80% Discount on Disney World Restaurant Gift Certificates for a Limited Time

Great news! Restaurant.com is offering an 80% discount on many Disney World and Orlando Restaurant gift certificates purchased through June 30th. This means you can get $25 gift certificates for $2 each! Simply use code SUMMER in the discount code box.

You can see details about Restaurant.com and check out which Disney World restaurants are included in the program on our Restaurant.com gift certificate program page.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:
Head to Restaurant.com and narrow your search to Orlando, Florida, restaurants, then search by city and choose Lake Buena Vista.

Step 2:
Find the restaurants you want to try, and load up your cart with gift certificates. You can check out our reviews here of Shula’s Steakhouse, Il Mulino, Kimonos, House of Blues, and bluezoo! But there are other options as well! :-)

Step 3:
Enter code SUMMER into the discount code box and watch the savings appear!

Step 4:
Puchase, then bring your certificate to the restaurant the next time you’re dining there to save $23 on your meal!

Once again, check out which restaurants on Disney World property are participating by checking out our Restaurant.com page here.



  1. Vickie says

    Now, here’s a question — can you use the Restaurant.com certificate along with a Tables in Wonderland card? For example, could I get the 20% off the bill at, say, Il Mulino, and then apply the Restaurant.com certificate to the balance?

    THAT would be one happy savings!


  2. says

    Vickie — I tried this a few years ago and it was a no-go ;-) Good thinking, though! And, who knows, maybe the rules have changed!

  3. says

    This is a great way to save some money! We really enjoyed a character dinner at Garden Grove a couple of years ago when we took our son to WDW for the first time and stayed at the Swan & Dolphin. We bought a Restaurant.com gift certificate for Kimonos to use on our recent trip but ended up not using it – however, not a problem since they don’t expire! And, at the time we bought it, you automatically received a $10 Restaurant.com credit to use on a future ertificate purchase. The one drawback is that if you are not staying on-property and plan to drive to any of these restuarants, you’ll have to pay to park, which I believe is $11. Wipes out some of your discount, but you’re still getting a great deal! Looking forward to trying more of these restaurants on future WDW trips!

  4. says

    I have a gift certificate from each of these places :P I LOVE that they never expire so I don’t have to stress about when I use them! We are SO looking forward to a Sushi and Karaoke night during #EpicOctober ;)

  5. says

    Caitlin — Check the specific details about how many gift certificates you can use per meal. My thinking is that it’s only one.

  6. says

    I just bought 4 for Il Mullino, Kimonos, and BlueZoo. Plus, at the end it offered up a $50 for any participating restaurants.com restaurant for $5, so for $29 I got $350 in food. Awesome tip!

    Thanks AJ

  7. vanessa says

    You see the catch with some of the restauraunts is that there’s a min purchase of $35 of two entrees and %18 tip. So in the end you’ll still be paying around 20 to 25 dollars. Which is obviously better then what you were going to pay originally but this is how places like these get you since they’ll expect people to keep buying more and more food. So yeah it’s great if you’re going with a large group of friends or family unless you plan to get two entrees. Gotta read the fine print. Not all restauraunts do the min purchase though!!

  8. Steph says

    Awesome deal! Scored one for Garden Grill for a character meal and then one for a night out with hubby to Kimono’s! And got a deal for home too!

  9. Alex says

    Are Canadians able to use Restaurant.com? I tried to sign up, but it’s asking for a ZIP code…

  10. says

    Steph — Just a quick note — I’m not sure Garden Grill is available on the program; you might have purchased a certificate for Garden Grove, which is in the Swan and Dolphin. It’s still a character meal on the weekends, but just wanted you to be aware just in case!

    Alex — I just tried to get in using a Canadian postal code with no luck. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to purchase, though — why don’t you contact the company via phone to see what’s up? 1-888-745-6991

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