Disneyland Paris: Souvenir Chocolat!

While in Disneyland Paris I unfortunately did not have a lot of time to shop. With only one day to cover both parks, we focused on doing and seeing as much as we could, but bypassed pretty much every store. It killed me to walk by so many amazing “looking” places, but hey, we were lucky to be there at all!

On the way out at park’s close, we did hit one store where I had about 15 minutes to fill a bag full of goodies. It felt like being on Supermarket Sweep (and yes I know how that feels, my husband and I were on that game show 9 years ago, and WON!). 

One of the items I tossed in the bag was a box of cute little chocolates. I didn’t really inspect them until we got home, but when I did, I wished I’d grabbed a few of them.

Buyer's Remorse: Should've Purchased More!

The box was filled with about 80-100 chocolate squares. I think it was around $10 US, which really isn’t a bad deal. I’ve been passing them out as treats to friends and family, and they’ve been a big hit. I’m down to my last handful, so I thought I’d share them with you too, before they are gone!

There are four different designs in this lovely little variety pack, each one featuring a popular Disneyland Paris attraction: The Tower of Terror with Stitch as a bellhop, Pirates of the Caribbean with Peter Pan, Minnie with Le Carrousel De Lancelot, and my favorite The Phantom Manor presented by Goofy.

Tower of Terror Chocolate Square

Pirates of the Caribbean Chocolate Square

Le Carrousel De Lancelot Chocolate Square

Phantom Manor Chocolate Square

More great news? The chocolate squares come in both milk (chocolat au lait) and dark (chocolat noir) chocolate. The Phantom Manor and Tower of Terror chocolates are dark while Le Carrousel De Lancelot and Pirates of the Caribbean are milk.

I wonder if it was intentional to make the “scarier” rides dark chocolate? Hmmmm. Regardless, both are fantastic. The chocolate is smooth and tasty with no wax-like feel or flavor. Pure. Chocolate. Goodness.

Chocolate Au Lait & Chocolate Noir

Chocolate Cross Sections

With only a handful of this cuteness left, I’ve got Mickey guarding them for me. It’s time to ration them for very special people.

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  1. Jen says

    Loved that show! My daughter and I used to watch it after she’d come home from kindergarten.

    Love the wrappings!

  2. Essie says

    Boy, they do seem like a good deal for today’s prices. They’re really cute and so easily shared with so many people, very nice little treats. It looks like it’s a good quality chocolate, also. I wonder if they have anything like this in WDW?

  3. Heather Sievers says

    @Sean – They WERE spectacular!

    @Jen – I used to watch it with my Grandma. I wish it was still on!

    @Essie – The chocolate was really good! I’ve seen similar ones at the DLR, but I have never tried them. I wonder if the chocolate is good quality. I might have to do some research.

  4. Tanya says

    Yup. I am gonna need to see a post with the video of you guys on the show. Until then, I choose not to believe you =)

  5. Heather Sievers says

    @Tanya – My only proof is my sweatshirt. Sometimes my husband and I wear them as Halloween costumes!

  6. Maria says

    Ok all I can really get out of this post is that you were on Supermarket Sweep! That is my favorite game show of all time, I don’t even care! I wish it were still on, I remember coming home from school and watching it with my sister.

  7. Lottie says

    When I was a CM at DLP I always made sure I had a stock of these choccies to get me through my days off! And quite often my days on too…so tasty :)

  8. louise says

    Oh these look fab, would be great gifts (if i could part with them) Do you remember which shop it was or which side of street even. Going in may and would love these :)

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