DIY Disney Magical Drinks: The Mad Hatter

Chef BigFatPanda is back with a new addition to the Disney Food Blog! We all know and love the Chef’s DIY Disney column here on the Food Blog, which gives us handy directions on how to make our favorite Disney recipes at home.

But Chef BigFatPanda’s latest introduction to the column is a series of unique magical drinks that we can all taste-test at home. To kick off this new series, the Chef has created a drink that’s perfect for those who love things both sweet and sour!

Mad Hatter

This drink, appropriately called The Mad Hatter, combines the kick of Vodka, the sweetness of Midori, and an extra little bit of flavor with some Sweet & Sour. Altogether, this drink will surely make you think of that sometimes sweet…and sometimes sour…character from Alice in Wonderland — the Mad Hatter! See the green of his hat and the yellow of his coat?

Magical Drinks

Here’s the Chef’s original recipe for this fun drink!


1 part Vodka
1 part Sweet & Sour mix
1 part Midori melon liquor

Garnish with a Whip Cream “Hat” and perhaps a 10/6 “Post It” as shown! ENJOY!

And stay tuned for more Magical Drinks from Chef BigFatPanda here on the Disney Food Blog!


Recipe Courtesy Chef BigFatPanda

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  1. Vanessa says

    Love this! Will be definitely making one in a few weekends at my disney party! Ever think about coming up with a Lion King or Aladdin one?

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