News! Complimentary Beer Sampling at Disney’s Contemporary Resort!

UPDATE: Since posting this, we have gotten word that this beer tasting is only for guest staying at the Contemporary Resort or Bay Lake Towers. We’d heard differently from a Contemporary CM before printing, but this word is directly from the manager at the restaurant. Sorry folks!

In a recent comment, reader Bill M. (thanks, Bill!!) told us about a Beer Tasting that happens every Saturday at Disney’s Contemporary Resort! I made some phone calls to find out the deets, and we’ve got ‘em right here!

Visit The Wave’s lounge to sample complimentary beer each Saturday, from 3-4 p.m.. Three certified organic beers by Orlando Brewing Company are provided, making this a great stop on your monorail crawl.

Don’t like beer? While your friends are sipping complimentary brew, order a screw-top wine (ya gotta pay for it, though).

Beer Sampling

While this activity is advertised in the Disney’s Contemporary Resort (and Bay Lake Tower) Recreation Activities Guide, you do not need to be a guest of the resort to participate. Of course, the beer tasting is only open to guests 21 and over.

The Bar at Disney's The Wave Restaurant

The Bar at Disney's The Wave Restaurant

Although space is limited, advance reservations are not necessary at this time. (Of course, that could change if y’all show up for free beer at the same time!). Resort guests can go ahead and reserve by calling the Wave Lounge at 7-1347 from their room phone. Other guests may inquire by calling the Contemporary Resort at 407-824-1000.

Have you participated in the beer sampling at The Wave? Share your experience in the comments below!


  1. says

    how fun and cool! I don’t think we’ll do this on our upcoming trip but if I were in WDW alone or lived in the area I would definitely do it!

  2. Kim LaPaglia says

    JoAnn – :-)

    Marcelina – Definitely a great date night for locals, right?!

    Aubrey – Yep, I’m not a beer fan myself but the hubs was all over this info!!

    Alan – I like the way you think. Free samplings of beverages and food would be an awesome trend! Let me know if you hear of any others!!

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