize Winning Apple

Blue Ribbon Winners

Preserves a la Toontown

A great use of Raspberry Jam

We’ll miss Toontown a great deal around here, but we’re excited to see what comes next. I’m ready for dinner with the Beast!

Thanks to our Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, for many of these photos.

What are some of your favorite Toontown memories? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. jdhwsp4me says

    Does anyone know what they will do with Mickey and Minnie’s houses? It would be nice if they were auctioned off for charities or given to deserving charities by way of a contest or something.

  2. justin says

    This article was silly. It’s not really about food. Fake food, but not food. As far as the houses, to the commenter above, they are much too large to be auctioned off. Most bidders would never have that kind of space. Not to mention they just aren’t sitting on the pavement. They have to be ripped out of the ground and then re-installed. It would cost tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to transport the houses, let alone put them in someone’s backyard.

  3. Di Berry says

    I thought this was a great fun article. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures too.

    I really hope Mickey & Minnie’s houses will be used somewhere else in the Magic Kingdom or one of the other parks. They’re too good and too detailed to disappear. Anything’s possible in Disneyworld!

  4. Sarah G says

    This was a fun post AJ – thanks for sharing all these pics! Makes me wish I would have paid more attention all those times I visited Toon Town growing up…

  5. says

    Cute post!

    I don’t spend alot of time in ToonTown, I don’t have kids. I enjoy taking my goddaughter there to experience it.

    I have gone on my own to find the hidden mickeys in ToonTown…still I will miss it.

    Thank you for the post!!

  6. says

    Nice post, and a great look back at Toontown.

    I really hope they auction the houses off or relocate them to somewhere where they can actually be seen, and not destroyed or stuffed in a backlot in Paris!

  7. Kelly says

    Great article. I will miss toon town. I’ve spent hours there with little ones exploring, first with our son during needed break and then with our daughter. For a long time they thought that this is the real place where the real characters live. When you’re 2 and 4, it is real.

  8. says

    JDH — Not sure on that one. I know Mickey and Minnie will be transported, but I’m not sure about the houses, yet!

    Justin — I’m sorry you didn’t like the article. Here’s hoping we can better whet your appetite with future posts!

    Di Berry — Agreed. I think those houses are great, even if they are getting a bit run down!

    Sarah G — I think it’s a good reminder to pay attention throughout the rest of Disney World; who know what we’re missing! :-)

    Michele — Thanks for the comment, my friend! I think it’s always sad to see something pass on into “Yesterland,” but I’m glad I got the chance to experience it :-)

    Allison — Thanks!

    Josh — I know; it would be so sad to see them destroyed!

  9. melissa sue says

    Loved this!! I am glad you had the photo of the CHEESE refrigerator … I was about ready to send you one of mine. That’s a crucial part of Mickey’s House (and one of my favorites). I regret that we didn’t spend more time here in December. I am going to miss this place.

  10. Courtney says

    I remember when Toontown was Mickey’s Birthday land!!! I’m sad I didn’t stop by here last time I was at the MK :( I wouldn’t worry about the homes being destroyed forever, Disney rarely throws away everything…as a former cast member I can tell you there are a lot of things that seemed to be gone forever that are lingering backstage for future use…or just for nostalgia :)

  11. Alan says

    I’ve always enjoyed Toontown even without kids. It always felt like I was wandering around inside a cartoon. There is an intangible comfort to the soft, rounded architecture and accessory design inside that area. I never really looked at it from a foodie point of view and the pictures are a great reminder.

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