Tips For Taking Snacks Home From Walt Disney World

Departing the Happiest Place on Earth is never easy. It’s a bummer having to return to reality. To lessen the pain, many guests like to stock up on favorite snacks before the journey home. I’m partial to the chocolate covered pretzels. And the Krispie Treats. And the Caramel Apples. ;-) Whatever you choose, these sweet treats make the wait at the airport, flight, or car ride less agonizing.

Chocolate Caramel Fudge from Karamell-Küche

Tips and Tricks For Bringing Snacks Home

Some guests pack food for the plane or car trip home. These munchies are handy for long flights and/or layovers. Others bring them home as gifts for the pet-sitter, teacher, class, and/or as a treat to savor just a few more minutes of Disney magic.

Suggestions for Portable Snacks
If you are on the Disney Dining Plan with leftover snack credits, grab some delectable snacks to bring home!

Ask a Cast Member to Help You Make Sure Your Snack is Safe for Travel

Aren’t sure how to use up your snack credits or what snacks will travel well? Ask a Cast Member! Many guests report being taught by helpful Cast Members as to which items survive a long distance journey. Cast Members at resort gift stores and the Main Street Bakery in the Magic Kingdom seem especially helpful.

Our favorite snack items to take home from Walt Disney World include fudge, caramel apples (these will keep surprisingly well!), chocolate-covered pretzels, rice krispie treats, bakery cookies, candy from the World Showcase pavilions, brownies from Earl of Sandwich, candy from Goofy’s Candy Company, peanut brittle, caramel corn, and shortbread.

But there’s lots more to consider! Let us know some of your favorite portable snacks in the comments section below — and any specific tips you have for transporting them!

Particularly hardy is the peanut brittle, which guests say stands up to the Florida heat. Mickey rice krispie treats also travel well, and Goofy’s Candy Co. wraps them in paper before boxing them. Karamell-Küche in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion will package cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and other candy delicacies in nice containers. Earl of Sandwich does a great job of packaging cupcakes and other items to-go (particularly useful if you’re driving home and like to have your brownies right by your side in the cup holder!).

Mini Brownies – Earl of Sandwich

If your purchased snacks will be traveling with you, ask the Cast Member to package them extra carefully.

picking up two create your owns

Travel Warnings
International travelers should check their airline’s guidelines for bringing food home. Also consider whether chocolate will last the long trip. Generally, chocolate travels best in a carry-on bag.

Seasoned snackers bring a cooler in their vehicle to keep items fresh such as pastries from Boulangerie Patisserie. The difficulty is getting these home before they get mushy! My solution would be having them as an “on-the-road” snack!

Peanut Butter Pretzel Chip Cookie

Peanut Butter Pretzel Chip Cookie comes in a paper wrapper — but you’ll want to carry this one on!

Forgotten Items
Walt Disney World Guest Services follows you home! If you forgot to pick up a souvenir, check with the WDW Mail Order Merchandise department. To place an order call 407-363-6200, by fax at 407-352-6369 or by e-mail with the following: Item List, Name, Phone Number, Billing Address, Shipping Address and Credit Card information with Expiration Date. Inquire about shipping costs before placing your order as they can add significantly to the total price.

Please note that perishable items (such as cupcakes…sorry!) can not be shipped.

Need WDW Snacks, but Don’t Have a Trip Planned?
If you’ve left the resort and would like to taste a little WDW at home, check out some of the goodies you can purchase on — just click “Disney Food Memories” on the right-hand side of this page to see some of the foods we’ve gathered that remind us of Disney parks and resorts!

You can also visit to place a cookie order. Disney Parks used to sell Selma’s cookies in the candy and gift shops, already wrapped. And you can still order them for home delivery direct from Selma’s!

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What snacks do you bring home? Share your methods for getting your fave Disney snacks home safely! We can all benefit from your successful snack tips (and trips)!


  1. says

    wow – I am getting excited about my 2 weeks on DDP…. if those brownies are a snack credit im gonna come back very very fat!! YAY!!

  2. says

    Yes, to the cooler! Nothing is worse than melted chocolate in your car (ok, maybe melted gummy bears). I always have ziplocks, too, to keep the chocolate or whatever safe from the ice (my gel packs never refreeze so I have to use resort ice).
    I agree with @Nicola – those brownies look delectable!

  3. says

    We took home about 6 pieces of fudge using leftover snack credits last summer— for it being mid-July, those pieces of fudge held up surprisingly well! They even packaged them in cute little Disney boxes with a mini-knife in each in case we needed to sneak a bite before we got home… which we did :)

  4. Greg says

    We used our remaining credits to bring hom a sack of my wife’s favorite chocolate cupcakes from the POR food court. I told the castmember at the bakery that we were going to travel with them and she packed them up tight in a to-go box. They stayed safe all the way home. At least the ones we didn’t eat on the way back did.

  5. Jeff from NJ says

    Hi Gang,

    Some of the brownies available on property are also a Selma’s product (the “Triple Chocolate” is a particular favorite of mine), and yes a snack credit may be used for these. You can find these in the bakery case at Goofy’s and elsewhere, and I’ve also seen them packaged like the Selma’s cookies (red “Minnie” packaging).

    One of my better tricks for getting snacks home safely is to buy one of those Disney reusable shopping bags (like the ones you buy at the grocery store). They have a flat bottom, easy to carry, and fit nicely in the overhead bin on the plane. Just stack your 4 Earl Brownie Cremes on the bottom :), and you have a nice foundation for the rest of the goodies.


  6. Erica says

    The chocolate caramel dipped pretzel sticks from Karamel Kuche are to die for. Too bad it was too hot when we were there in April to stock up on any more caramel goodies for the ride home.

  7. Robyn says

    If you have left over quick service meals on the dining plan you can get 2 snacks with those!! Yummy!! Even more snacks for the trip home!!

  8. Courtney says

    I usually do the DDP, and end up ‘collecting’ pre-wrapped desserts with my CS credits (rice krispie mickeys, etc). I give these as ‘souvenirs’ to people when I get home, seems to work out well!

  9. Sandra says

    Since we drive, we are able to stock up on bulky snacks, like Mickey pretzels. Chip and Dale Snack Co. items are often one snack credit and encompass both candies and crunchies. Those little canisters of Mickey-shaped Goldfish-style crackers were a nice gift for the folks at home. We also buy the shortbread cookies and hot chocolate mixes. Disney coffee is nice too, as you can gaze at the label each time you make a pot. We brought home Mickey macaroni for a Disney meal a few weeks down the road. Of course, krispy treats are a must!

    My husband likes to buy teas at China and Japan, as well as interesting candies or crunchy snacks from the Epcot World Showcase pavilions.

    Oddly, we tend to avoid chocolate, since it has a tendency to get smooshed in our packed car…or eaten.

  10. gaylin says

    I always bring home a piece of English Toffee. Sure I can buy it at home but there is something extra yummy about bringing it home, opening the mickey bag and smelling disney treats.

    I have brought home the animal crackers and fudge for other people and even managed to give it to them!

    I was recently given a small tin of Disney hot chocolate mix, really made me happy that someone else brought me a treat.

  11. Mark D. says

    We just came back and used our snack credits to get a chocolate covered mickey rice krispy treat for everyone at the bus stop.

    I was also going to bring home a brownie sandwich from the Earl of Sandwich but……my……have…….eaten…….it……too……soon.

  12. says

    Such great “take home” ideas! And truly admire those who get those treats ALL the way home untouched. ;-)

  13. canadianslovewdw says

    we like to take home some almonds and pecans from the kiosk at down town disney and some of those pre packaged cookies yummy….

  14. JoAnn says

    Good tips. I used most of my snack credits at the Food & Wine festival last year so I didn’t have any left over. I’ll have the deluxe plan this year so I may have some snack credits left over to bring goodies home.

  15. Laura B. says

    Used up all my snack credits at Karamel Kuche. Those caramel marshmallow rolls are to die for!

  16. Karen says

    Orlando Airport Security can be very strict about bringing soft food items on board in your carry-on luggage. About a year ago my mother-in-law bought some fudge to bring home to the grand kids. She had it in her carry on bag at the airport. It wasn’t melted but it had gotten just a little soft in the car ride to the airport. Security said it was not “solid” and threw away $25 worth of fudge. : (

  17. Jenny says

    I love taking home cupcakes and strawberries from Karamel Kuche and chocolate chip cookies from main street on every trip. we usually bring home a couple of treats from other shops in disney (they vary every year).

  18. Angie says

    Also a woman that does this is Personal Disney Shopper on Facebook she will get treats and ship them!!!

  19. Mary Lou says

    On our last two trips, Poly and BC, we checked our luggage with bell services after check out at 11:00 am. Before we checked out, we took all of the snacks that we bought out of our room fridge and put them in one very small carryon. Bell services put that small carryon into a refrigerator room. (By chance, my daughter asked if they had a refrigerator!) They put the rest of our luggage in a regular storage room. We then went back to the parks for the day. When we were ready to drive to my Mom’s house, we retrieved our luggage and the refrigerated bag, which was VERY cold. It was still cold after the 1 hour 45 min drive to Moms! We had snacks from the Boardwalk Bakery and from the French Bakery. We also had the Cinnamon Rolls from Gastons!

  20. Tonia says

    We just left Monday and stopped at the Boardwalk Bakery. Thank goodness we drive. They packed the Cheesecake Brownie, Fruit tart and Mickey Oreo Cake so awesome for us. I just finished my tart today. We just put them on top of the cooler for the ride home and they came out fine!

  21. Dana says

    We just got back from a trip last week, and I brought home 3 large bags of caramel corn from the Karamell-Küche. I always bring some large gallon sized ziplock bags to put the caramel corn in once I get back to our room, and it holds up really well. We’ve snacked on it as long as a month after returning from a trip, and it’s tasted fine. I also have a gluten allergy, and at counter service meals I’m given a choice of a brownie or a chocolate chip cookie as my desert. I usually pick the cookie because they’re packaged, and then I can eat then when I wish during the day. More often than not, with all the other yummy treats around, I end up bringing the cookie back to the room. I brought eight of them home with us this trip!

    This trip we also did the Halloween Party twice (!), and we brought back about 20 pounds of trick-or-treat candy. We’ll be snacking on that until next Halloween!

  22. aristea lachase says

    my fave disney take home is Kona Cafe bread and macadamia nut honey butter! (i bring ziplock and small container from home). i also get the rice crispies treats and cookies for gift giving. i love the dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt from karamel kuche. for my flight home i pack all the perishables in a small lunch cooler with the gel paks and i pack it in my luggage. everything makes it home just fine.

  23. LB says

    We always bring a caramel apple home. Security at the airport has double-checked it to make sure its not a snow globe (cause you know how dangerous a snow glibe can be!), but otherwise no problem. It’s our dessert the night after we get home. A luttle bit of Disney at home. :)

  24. Celia says

    My last trip one of my friends gave me money to buy her some of the Salted Carmels from Karmel Kuche because I had been raving about them so much. I packed a plastic food storage container in my checked luggage filled it with granola bars for breakfasts during the trip and was perfect for about six of the Salted Carmels on the way home. 4 for her and 2 for me!

  25. CINDY BROWN says

    Does anyone know if you can get Disney’s cupcakes mailed to you? I would love to get some of the gingerbread cupcakes or the cupcakes from the Beasts Castle for my family as a surprise :)

  26. says

    Cindy Brown — Sadly, I don’t think you can have the cupcakes mailed to you. :-( Would be awesome as a surprise though!

  27. Kathy Jensen says

    We will be flying and I am curious about taking treats on your carry on. Is there any restrictions on what they will allow? I would like to have something to munch on in flight and during my lay over.

  28. Ericka says

    Whenever we travel to the world, we use our rental car and run around two days before we leave picking up our favorite food/ candy/ snacks. We then go to a local post office and ship our things home via 2 day priority mail.

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