Guest Review: New Specialty Hot Dogs at Casey’s Corner

Thanks again to Sarah Holodick, who took time out of a busy weekend to review the new specialty hot dogs at Casey’s Corner in Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! (Specialty dogs seem to be the in thing at the Magic Kingdom, eh? Take it away, Sarah!

What a delicious day! Casey’s made some changes to their menu, and Matt and I decided to check them out.

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The main draw for me was the Chicago “style” dog, and Matt had the Barbecue Slaw Dog on his agenda. Now let’s get to TASTE!

Hot Dogs

We’ll start with the Barbecue Slaw Dog. Be forewarned: fork and knife required! It featured some delicious pulled pork and a flavorful slaw. The slaw was crisp and worked well with the smoky pulled pork and hot dog – A definite repeat! It was easily two meals with the amount of pulled pork and slaw on it. Even the cast member commented that someone went a little crazy in the kitchen, and other guests were even in awe of what we had ordered!

BBQ Slaw Dog

Now you have me, the gal who is originally from Long Island. I have standards for pizza and dogs. I grew up with my dogs (preferably Nathan’s) being slathered in mustard and sauerkraut. I tackled the Chicago “style” dog at Casey’s, and I can’t complain. It had flavor, and it was decent. I was looking for more, though.

There was nothing wrong with the dog; it was just kind of boring. I know a real Chicago dog would have been different. The relish was slightly sweet, and the banana peppers, which stood in for sport peppers, added a nice crunch. I’m glad that, although not a poppy seed bun, they included a sprinkling of poppy seeds atop the accouterments. Authentic? No, but it lived up to the “style” as advertised.

Chicago Style Dog

Overall, I think both hot dogs are a great addition to Casey’s menu, but best value goes to the Barbecue Slaw Dog. It had been many years since I ordered from the establishment; well before they changed the hot dogs from all beef.

The next hot dog throw down will have to be at the Lunching Pad!


  1. Emma says

    thanks for the review, the new hotdogs sound good .. Casey’s is one of my fiance’s favourite places in the Magic Kingdom so I’m sure we’ll be going there during our honeymoon trip in June!


  2. says

    Thanks for the review – I would have wondered about these and probably not ordered, so it is great insight!

  3. says

    Wonderful review! I’m surprised there is enough room for an actual Hot Dog under all that Cole Slaw, Pulled Pork and Barbecue sauce!

  4. says

    Emma – They were both very good, and if you’re a fan of Casey’s, you won’t be disappointed!

    Griffin – I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it! There was SO MUCH pulled pork under that massive amount of slaw!

  5. says

    Oh… I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around that Chicago “Style”. I grew up in Chicagoland and that’s just not right. I’m going to have to give it a taste next time I’m there before I pass judgement, but without that steamed poppyseed bun it’s just not the same.

  6. Alan says

    Like Sarah, I grew up on L.I. Nathan’s always is my number 1 with a Sabretts in a crunch. But hot dogs, like pizza, are always a subjective taste. We like and crave what we grew up on. But I really am enthusiastic about the fact that Disney is trying to bring us new tastes. They seem to be picking up their game, lately. What would be real fun would be tasting hot dogs from all around the country.

  7. says

    We had the chili cheese dogs and a side of fries and plastic cheese (YUM!). Knife and fork were required for ours as well however after seeing your review of these two dogs, Libby says she wishes she’d tried the BBQ Slaw dog. Guess I know where we’re eating next trip lol. Thanks for the excellent review Sarah!

  8. Lillian C. says

    Oh, wow they changed the menu. Last November was the first time I had a hot dog at Casey’s. Now, I’ll have to go back and try these new dogs! Thanks for the review.

  9. TJ says

    Sorry, but I’m from Chicago and that is not an authentic Chicago Dog. Banana peppers are no substitute for real sport peppers. If Disney is going to charge $8 for one, then they should at least get it right. C’mon!

  10. says

    Kristen – Although I know it’s not the real deal, it was still a tasty dog!

    Alan – My sentiments exactly regarding Nathan’s and Sabretts. And Disney is doing a nice job dressing up the common dog (perhaps to cover up their beef/chicken blend?) in addition to the gourmet burgers they debuted.

    Mark – Thanks! I was bummed that I missed out on the Reuben Dog at the Lunching Pad last summer. I didn’t want that to happen here!

    Lillian – I hope they stick around for you!

  11. Ivis Suarez says

    My husband and I ate the two dogs reviewed here and the philly cheese steak dog from Lunching pad this past weekend. The hubby LOVES hot dogs and we enjoyed all three. The BBQ dog is definitely huge and delicious. Our only complaint is these buns are way too big. We love dressed up hot dogs.

  12. Kathy says

    Do they still have those yucky whole wheat rolls? It’s hard to tell from the picture.

  13. Galloping Gourmand says

    Alan – Hot dogs, like pizza and bar-b-que are also intensely regional. Before dogs were mass produced each region of the country had it’s own spice recipe. Nathans is what I grew up with as well. The Disney dog is the common, middle of the road dog. I don’t blame them for it, they have to cater to a wide range of tastes and I think Nathan’s franks might not go down well with a midwesterner.

    There is nothing wrong with the chicken/beef blend either as long as it tastes good, and in my mind Casey’s Hot Dogs do.

    When I set out to write this I actually had a point about the review and a comment about the dogs. I hate when I get sidetracked!

  14. Aaron Newton says

    Hate to say it but I’m a little disappointed in Disney on this one regarding the Chicago “Style” Dog. Even Sonic did better than that.

  15. Mary says

    Chicago style hot dog with no sport peppers? No poppy seed bun? No celery salt? So you mean to tell me that mediocre food chain Sonic can get it right…but Disney can’t?? Eek!! Where’s the love for this Chicago born & raised girl?

  16. Kelly says

    We just got these hotdogs at Casey’s Corner last Saturday night. Contents were delicious, but the bun was room temp/cold and not tasty at all. We ditched the buns and just ate the insides with a fork! They should heat up or steam the hot dog buns!

  17. Lisa Johnson says

    I am crazy about the “chicago style relish ” at Casey’s corner.. Does anybody know all recipe for it?? I would love to know all the ingredients. Than ks

  18. Ryan Rodriguez says

    I’m sorry, but I was there a couple of weeks ago, and I must say that I am not very fond of that BBQ Pull Pork Coleslaw hotdog. The pork tasted undercooked, and I had to sweep all of it off of the hot dog. On top of that, some joker cut the bun all the way through, so everything went right through the dog as I picked it up and it went SPLAT all over my plate.

    $8.00 is not worth it for this. If anything, they should’ve made the coleslaw and the pulled pork separate and optional fillings for the hotdog, because I know for a fact I won’t be buying it again.

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