Disning in Disneyland: Inside Rock Candy Mountain at Disney California Adventure

A few months back, we gave you a sneak peek of Trolly Treats’ Rock Candy Mountain

Displayed prominently in the candy store’s main window, these sweet slopes are definitely one of my favorite things to look at on Disney California Adventure’s Buena Vista Street; ESPECIALLY when you know its hidden secret!

Rock Candy Mountain Window Display on Buena Vista Street

History of Rock Candy Mountain

Originally intended as an attraction to be part of the Storybook Land Canal Boats; the Casey Jr. Circus Train was going to travel around it in Disneyland Park. Concept art was drawn, but the project was never built.

Rock Candy Mountain Original Concept Art

Rock Candy Mountain Original Concept Art

In its honor, the sparkling sugar mountain has been brought to life by imagineers who used both real and replica candies to create a fun window display that is sure to delight all passers by. 

AND instead of Casey Jr. making its way around the tracks, a mini red trolley has the privilege. If you stand out front on Buena Vista Street, you can even hear the trolley bells coming from speakers near the window display!

Red Trolley Entering Rock Candy Mountain

Tiny Red Trolley Conquering Rock Candy Mountain

Red Trolley Close Up

Exploring Rock Candy Mountain

Rock Candy Mountain features tons of sweet treats. All the classics are there: you’ve got Astro Pops, Smarties, Lollipops, Gum Drops, Candy Corn, Dots, Peppermints, Jelly Beans, Jujubes, and more.

Astro Pops & Lollipops

Smarties & Jelly Beans Galore!

There’s also a chocolate waterfall complete with cookies, frosting draped slopes and a even little gingerbread house.

Chocolate Waterfall

I love the details on the little gingerbread house. It’s got a perfect little place to sit and watch the trolley go by!

Gingerbread House

Find What’s *Hidden* Inside

When you are visiting Trolley Treats, make sure you check out both sides of the mountain. There are so many fun details, including a super secret Hidden Mickey hiding inside.

You’d never ever know it was there unless someone showed you! I was lucky enough to be Hidden Mickey Hunting with Hidden Mickey Guy, Steve Barret when he showed this special hidden gem to my boys and me.

Here’s how you can find it, too!

Step One: Go Inside of Trolley Treats so you are viewing the back side of Rock Candy Mountain.

Backside of Rock Candy Mountain

Step Two: Locate the little “wooden” ladder on its left side.

Wooden Ladders Located in the Center-ish of this Photo

Step Three: Stand at the far left corner of the display and peek through the ladder rungs.  In between the ladder rungs, you will see a tiny snowman in the middle of the mountain wearing Mickey Ears!!!!

It’s very hard to photograph this little guy, but when you visit it in person you will love the “there it is!” moment you have when you see it.

Hidden Mickey! (hard to see but the ears on his hat are visable)

Steve Showing My Son the Hidden Mickey of Rock Candy Mountain

A big, gigantic thanks to Steve for taking us Mickey Hunting! My boys are still talking about what a fun time they had! If you want to find more Hidden Mickeys, pick up some of those famous yellow books of his! They’re great for reading while you’re waiting in ride lines, or sitting at the table for dinner!

Have you visited Rock Candy Mountain yet? Do you plan on spotting that little snowman and his cute Hidden Mickey Ears?

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!


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    Thank you for the peek! I love the tip of the hidden Mickey too.

    Now if they would bring back the idea of a life size candy mountain…that would be the icing on the cake. Maybe a candy mountain roller coaster or a dark ride with a “Candyland-esqe” storyline. Can you imagine the gift shop at the end of that ride?!?!

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