Dining in Disneyland: The Chocolate Caramel Cashew Pretzel Rod

Although I’ve seen them around for quite some time, I had never actually purchased a Pretzel Rod from any of the Disneyland Resort shops.  They come in a variety of “styles;” all are dipped in chocolate, but some have a coating of M & M’s, some have seasonal sprinkles, and I’ve even seen them coated with Conversation Hearts around Valentine’s Day… .  But there was one that caught my eye on my last trip to Pooh Corner, nestled back in Critter Country.

Cashew Pretzel Rods

Available in both dark and milk chocolate, the Cashew Pretzel Rod is hand dipped with love in the candy kitchens of the Disneyland Resort.  At $4.50 a pop, they aren’t cheap; but they are big enough to share with a friend, which is exactly what I did!  After purchasing, my snack buddy and I headed to the waterside seating over at The Hungry Bear to enjoy our tasty treat.

Milk Chocolate Cashew Pretzel Rod

Although it was extremely delicious (I am a big cashew fan), I didn’t like how it was served cold.  I do understand that it has to be kept in a refrigerated case, but it made it hard to break and bite into. 

The cashews were aplenty, you can tell by how wide this thing is; they were big, crunchy and fresh tasting.  The sweet caramel was a perfect combo with the saltiness of the cashews. 

Skinny little pretzel with generous amounts of caramel & cashews.

My suggestion to make this a perfect snack? Buy one and let it warm up for a while.  I think if you just keep it in the bag for about 30 minutes or so, the caramel would soften up a bit and it would be easier to eat.

Caramel Cashew Pretzel Rod Close Up

Want a bite???


Overall, I’d definitely pick up one of these again. I’m always a sucker for the salty sweet snack combo! I would, however, let it sit a bit to soften up.

Have you tried dipped Pretzel Rods at any of the Disney Resorts or Theme Parks? Let us know your favorite!

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


  1. TinkyMurph says

    Has this or anything similar been spotted at WDW? I really like that cashews are used. Usually caramel things tend to have pecans(that’s totally yummy too).

  2. Heather Sievers says

    @Beth – I LOVE LOVE LOVE sweet & salty!

    @TinkyMurph – I asked around & haven’t heard of it being spotted in WDW. BUT, we don’t have carrot cake cookies here, so we’re even! ; )

  3. Essie says

    I love and hand make my own chocolate covered pretzels, so I would definitely try one in Disney World. I like cashews, but I think I would like the chocolate, pretzel, and caramel even more with pecans (although I would gladly try both!). Your advice to let it sit a bit makes sense, but boy, that could be awfully hard to do!

  4. Heather Sievers says

    @Essie – I guess you just have to get two treats, one to eat while the other one softens up!

  5. Deneice says

    I generally get a couple every trip, but just the chocolate covered caramel ones because Disney has the best caramel anywhere! I keep saying I’ll try another type but never do!

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