Friday Fun: Star Wars and Marvel Kitchen Goodies!

It’s been a while since our last Star Wars food awesomeness post; and since Christmas is now less than 2 months away (I KNOW, right?), I knew it was time to start sharing a few gift ideas. ;-)

The best part? Some of these are SUPER on sale right now (score!). So, I give you permission on this Friday to goof off a little at work and take a peek at some uber fun comic-worthy goodies. Click on the links or photos below to purchase!

Darth Vader and R2D2 Ice Cube Trays / Candy Molds

He’s as cold as ice — and these Darth Vader ice cube trays and candy molds will bring Imperial taste to your kitchen.

Use the sturdy silicon trays to make BOTH ice cubes and chocolates — just not at the same time. ;-)

Darth Vader S'mores

Vader Ice Cube Tray

R2D2 keeps your beverages cold as space with these ice cube trays. Or fill them with chocolate and make little-droid candy!

r2d2 ice cube tray

White chocolate R2D2s

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Smuggling some tasty beverages? Using this metal Star Wars bottle opener shaped like the classic Millennium Falcon, you’ll surely keep Imperial ships at bay.

It even sticks to your fridge! (You can thank the “force” for that one…the magnetic force that is! Yuk yuk yuk!)

Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener

Marvel Comics Pint Glasses

Quench your SUPER thirst with a beverage in a Marvel Comics glass! If you loved the Avengers monorail in Disney World, wait until you see these Avengers pint glasses!

Marvel Comics Pint Glass

Star Wars Cookbook Deluxe Set with Cookie Cutters

No need to search the galaxy — we’ve already discovered this out-of-this world Star Wars cookbook with cookie cutters with Galactic recipes to make in your own Cantina. Make a few Landonuts, Biscuit Fistos, Clone Scones, and more. ;-)

Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D cookie cutters are included!

Star Wars Cookbook

Of course, if you want the set of ‘em, you can also pick up this original Star Wars cookbook!

The whole family will enjoy making out of this world cuisine such as Greedo’s Burritos, C-3PO Pancakes, and Yoda Soda. I may need to try a Jawa Jive Milkshake…

Star Wars Chop Sabers

These Star Wars chopsticks, a Licensed LucasFilmTM collectible, resemble light sabers in six different styles. Dinner will become epic when you maneuver your food with the power of the Force! Perfect addition to Christmas Eve Dinner, don’t you think?

Star Wars Chop Sabers

Death Star Tea Infuser

Um, this is my favorite ever. Just put your (Alice in Wonderland) loose tea into this Death Star tea infuser and you’re ready for some serious refreshment. What kind of tea does your empire prefer?

Death Star Tea Infuser

Vader’s Dark Side Coffee

I still love this one! It’s the perfect gift for those subtle Star Wars fans!

Don’t let a day in your universe begin without Darth Vader coffee manufactured by Stormtroopers. We can’t vouch for the taste, but surely it has to be better than Nescafe.

R2D2 Lunch Bag with Sound

Make your kid the most popular kid in school. This R2D2 lunch bag is sure to amuse his friends (and yours!). We recommend keeping it hidden from approaching stormtroopers though.

r2d2 lunch bag

Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener

The Thor Bottle Opener is the first in a line of Marvel-themed bottle openers being made in 2012. Perfect for your brews!

Thor Bottle Opener

Well, that should take care of Mom, Dad, your sister, your Uncle John, and Grandma (who always DID have a thing for Han Solo, right?). You’re welcome. ;-)

What items are your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Dana says

    Oh, these are fantastic! I have to get some of these for Christmas presents, especially the Star Wars stuff. Thank you for posting these!

  2. Alan says

    Seeing some of the clever marketing ideas from the Disney folks, makes me think they are from a galaxy – far far away.

  3. Amy says

    My brother is the big Star Wars fan in my family, but even I can’t resist the candy mold/ice cube trays. The chocolate Darth Vaders are adorable!

  4. says

    Dana — You’re welcome! I loved them. :-)

    Alan — Ha ha!!

    Amy — I know; I thought those were great, too.

    Christa M. — Detective work! I like it!

    Shayne — Ha ha! Which one is your favorite?

    Canadians — Just click on the links or photos to be taken to the page where you can purchase!

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