Guest Review: Breakfast at Pollo Campero

Thanks again to our roving reporter, Sarah Holodick, we get to find out all about breakfast at one of Disney World’s newest dining locations! Chorizo and cheese… I’m getting hungry!

Over the holiday weekend, I took the opportunity to try out Pollo Campero‘s breakfast menu. When I arrived Saturday at 8:30 am, the building was a ghost town. I only saw one other family dining in the entire restaurant.

Immediately, I was greeted with a very rehearsed spiel by a manager mentioning the various options under the roof, including Babycakes NYC (which was still closed at this early hour).

Pollo Campero's Side Entrance

I’m not typically a fan of breakfast burritos, but decided to try one along with a cubano. I was the only one ordering, yet the food prep took a bit of time. My best guess is that they had to cook the ground chorizo fresh, since it wasn’t placed under heat lamps. Once I received my order, I paid at the checkout.

Pollo Campero Breakfast Menu

Pollo Campero Breakfast Menu

Pollo Campero Breakfast Menu

Breakfast Food


With low expectations, I started my tasting with the burrito, and it was fantastic!

Nicely wrapped breakfast items

Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito Filling

After a few bites, I re-wrapped it for snacking later on in the day.

Next was the cubano. While it was good, I enjoyed the burrito much more. With a Cuban style sandwich, I anticipate the acidity of a pickle. The sandwich would have benefited from the flavor.

Cubano Breakfast Sandwich

Cubano Breakfast Sandwich Filling

I liked the burrito more as there was a salsa in it that delivered the acidity I was looking for. It also had cheese, which gave it the additional element of salt (not that the chorizo didn’t have its fair share) and texture.

Overall, I absolutely recommend Pollo Campero for breakfast.  There are offerings that don’t stray too much from the American fare found at the chain fast food restaurants (catering to less adventurous eaters), but the presentation of more unique items featuring chorizo makes Pollo Campero stand apart. Oh, and for those of you that like desserts, they offer breakfast desserts! ;) Breakfast here is a hidden gem.

Alternative Breakfast Items

For those staying at a WDW hotel, breakfast at Pollo Campero may be a good choice before shopping at Downtown Disney. For guests staying off property and/or driving to the parks, I think it’s worth a try. It’s a more interesting selection than you’ll find at the mainstream drive-thru. If you’re planning a trip to WDW, add Pollo Campero to your dining plans!


  1. Shayne says

    I’d like one of everything on the menu, please! :) The photo of the inside of the burrito made me so hungry!

    Thanks for the review, Sarah. For whatever reason, we don’t often venture over to Downtown Disney for dining, but this may be worth a morning trip. Yum.

  2. Erin says

    Thanks so much for the review! I would have never thought of or taken the time to go there for breakfast, but MAN that stuff is making my mouth water! Definitely stopping there for our trip this year.

  3. Alan says

    This is a nice breakfast addition to the DTD area. As Sarah alluded to, if you get there early the area is usually emptier and less crowded than the resort breakfast areas. We often have eaten at either Earl of Sandwich or Wolfgang Pucks. We do have a car when we vacation at WDW and that does save time instead of waiting for the buses.

  4. vanessa says

    My boyfriend and I are heading down this Thursday- Friday. I’m from Texas and love Tres Leches cake. I hope it’ll taste good. =D And if anyone hasn’t tried Corizo, you have got to try it! It’s spicy pork and goes with egg very well.

  5. carolyn says

    While I didn’t dine at Pollo, I have to say that it’s not easy to spot since the walls around the Lego store block it. Babycakes was on my list of places to go and I nearly forgot about it b/c of visibility issues – so don’t over look Pollo! I’d hate to think that hungry people in need of morning nourishment would miss out on what you so wonderfully described. :)

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