News! Menu Changes at Beaches and Cream in Disney’s Beach Club Resort

One of our favorite places in Walt Disney World has changed up the menu a bit! It’s even sporting a new contrasting color scheme!

Beaches and Cream at Disney World’s Beach Club Resort has definitely added and subtracted from the menu from time to time over the past several years.

But this update includes a few big changes to the entrees section. (Don’t worry…the No Way Jose and your other favorite sundaes are still there!)

Beaches and Cream Menu

Thanks once again to AJ’s Dad — my favorite roving reporter — we have some great shots of the new menu and even some pics of the new food!!

Here’s a wide angle pic of the whole menu. Beaches fans will see some definite changes to the style of the triptic.

Menu Wide Angle.

Eats Updates

Now, let’s check out what’s been changed and updated food-wise!

The Fountain Favorites are pretty much the same as before. Guests can still get their favorite flavored cokes here (cherry for me, please!) — and is the raspberry flavor new, Beaches fans?

Fountain Favorites - click image for larger version.

But the Hot Off The Grill section has definitely seen some changes! From what I can see…this place is getting FAN-CY!

New here are a Bacon Angus Burger served with blue cheese and barbecue sauce; the Beaches Rachel Sandwich featuring pastrami, sauerkraut, arugula, swiss, and peppercorn-Russian dressing; and a Chicken Caesar Sandwich complete with Caesar salad on the sammich itself. Also love the option of Tomato Bisque.

Say good-bye to the Roast Beef Sub, Turkey Sandwich, and Grilled Chicken Sandwich. AND I’m no longer seeing that double cheeseburger option. Below the menu photo we’ve got some food pics of the new entrees…

Hot Off The Grill Menu - click image for larger version

The turkey sandwich has been upgraded to a Classic Turkey Club!

Classic Turkey Club

And the Roast Beef Sub is now an open-face Roast Beef Sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. By the way, we hear those pickle spears are made in-house now!

New Pot Roast Sandwich

NOTE: They do still have veggie burgers in the kitchen, even though they’re not on the menu. They’re going to try to keep some multi-grain buns on hand to serve with them.

Shakes and soda options are basically the same. Order your favorite!

Shakes and Sodas - click image for larger version.

Now to the Sundaes menu! There have been a few changes here as well…

Gone is the Mickey Mouse sundae; but they have added a VERY exciting new option: Grilled Banana Bread and Peanut Butter! What?! That sounds awesome! I know what I’m getting on my next visit! (Pictures coming soon!) Of course, it includes a scoop of ice cream.

Sundaes - click image for larger version.

Kids’ Menu Updates

The kiddos have some fun changes to their menu, too! The turkey sandwich is no longer on the kids’ menu, however the Grilled Beef Skewers and Grilled Chicken Strips are options now.

Kids' Picks Menu - click image for larger version.

And to keep the little ones in the family busy until the food arrives, they’ve got some fun Kids’ Activities and Games.

Kids' Activities - click image for larger version.

Kids' Games - click image for larger version.

Can’t Wait!

We’re looking forward to tasting some of the new menu items and re-visiting some old favorites! I can’t wait to hear what you guys have to say about the updates and changes here at Beaches and Cream!

What will you order on your next visit to Beaches and Cream? Share your thoughts on the new menu in the comments below.


  1. Frank says

    How about a basic cheeseburger?? Hope they have them.
    Wonder what they cost now. Used to be $ 9.49.

  2. says

    Aww, I’m sad. Every time we eat at Beaches & Cream I get either the grilled chicken or turkey sandwich :( That banana bread peanut butter does sound interesting however!

  3. Pudge the Fish says

    I think that I’m okay with most of the changes, however I agreed that there really should be just a regular cheeseburger. I hope that that is still offered “off-menu.” I gotta say that the pot roast and banana bread/peanut butter/ice cream dessert is calling me.

  4. canada68 says

    Iagree with the 2 comments above re: I hope you can still order a cheeseburger (looks like it’s still on the kids menu).

  5. Alan says

    While the menu tweaks are small, they seem to take Beaches and Cream more towards a diner and less like a soda fountain. It’s great if you like the new things and sad if you lose your favorites. But, I’ve lost whole Disney restaurants I loved, so in this case we can roll with the punches.

  6. Aubrey says

    I don’t really eat real food here, so I’m indifferent about the changes. I go for Onion Rings and a Sundae (what? a girl’s got to have her priorities!!)

    I find it hysterical that beside the Kitchen Sink it says, “Serves Four.” 7 of us barely polished it off!

  7. Frank says

    >> seem to take Beaches and Cream more towards a diner and less like a soda fountain.<<
    New "management" comes in and wants to make a mark. I think, at times, they don't know the history that people "expect." The collective "you" goes to certain places at WDW expecting certain things. But you are right, many things come and go. Only thing that stays the same is "change." Just around the Epcot resorts, I miss Arial's the restaurant, which has been gone since the late '90's. I miss the Mickey jelly filled donuts.. Really miss the old Beach Club lobby!!!! Yikes. I can't believe they changed that to what it is today. Harry's Safari Bar & Grill which is now Shula's in the Dolphin. I could go on and on.

  8. Maria says

    Am I right to say they changed the Milky Way sundae? It no longer mentions that it comes with a bundt cake.

  9. Gary says

    Honestly, they can change their menu but after my poor experience their, I have no plans to return my next time at Disney. The service was horrible and the quality of food was just average. So much better food options around Disney.

  10. Tom says

    Ate there 2 days ago and there was no ‘regular’ cheeseburger on the menu… Saw them make the grilled banana bread dessert and it looked amazing…

    The bacon/cheddar burger was very, very good… But no more double burger option…

  11. Frank says

    Tom, do you know if they will make you a “regular cheesburger” on request???
    I’d hate to have to pay 13.99 for something I really don’t want. That’s quite a price jump from 9.49 for the “regular cheeseburger.” That’s around a 47% hike. Wow.
    What do milkshakes cost now??

  12. LeeAnn says

    I learned that in many places around WDW, you can order off the children’s menu but pay adult price. Perhaps that is true of the cheeseburger. You might just ask.

  13. says

    If it ain’t broke….

    This disappoints me greatly. I know that Disney feels they always need to be updating and refreshing things, but some things just shouldn’t be messed with! And while I appreciate the healthier angle to the menu options (which I assume is the reason behind the lack of double-cheeseburger option), sometimes people want to splurge, especially on vacation!

  14. says

    Frank, Pudge, Canada, Betsy, Ashley, LeeAnn — I’ll ask the roving reporter about the basic cheeseburger. I imagine they can make just about anything for you if you ask, but there may be a surcharge or something.

    Heather L — I can’t wait to try that crazy peanut butter banananess!

    Alan — That’s a great way to keep things in perspective, my friend.

    Jen — Ooh, not sure about that one! I’ll bet they have some other options available.

    Aubrey — Ha ha! Glad that your standard meal isn’t disturbed by the menu changes ;-)

    Peter — Me, too! Look at it this way, it will probably fill you up just as much as a steak, and it costs less*

    *WDW Steaks that is

    Frank — You should do a guest author post about all of your bygone favorites. Do you have any pictures?

    Maria — Great catch! I’m not seeing the bundt cake OR the mention of the actual Milky Way bar that’s supposed to be in the sundae. Hmm…

    Gary — Thanks for your review!

    Tom — Sounds awesome! Thanks for the review of the new burger.

    Shayne — I hear ya, friend.

  15. Frank says

    Thank you for the offer. I may take you up on it.
    I’ll dig for some photos. It would be fun.

  16. Hope says

    I’m 99% sure the raspberry is not a new flavoring option the drink. My Dad usually gets vanilla Coke, and I am 99% sure that I would get raspberry in a Sprite. I know I got something in a Sprite, and raspberry is my first choice. But the memory isn’t as good as it used to be.

    $3 increase in the price of a Kitchen Sink, though. That’s more than 10%, so quite a big jump.

  17. says

    Oh my goodness grilled banana bread and peanut butter sundae?!?!?!????? I am going to pass out from excitement. Thanks for the update!

  18. Beth says

    We were there yesterday and they’ve changed the kitchen sink dishes. Look like they might be smaller.

  19. Dad says

    A few comments from the “front”

    The new burger is a full 1/2 pound as compared to the “just under 1/3 pound” for the old one. I’m surprised the menu didn’t mention this. The new burgers are six sided (probably for easier mass production) but you don’t even notice that once they are cooked. They are, however, clearly larger. I ordered the burger with just lettuce, tomato and cheese with no problem.

    I didn’t notice any difference in the kitchen sinks. They are all a little “bent up” from use and I doubt they would go to the trouble to do that if they were “new.”

    I’ll check on the raspberry syrup. I think a raspberry soda would be good.

    The new pickles are, indeed, made in the Beach Club kitchens. They are “brined” for four days. They are still dill but a little less salty than before (which is a good thing). The pickle now seems to be a part of the regular offering which means that you no longer have to ask to get them.

    As far as ordering “off menu” goes, the staff there is very willing to get you any thing they have access to. Mom and I have never had a problem with the service there but I’m sure there are those “days.”

  20. Maria says

    I think raspberry has been there too…I seem to remember always wanting it, but end up ordering cherry.

    As for the burger…everything’s better with bacon…can’t wait to try it out in November!

  21. says

    What???? No veggie burger? Just a bunch of un-named veggies on bread? I wonder if they are good hearty veggies like zucchini and mushrooms or is it just lettuce, tomato and onions? I don’t understand why restaurants think that a vegetarian will eat a lettuce, tomato and onion sandwich and think that it is filling for us. Can anyone tell me if they know what kind of veggies they are using?

  22. Dad says

    I checked on the veggie burger tonight. Although one CM out front told me that the veggie burger was no longer available, several servers assured me that it was still available although not on the menu. I was even told that they attempt to keep a few multi-grain buns on hand as well. They also mentioned that the veggie burger wasn’t on the previous menu either (which I have now confirmed by checking the old menu) so I guess it’s one of those things that isn’t there but is there (if that makes sense). And, yes, raspberry flavor was on the previous menu as a flavoring option for Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Orange and Root Beer but, for some reason, was not included in the ice cream soda options. I wonder why? I thought an ice cream soda was just syrup, soda and ice cream. I’ll have to try to talk them into a raspberry flavored ice cream soda and see how far I get. That can be tomorrow’s project!

  23. Jen says

    Strange. I ordered the veggie burger directly off the menu in 2010 and I just checked and they are showing the veggie burger on the menu. I KNOW I saw it there in 2010. I didn’t ask specially for it — just saw it and ordered it.

  24. Frank says

    Lots of changes at lots of places. We went to the Grand Floridian Cafe yesterday wanting their Cobb. IMHO, it’s on par with Brown Derby’s. ….NOT on the menu.Yikes…. The CM tried to sway us on another, but I said that the reason we came was FOR the Cobb. They made one for each of us. It was GREAT!! Had it with their Cobb vinaigrette.
    Next we went to the Poly and their sushi bar. Saw the appetizer wings were now for one and they added ribs to the appetizer menu. We had sushi, but folks next to us had the wings and noodles. Wings looked really nice. Sizable portion for one and the noodle bowl is on my agenda for the next visit as is the rib appetizer. Fun nite… resorts were busy.. kinda a Holiday atmosphere.

  25. Steve says

    My guess is they took the double cheeseburger off because it was being split between 2 customers . I know my wife and I have split one and then split a No Way Jose for 10 years

  26. janet says

    I know that when they changed the menu a while back they eliminated the grilled cheese. My daughter and I were disappointed because we had a tradition of going there for ice cream and grilled cheese. However, they do still serve it to us whenever we go despite that it is not on the menu and hasn’t been for a few years at least. So it doesn’y hurt to ask even if it’s not on the menu.

  27. Michelle B. says

    I am not a vegetarian, but B&C had the best veggie burgers on property. It’s a shame they took it off the menu (it was on the menu when I went Sept 2011). That will probably decrease demand for it and then they may go to the cheaper version of the veggie burger if they haven’t already.

  28. Frank says

    I never understand why restaurants change staple items???
    I’m sure it has to do with cost. Maybe demand… but who doesn’t order a cheeseburger at B&C ??

  29. Jo Ann says

    I attend a conference at Dolphin & Swan each January. My boss makes fun of my expense report, since I eat at B&C the entire time I’m there. I ALWAYS order the Basic Cheeseburger. I know people like Bacon on their cheeseburgers, but it’s not my thing. Paying an extra $4.50 for something I don’t want on my burger is just disheartening, even when it’s company money. B&C was always less expensive than so many other places at Disney. Just sad.

  30. Mickey says

    Are the B&C hot dogs all beef? Do they use regular buns or the “healthy” ones that are dry and fall apart?

  31. Jillpie says

    Holy cow, a 14.00 cheeseburger??! Whaaaat. We’ve been going for years for their cheeseburger and fries, the only affordable place in the whole World, then the No Way afterward. Oh Disney, what have you done :(. This makes me sad we may not be going now for a great quick dinner. Change it back!! Please?

  32. Jill says

    I had the Milky Way Sundanese in early September, and can confirm the loss of both the bundt cake and the candy bar. Might as well just get a regular Sundanese :(

  33. Tracy says

    I was so upset with the changes – especially the prices! We used to pay $6 for an amazing cheeseburger here and now it is $13.99? We went over to eat and there was no wait – what?? Now we know why. We asked the waitress if we could get a regulAr cheeseburger and were told we could but had to pay the gourmet price. We got up and left. Went over to the carry out side – got malts to go and went on our merry way. Another of our Disney traditions bites the dust. Quite sad. :-(

  34. Frank says

    I see that Hurricane Hannah’s is open again. Not sure if you can get a “regular burger” there or not. And at a regular price?? Anyone know???

  35. Nina says

    The Veggie Burgers ARE on the menu for years! I had them in 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012!

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