Review: Disneyland’s Club 33 (Part 2 of 2)

After touring the history, mystery, and myth of Disneyland’s Club 33 in Part 1 yesterday, I hope you’ve worked up an appetite!

Join us at Club 33

Let’s dive into the food at Club 33 lunch! (Heather will be around with a Club 33 Dinner Review in a few weeks!)


We left you in our post yesterday as we were taking our seats at the table in the Main Dining Room. After we sat down, we were handed the menus. (I automatically dove into the wine menu, of course, since this is the only place in Disneyland park where alcohol is served. More on that later.)

Lunch Menu - click image for larger version

kids menu

kids menu - click image for larger version

We were quickly approached by a server (we had several taking care of us throughout the meal) who took our drink and meal orders and instructed us to head up to the appetizer buffet.

When you’re visiting for lunch or brunch, the buffet stretches half the length of the Lounge Alley. Approaching from the Main Dining Room, to your right is a line-up of gorgeous desserts (we’ll show you those after the entrees!), and to your left are several tables worth of seafood, meats and cheeses, fruit, salads, and more.

Veggies on buffet

Tomatoes on Buffet

Fruit on Buffet

Meat on buffet

Cheese on Buffet

Now, let’s take another quick look at that cheese photo… does anyone else feel a little bit strange that it looks like they just cut up babybels and put them on the cheese platter?

Because that bothered me a bit, I’m also including a photo of the cheese platter from my other visit to Club 33 that week for redemption. You can see that this cheese platter looks much better…


Let’s move forward to the seafood!

seafood on buffet

Do you see those little Tobasco sauce bottles? How cute are those?!? (I know… it’s the little things… .)

salmon on buffet

And this side of the buffet culminates with the salads and dressings.

salads on buffet

On the other side of the Lounge Alley, past the desserts, you’ll find a table set up with breads and dipping oils as well as a container of soup.

Since we visited twice during our week in Disneyland, we got to sample the chicken and wild rice soup and the white tomato bisque. And let me just say that the white tomato bisque was probably the best soup I’ve ever tasted! Incredible!

Soup -- white tomato bisque

Bread and dipping oils

Here are a couple of our plates from the buffet lines. The first is my bread and cheese plate:

Bread plate

See that little cup in the middle? Those are the soup containers. No bowls; just cups. We were a little confused as to whether we were supposed to sip the soup from the cups or use our giant spoons that barely fit into the cups. In the end we didn’t care…we did both!

And here’s a seafood plate created by one of my dining companions!

seafood plate

By the way, while you’re at the buffet, be sure to sneak a peek at the Club 33 Bar, located in the Lounge Alley between the Gallery and the Main Dining Room. You just know they have everything!


Wine glasses hanging among crystal





Bar Napkins

When we returned to the table from the buffet, there was bread and butter already on the table (don’t worry; I still ate the bread on my bread plate!). There were two types of bread in the basket — a nutty, sweet version and a plain sourdough type bread.

bread and butter on table

As we all dug into our buffet appetizers, bread, and soup, our drinks came to the table. I’ll show you both of mine, since I ordered two different drinks the two times I visited Club 33 that week.

First up, my Dr. Loosen Riesling. I took a photo of the wine on the Club 33 napkin for ya :-)

And I also ordered one of my favorite mixed drinks, a Midori Sour. So pretty… . And, yes, I did keep the little “33” logo swizzle stick!

midori sour

Another dining companion of mine ordered a Newcastle.


At this point, we were already pretty full from our appetizers, but we still had entrees coming! At our table, we’d ordered the chicken with truffled macaroni and cheese; the Chateaubriand with yukon gold mashed potatoes; a vegetarian pasta dish; and a kids’ burger.

The chicken, which I ordered, was actually quite good. It was moist and flavorful (and they left the skin on — kudos Club 33), and the portion was a decent size.

But it was the accompanying truffled macaroni and cheese that really makes this dish. Rich, creamy, and delicious, I really had to fight my husband through the whole meal to keep any for myself! We were told that the macaroni and cheese used to be a separately-ordered side dish at the restaurant and has stayed on the menu due to incredible guest demand.

chicken with truffled mac and cheese

The Chateaubriand is easily the most popular meal at Club 33. It’s on both the lunch and dinner menu, and I’m guessing that at least one person at every Club 33 table orders this.

And it is delicious — tender, flavorful, and rich. The side dishes were good, though not as gorgeous as the mac and cheese. I was definitely the side dish winner that day.

chateaubriand with yukon mashed potatoes

Others at the table sampled the vegetarian pasta bento box, which got very high marks…

Pasta Dish

I also caught photos of a couple of dishes coming out of the kitchen. Here are the lamb chops.

Lamb Lunch Dish

And the salmon plate.

Once we finished entrees, it was on to desserts! That dessert buffet table had been beckoning me since I first walked through the Lounge Alley, so I couldn’t wait to test it out!

Lunch Dessert Buffet

Berry Muffin

Fruit Tart

Lemon Puff

Black Currant Tarts

Panna Cotta

Pear Cheesecake



Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Tart

Chocolate torte

Our collective favorites at the table were the Lemon Puff (which had a lemon curd-like filling — yum!) and the chocolate topped macaroons. These reminded me of the Matterhorn Macaroons served in the Blue Ribbon Bakery.

And one special member of our group was celebrating his 10th birthday at Club 33! He received this dessert!

Birthday Dessert

For those who are wondering if adults received the same birthday dessert as kids — here are a few other birthday desserts that went to grown-ups in the dining room… ;-)

Birthday desserts lined up

By the way, I ordered a hot tea so that you could see the tea service!


We finally ended our meal with complimentary Club 33 chocolates :-)



It was such an honor to be invited to dine at Club 33, and I got to have two meals there! What a dream come true!

While the food was not the exquisite fare one would expect from Napa Rose or Victoria & Albert’s, it was quite good. That said, it’s likely the exclusivity you’re paying the big bucks for at Club 33…not the eats.

Of course, this was in no way the fault of our wonderful servers. We asked Blair to pose for this photo so that you could see the Club 33 costumes!

Blair the server

The meals were truly incredible experiences, and because we didn’t feel in any way rushed by the servers, the opportunity to sit and chat with friends in such an exclusive environment was truly appreciated.

Club 33 is incredibly luxurious in so many ways, and I think we enjoyed each and every one!

Stay tuned for a review of Club 33 Dinner from Heather Sievers later this year!


  1. Tkcanada68 says

    Thanks for sharing AJ ! I love the little details, too- Club 33 napkins, tea service, the birthday dessert. That’s what makes Disney so special. The next time I am at Disneyland I will look up at the balcony and dream :)

  2. says

    What an awesome experience! I must say, the cut babybels made me laugh too. But that dessert buffet looked amazing! I’m definitely eyeing those adorable black currant tarts!

  3. says

    Fantastic review, AJ. I am officially jealous. I have to ask, HOW did you get a reservation (actually, TWO!) to eat here? I gotta know!

  4. Shayne says

    Shouldn’t have read this mid-morning — now I’m starving and lunch is hours away! All the food looks yummy, and the mac & cheese is particularly enticing. I can’t believe the spread at the buffet is in addition to a full entree! I think I would have filled up on bread, cheese and soup alone!

  5. James says

    What is the cost of all of this?

    And how do they expect you to hit that buffet and order an additional entree and then be served additional bread at the table?

    It’s too much.

  6. says

    “Does anyone else feel a little bit strange that it looks like they just cut up babybels and put them on the cheese platter?”

    I’m not surprised at all—one time when we were there they had a dessert that was just a graham cracker and a marshmallow sitting in Hershey’s syrup! The buffet leaves a lot to be desired, I think. The shellfish is usually either water-logged or completely dried out, and the cheeses look like they came from a supermarket deli tray. The entrees are decent, but they’re coming from the same kitchen that serves the Blue Bayou, so there’s no way they can be Napa Rose quality.

    But, as you say, Club 33 is more about the experience than the food, and what an experience! :)

    James—The cost at lunch is the price of a one-day, one-park ticket, no matter what you order (which covers that “free” ticket you get with your reservation at the Club)—even if you don’t order anything, as we discovered once when my husband was ill! So right now that’s $80. At dinner you just pay the price of what you order from the menu.

  7. Michelle B. says

    I hate you. And I mean that in the completely jealous, I wish I were you, kind of way! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Angelique says

    Wowowowowowow, how amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed reading and watching the pictures :-)

  9. says

    Excellent and what great attention to all the details, not to mention your fabulous pictures! I always wondered what type of creamy goodness we were pouring into those cute little cups and I never asked – thanks for that! It IS hard to stray away from the chateaubriand, but now I will be getting the chicken with the truffled mac n’ cheese for sure! Great posts! :)

  10. Anderson says

    AMAZING! I am incredibly and insanely jealous. I’ve been once a looonng time ago and am dying to go again.

  11. says

    I enjoy food as much as anyone (well, maybe not true foodies), but I could enjoy eating dirt in that atmosphere. And I totally agree with you; the “little things” matter so much. It’s always fun to look for the “extras” because it means real thought was put into providing an experience – and Club 33 seems to have really gone above-and-beyond with details. Loved these posts!

  12. Sara S says

    Wow that all looks so amazing! And I am glad to know I’m not the only one that loves Midori Sours!


    When I was a smoker, my wife and I were treated by my sister and her husband to to magnificent place for lunch! That was back in 2008 I believe. I did make a small meal out of all the lobster they had waiting on ice and to top it all off, of course having the Pan Seared Chateaubriand, (which by itself was at least an 8 oz cut of Filet Mignon) and filled you all the way up by itself..
    Everything we ordered was fantastic and excellently prepared! An exceptional time was had by us all!
    I went down the stairs and out into the french theme of the park to smoke in the streets because why ruin it for everyone else up there just because i had the habit!!

  14. VIC says


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