New Kevin Kidney Designs Celebrate WDW’s 40th!

Popular Disney artists Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily bring their brilliant designs to Walt Disney World’s 40th anniversary party!

After receiving an invite to create nostalgic concepts for WDW’s souvenir collectibles, the artists set to work. Inspired by vintage Walt Disney World — yes, including 70’s orange and lime green — their submissions included attraction replicas, scale models, and retro Tiki mugs.

For the final designs, Kevin and Jody collaborated with Disney artist Linda Flynn from Disney’s Design Group and merchandise team. We’re excited to announce that some food-related designs made the cut!

Check out the awesomely retro Magic Kingdom paper cup now in collectible ceramic style!

Kevin Kidney's WDW ceramic paper cup

Illustrated with the colorful 1971 Preview Center map, this boxed dinnerware set will take you back to the opening days of the Magic Kingdom!

WDW Map Plate Set Kevin Kidney

Look for Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily at WDW’s Fortieth Anniversary event. They’ll make an appearance and host a signing event at the Magic Kingdom on October 1, 2011!

No plans for a WDW visit? Call the Walt Disney World Guest Services Mail Order Merchandise Dept. at (407) 363-6200 to collect these “vintage” items!


  1. says

    Nate — I will!

    Ingrid and Kelli — I don’t know the prices, but I’m sure if you contact Disney merchandise (the number is in the last line of the blog post above), they’ll let you know!

  2. James (Disneynorth) says

    I LOVE the soda cup. Can’t wait to get it and put it beside my Disneyland version.

    Ingrid and Kelli–The Disneyland version was $18 so should be about the same.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    I’m not into Disney kitchenware but those things are amazing. Takes me back to being a child and visiting WDW in the 70’s/

  4. says

    (Sara from Kitchenphobe here! Sorry I haven’t said hi in awhile, but I have been still following along, of course!)

    Those look so cute! I’m really loving all of the 40th anniversary merchandise! (I wonder how fantastic everything is going to be for the 50th! lol)

  5. Eddie says

    Will these items be on sale through the first half of 2012 too? I want those cups and it would save me a ton of cash on international shipping if I could just pick them up during my May trip.

  6. Alan says

    If the ceramic paper cups are large enough to be of practical use, they are a brilliant idea.

  7. says

    Wow, so much great stuff coming out for the 40th anniversary! We already fell in love with the Shag merchandise, but these are great too. The “paper” cup is especially cute.

  8. Donna says

    I picked up the cups at Art of Disney (Downtown) Sunday, they were $17.95. They weren’t yet at any of the other stores that I saw. They may not be as common as the other 40th anniversary stuff, I would get them while you can.

  9. Danielle says

    Magic Kingdom did not have them on 8/5, but I found the cups at the Epcot Art of Disney on 8/6. Noticed that they had a shipping package of cups behind the counter (not sure how to describe – basically a shrink wrapped packet of several boxes of the cups), so maybe they are just moving them into the parks? If you’re wondering about size, they’re 4-1/8 inches tall, about 3-1/2 inches diameter on top, and 2-1/2 inches on bottom, and have a capacity of 12 ounces (probably an authentic seventies portion size!). AP discount applies to the price.

  10. dana says

    Just called the Walt Disney World Guest Services Mail Order Merchandise Dept. at (407) 363-6200 – and had no luck! She could not locate the Ceramic Paper Cup and put me on hold to call The Art of Disney to get a sku number – but they couldnt find it either. She said she did locate the plate set but it was completely sold out- as it was limited to 500…. so disapppointed :(

  11. says

    Oh no, Dana! I know these LE products do sell out quickly. I’m sorry about your WDW merchandise experience. I’ve been known to hang up (politely) and call back to get another operator if the one I’m speaking with can’t find the item I want.

  12. dana says

    Thanks AJ- I actually found the SKU for the Ceramic Magic Kingdom Cup and called back!

    Price: $17.95

    SKU: 400003377473

    I got the same operator the 2nd time but she was able to find it with the SKU.

    Unfortunately, the site that provided the SKU for the cup- provided the exact same SKU for the plate set, and again she had no luck fidning them :( I will keep trying though and if I do find the correct SKU, I will post it here!! Thanks again!!

  13. dana says

    Here is the correct SKU # for the Boxed Dinnerware- Good Luck!! even with the SKU it was a tough one… but I got em’!!

    Boxed Dinnerware Set

    Price: $40

    SKU: 400002962472

  14. Meaga says

    Does anyone know if these are available in MK? My fiance and i are going to MNSSHP on sept 23rd and we’d like to pick up the ceramic cups. If not, which store in DTD are they available? Thanks in advance!!

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