Chip and Dale Pretzels: The Ultimate Take-Home Snack

Disney Food for Families columnist Erin Foster sings the praises of her favorite Disney treat.

Other Disney snacks are more luscious, richer, chewier, and chocolate-ier. I have a place in my heart for some of these sultry sirens (I’m talking to you Disney fudge). But when it comes time to choose a snack to take home with me, I’m going with the Chip & Dale pretzel every time.

Snack-size bag.

Yes, it’s a packaged pretzel. In most cases, it’s the most basic of snack foods, hardly worth mentioning; but if it’s a Chip & Dale pretzel, then it’s so much more. Truly this is the ultimate in salty snackage.

Nutrition info.

The pretzels themselves are slightly thinner than your usual supermarket sticks, and the convoluted Mickey shape provides lots of little nooks to hold onto those aggressive, but not overpowering, salt crystals. It’s the perfect blend of cruchy, savory, carby sodium. No joke, these are the best dry pretzels I have ever had. I can’t think of a single trip in which I didn’t bring at least two or three bags home with me.

The perfect pretzel. Look how lovely.

I have such an addiction that I’m going to hijack the Disney Food Blog to make a plea to the buyers at the Disney Stores:

Dear Disney Store buyer people,

A few years ago, when the World of Disney store was on 5th Avenue in New York, you sold Chip & Dale pretzels right here in my home state. I cried when that store closed. I cried because I thought there would be no more “I Mickey NY” tee shirts or cute little Minnie-Statue-of-Liberty pins. But mostly I cried because I lost my local supply of my favorite snack ever. I had great anticipation when the Disney Store reopened in Times Square. I was prepared to leave with a bushel basket of pretzels. But this was not to be. Chip & Dale products aren’t sold at the new store. Just some sad chocolate bars and unicorn lollipops. Why?

So I’m asking you, please, please kind Disney Store buyers, I’d be ever so grateful if you’d start selling Chip & Dale pretzels in New York again. They’re the best pretzels EVER.

Thanks and love,

This display is so wonderful, it needs to happen at Disney Stores throughout the land.

What Disney snack would YOU love to have sold in your home state? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Jenn says

    I had the same reaction when the 5th ave store closed….no more pretzel addiction. I bought as many bags as I could carry. I miss them!

  2. Sandra says

    These are our must-have snack and souvenir favorites! We buy 3 or 4 of the larger bags and bring them home for keeping the magic going after vacation. My pretzel-loving extended family also considers them the perfect gift for us to bring them from WDW, so I get extras for them plus a tin of Disney cocoa. Great fall/winter snack! And don’t you just love the cute shape.

  3. Jill says

    one unforgettable trip to WDW I got violently ill and could not leave my Pop Century Hotel room. My husband nursed me back to the land of the living after an entire day of sleeping…the only food I could tolerate were these amazing little pretzels! I love them!

    I too (a native New Yorker) was lost when the World of Disney closed. It was like my little local connection to WDW. No new Disney store can compare. Thanks for the article, stay safe all my fellow east coasters.

  4. Lauren says

    Unfortunately, any snack in a blue bag like that cannot be eaten by anyone with a peanut allergy. Disney does do a great job with food allergies for the most part, though.

  5. says

    These are the best! I’m a hop, skip, and a jump from the Disneyland Resort, so during one of my semi-frequent visits I always have to pick up a snack pack of these delish pretzels. They’re just so…happy! I don’t care what anyone says – they taste different than your average pretzels. I think it’s the Disney magic – or maybe pixie dust – that makes them taste better. :)

  6. Beth says

    LOVE THESE PRETZELS!!! They are seriously addictive. I think Disney knows this as well and that’s why they don’t sell them outside of the parks!

  7. jvnoledawg says

    Erin, you said “they’re the best pretzels EVER.” One question – better than New York City street vendor pretzels? My family is from New Orleans – you would never hear me say that Port Orleans beignets are the “best ever.” Just curious.

  8. says

    Jvnoledawg — she does note in earlier paragraphs that they’re the best dry pretzels she’s had ;-) Speaking of, though, I’m from NY and still like Disneyland’s Mickey soft pretzels better than NYC’s street pretzels. Maybe it’s the plastic cheese factor…

  9. Debra C. says

    I too buy and return home with the pretzels, but…my favorite “take-home” snack is the little boxes of vanilla and chocolate cookies. They originally had Chip and Dale on the boxes (although the cookies are shaped like Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc.) Now they are included in the Minnie’s Bake Shop offerings. I get both the small boxes (shaped like the old animal cracker boxes) and the larger family size. My friends find this unusual since I bake and don’t buy packaged cookies…except for these. My last box is now gone, so it’s good that I’ll be back at Disney in about a week to restock.

  10. says

    Love the Chip and Dale pretzels! We always have extra snack credits from our dining plan and be sure to load up on these and some other tasty treats for the plane ride home

  11. says

    As of our most recent trip in January 2013, we could not find these pretzels ANYWHERE. My mother LOVES THEM, so we really did look everywhere we went, and for the entire 16 days we were out there we didn’t see one single salt grain. It was very sad. I don’t know if they’ve discontinued them or what, but they’re sorely missed.

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