Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Menu Food Pictures

Recently, we drooled over these yummy Be Our Guest Restaurant food pictures from the adults’ menu at Disney World’s most highly anticipated restaurant!

Beast's Castle - the Home for Be Our Guest Restaurant

Be Our Guest Restaurant will soft-open on November 19 (with an official debut on December 6) in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland. And today, we’ve got a food photo preview of the kids’ menu, featuring grown up tastes in kid friendly flavors!

Delicious options are plenty, although the Disney chefs have not included kid-favorite chicken nuggets or pizza. Rest assured, the entrees will be appealing to kids while allowing them to dine like grown-ups.

The sneaky chefs are doing their best to make sure your kiddos eat healthy while they’re in the park: “We’re making the ketchup from scratch using carrots,” said Walt Disney World Executive Chef Lenny DeGeorge. “And the meatloaf also has vegetables and bulghur wheat, so kids are getting their vegetables and whole grains and don’t even realize it.”

Let’s take a look at those food pics!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Lunch Menu Pictures — Counter-Service

On the counter-service lunch menu, turkey meatloaf is made fun by its Mickey-shaped presentation!

Turkey Meatloaf

A carved turkey sandwich is served on multi-grain bread with sweet potato wedges and peach applesauce. Even without fries, this dish is sure to be a kid-pleaser!

Carved Turkey Sandwich at Be Our Guest

Another selection is the roasted pulled pork. It’s served with sauteed green beans and sweet potato mash.

Roasted Pulled Pork

Whole-grain Macaroni with marinara and mozzarella is on the menu for pasta fans. And if they like seafood, the mild-flavored mahi-mahi is an option.

It’s served with a serving of broccoli, cucumber sticks, and grape tomatoes, plus applesauce!

Mahi Mahi

Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Dinner Menu Pictures — Table-Service

At dinner, kid-sized grilled steak (with fresh vegetables), grilled fish of the day (with whole-grain rice pilaf and fresh vegetables), grilled chicken breast (with macaroni topped with marinara and mozzarella with fresh veggies), and turkey meatloaf (with whole-grain macaroni and mozzarella) will entice young diners.

Grilled Steak

Grilled Chicken

Got a picky eater that absolutely requires French fries? Yes, you can request those too!

Be Our Guest Restaurant Kids’ Dessert Menu Pictures

Meals include your kiddo’s choice of 1 percent milk, bottled water, or 100 percent apple juice.

Tell your kids that if they eat their veggies, they can choose from a yummy (and fancy) cupcake or cream puff!

Mousse-Filled Cream Puffs

Gourmet Cupcakes

Are you headed to Be Our Guest Restaurant on your next Disney World vacation?

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What do you think about the kids’ menu? What will your little ones choose to eat?


  1. CanadiansLoveWDW says

    The kids menu looks great.. but its the adult menu ( desserts ) that doesnt not impress me about this new place.. but i will still probably try to go next year…

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    I see the mini-cupcake trend has hit WDW! I love mini cupcakes and hope they make it into the bakeries.

  3. Amy says

    I cannot WAIT until we try Be Our Guest for lunch! (Just over six weeks to go now.) I’m beyond thrilled with their kids’ menu, and you can bet that my three year old will eat just about anything in order to get that pink cupcake.

  4. Alan says

    I think bringing healthier foods, especially to kids is great but I better no find that ketchup made from carrots on my Pecos Bill’s hamburger.

  5. Danny says

    Those lunch portions seem kind of skimpy even for a kids’ meal. The sandwich is half a sandwich with a whole 4 sweet potato wedges. I think you get more food in a Power Pack.

  6. Katie says

    I don’t think this kids menu caters to kids at all! My children wouldn’t go near anything on the menu. Making meatloaf Mickey shaped is cute, but doesn’t take away the meatloaf aspect (which the kids may have eaten if they didn’t have veggies in it… They’re not hidden!). I’m bummed that I have to cross this off the list… Id love to see inside, but I’m not paying to eat there when the kids won’t touch the plate! So disappointed.

  7. Eloni says

    So, with the kids prix fixe menu do they get an appetizer like the adult meal? My child is going to be hungry 10 minutes after eating this meal.

  8. DFB Sarah says

    Eloni, we would expect the kids’ prix fixe meal also to come with an app, but Disney has not yet released that menu! We’ll post as soon as we see it!

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