New! Be Our Guest Restaurant Ballroom and Rose Gallery Pictures

Good news!! We now have a more complete look of the gorgeous Rose Gallery inside the Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

This highly-anticipated new restaurant will (soft) open on November 19th with an official opening date of December 6th. See more photos and full menus from Be Our Guest Restaurant here!

The Rose Gallery is one of three dining rooms themed to the popular “Beauty and the Beast” film. The centerpiece of the room will be a large music box nearly 7 feet tall with Belle and the Beast slowly twirling atop.

Be Our Guest Restaurant's Rose Gallery

Adorned with rose accents, paintings and tapestries, the Rose Gallery will serve quick-service lunch featuring French-inspired cuisine. See the full Be Our Guest lunch menu here.

And take a look below at the awe-inspiring ceiling inside the Ballroom! The ballroom features sparkling chandeliers designed to convey the elegance of Beast’s Castle. Decorated with a coffered, 20-foot ceiling with fluffy clouds and cherubs, I think we’ll all be staring up at this masterpiece!

Ceiling in Ballroom of Be Our Guest Restaurant

Located in the Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest Restaurant will serve French-inspired cuisine for quick-service lunch and table-service dinner with wines and beers available!

The Be Our Guest dinner menu adds more appetizers and gourmet entrees.

Craving More Be Our Guest Restaurant Details?

Our Be Our Guest restaurant page is the place to read up on all the news from this new restaurant, including pictures of the restaurant’s atmosphere and interior!

What do you think about the Be Our Guest decor? Do you have reservations to dine at Be Our Guest?


  1. Vanessa says

    Can’t wait! We have reservations in March, 2013 for dinner. These pictures are beautiful!

  2. Jayne says

    Wow. Just wow. I’m going to have to schedule a dinner as well as stopping by for a QS lunch just so I can see the rooms.

  3. says

    Going for dinner in February. I’m getting very excited. We’ll be there opening weekend also. I missed my wake up call at 4am so I couldn’t get rezzies for that week. :(

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