Happy Hour: Caramel Apple Margarita

Over on the Boardwalk in Walt Disney World, there’s a new sweet-n-sour drink to enjoy!

The Caramel Apple Margarita caught my eye at Boardwalk Joe’s, and though I don’t like sweet drinks, the promise of Sour Apple Pucker and Sweet and Sour made me think it might not be too bad…

Boardwalk Joe's

Boardwalk Joe's Menu

…and it wasn’t! I really enjoyed the sour apple flavor of the margarita, and the caramel apple syrup provided just enough sweetness to cut that flavor a bit. I wouldn’t recommend sucking down a bunch of that caramel syrup, though — that would end up being super sweet! Be sure to mix first!

Caramel Apple Margarita

All in all, I thought this was a very good, very unique drink and flavor. Definitely worth a try the next time you’re on the Boardwalk!

I asked the cast member at the booth is this was just a seasonal drink or if it’s been around for a while. She said it’s rather new, but that it was very popular, so she thought they might be keeping it around for a while!

Does trying a caramel apple margarita sound like a winner to you? Let us know your thoughts!


  1. says

    I love that unique drinks are starting to pop up again around WDW! I’ll admit, I’m wary of this one, but still, I love the idea hahaha!

  2. Julie says

    This combines two of my favorite things- cocktails and caramel apples! Only the geniuses at Disney… :)

  3. Marcellina says

    Now I have to figure out when the best time to try this would be on my next trip! We are going to The Boardwalk to eat at Kouzzina – I suppose this could be an after dinner drink!?!

  4. yensidfan says

    I was just staying at the Boardwalk this weekend and I saw the sign for this drink. It really caught my eye and hopefully they will still carry it next year. (I’m expecting and cocktails are out of the picture:) I’m glad to hear that it was a tasty drink!

  5. Alan says

    To be honest that flavor would not appeal to me but the fact that they are trying new things is always a welcomed fact. But, the drinks prices seem to be creeping higher with each new drink that is being created. $ 9.50 just seems so high.

  6. says

    The Boardwalk Blizzard sounds yummy to me, but then I am a fan of sweet drinks. Though that one might be a little too sweet.

  7. says

    I just want to say thank you soo much to whoever posted the blog about the margarita hut!! I went there a few years ago and had the best perfect patron margarita, i believe it was called that at the time, and have been looking for someone to post something about the place!! I can’t wait to go back! I’d consider myself a margarita fanatic and this place by far had the best i’ve had to date!! Thanks!!

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