First Look and Food Review: Splitsville Menu in Downtown Disney

It’s finally time to bring you a sneak preview of Walt Disney World’s newest entertainment complex — Splitsville Luxury Lanes! Located at Downtown Disney and opening officially on December 19th, the bowling chain has created its biggest and best location, yet…

Splitsville -- Outside View

Located in the old Virgin Megastore across from Wolfgang Puck Cafe, the brand new space is a welcome addition to Downtown Disney’s WestSide. And with the promise of upscale bowling alley food — sliders, pizza, and sushi taking center stage — we were anxious to finally get a peek behind those construction walls.


OK, so basically…this place is massive. Boasting two floors of bowling, dancing, and dining, you’ll be blown away by how much space there is here.

And both inside and outside of Splitsville, the vibe is completely retro chic. Owners wanted to bring back the golden age of bowling, so you’ll see a lot of mid-century modern touches throughout the space.

Locker Decor

Even the shoes make a statement.

Bowling Shoes

Cool “nuclear” chrome light fixtures mix with bold red, black, and white color schemes to make a decor statement. And speaking of red, black, and white, plan on seeing a lot of that in the merchandise here, too.

You can even purchase your very own clothing sporting Splitsville’s signature bowling print.

Splitsville Merchandise

With seating areas, bars (sushi and cocktail), and pool tables scattered around, you might wonder at first where the actual bowling is. Well, this isn’t your standard bowling alley.

Lanes are grouped together in small sets, and you’ll find them in all corners of Splitsville!

Bowling Lanes with Florida Mural

Bowling Lanes -- Controls

And don’t expect any hum-drum bowling balls, either! These sport Splitsville’s logo, and some even showcase your favorite Disney characters!

Splitsville Bowling Balls

Upstairs, you’ll find more seating areas and bars along with pool tables and more bowling lanes. And if you’re starting to worry that this won’t be as family friendly as they’re touting, I’m hearing that the place will cater specifically to families downstairs always, and become a 21-and-over nightclub ONLY upstairs and ONLY after a certain time of night.

Pool Table

Seating features plush vinyl booths, dark wood, and comfy chairs inside. Outside, you’ll find simple seating in Splitsville’s standard colors.

Seating Upstairs

Upstairs Bar

Upstairs Outside Bar

Upstairs Outside Terrace Seating

All in all, the atmosphere here is comfortable and exciting. No matter where you are, you have access to food, drinks, and fun.


Bowling alley eats take on a new definition at Splitsville. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this menu for quite a while — burgers, sushi, pizza, nachos? what’s not to like? — but of course they take all of this about a zillion steps further.

Chefs Hand-Rolling Sushi at Splitsville

Sushi at Splitsville

The menu is the creation of Chef Tim Cushman, one of Food & Wine magazine’s “Best New Chefs” in 2008, and basically offers very upscale pub grub favorites. Filet mignon sliders, 12 different kinds of sushi, three-pepper calamari sautéed with cherry…you get the drift.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Turkey Slider, and Chicken Fingers

With pizza as a big part of the menu, Splitsville has created seven varieties including veggie and an awesome BBQ chicken featuring gorgeous red onions. The flavor is great, the ingredients fresh, and I promise you’ll be impressed.

Barbecue Chicken Pizza with Onions

Cheese Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Nachos are another feature of the menu, and I can highly recommend the BBQ chicken version here, too.

Barbecue Chicken Nachos

Next up? Sliders. Try all the versions, including the awesome turkey club!

Turkey Slider

Turkey Slider -- Under the Lid

Cheeseburger Slider

When you start to get thirsty, there are five — yep, FIVE — bars to choose from at Splitsville, located both indoors and outdoors.

With truly friendly and knowledgeable staff, ask them to make you their favorite! There are several new and unique drinks created just for the Orlando Splitsville location, so be sure to sample a few (I’m hoping to get a menu of them for you soon!).

The Bartender Prepares My Drink!

And if dessert is a must-do for you (um…yes, please), check out these awesome options — including “Giant Cake,” a red velvet confection! Brownies a la mode and sundaes are also on the dessert menu.



One of the great things about Splitsville (besides the awesome cast members and service — can you believe there’s a “lane concierge” who’s in charge of delivering your bowling balls and shoes to you?!) is that even if you’re a horrible bowler like I am, there’s still plenty to do and see!

With live music nightly, billiards, dance sessions, and all that awesome food and drink, you’re sure to have a good time even if you’re bowling gutter balls all night.

Pork Slider, Cheeseburger Slider, Barbecue Chicken Nachos, and Cocktail

Oh, and by the way, if you DO bowl gutter balls, everyone will know it. Splitsville kindly showcases a “GUTTER” graphic on the lane flat screen TVs if that’s your unfortunate circumstance. ;-)

The food is well worth a try when you visit. It’s what I like to call “chic comfort food,” — everything you know and love about your local bar menu, but dressed up with great ingredients and trendy additions.

And while it sounds like a party atmosphere, Splitsville will cater to families as well, separating the over-21 crowd onto their own floor at certain times of the week (or so we hear). Lanes will be sold in 90 minute blocks for &20/person, so reserve ahead of time. :-)

I think this place will be a blast, but with so many other options demanding your time at Disney World, will it just turn into another “rainy days only” adventure? We’ll soon find out…

Are you headed to Splitsville on your next Disney visit? Let us know in the comments below!

My visit to Splitsville was part of a Disney World sneak peek for media and journalists. I was under no obligation to write a review at all, much less a positive one. You can see our disclosure policy here.


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    I’m glad to see this new venue finally opening. I had it on my wish list on this website two years ago when Hyperion Wharf was still a consideration. The Disney character bowling balls are certainly clever, they should sell them in the gift shop (although it might be difficult to pack in luggage.)

    Do you know if they will participate in the Disney dining plan like the other DTD restaurants or is this considered to be more like the AMC fork and screen experience?

  2. Janna says

    I don’t even enjoy bowling but I am excited about this place! I hope to check it out in T minus 26 days…;)

  3. cupcake says

    This looks much, MUCH nicer than the one in Tampa. That one always reeks of cigars, too. Is this location non-smoking? I hope, I hope.

  4. Steven says

    at first i thought—who would want to go to disney & go bowling?! but then i saw the food & i guess that will be a big draw…..may will even get my family over there sooner or later.

  5. says

    I cannot wait for this to open. Much like I only ever go to the AMC in Downtown Disney, despite their being cheaper and closer alternatives, I predict that very soon 100% of my bowling will be taking place at Splitsville.

    So, AJ, still planning that DFB Sushi & Bowling meet, right? :-)

  6. says

    Originally I wasn’t sure if this would be a hit as I didn’t think a lot of people would take time out of their Disney vacation to bowl…. but now that I see all the details, food, bars, dancing (?!?) I think it’s going to be great. I actually want to take some time to hang out here on my next trip. I have a small child (2 years old) so I probably wouldn’t go unless I had a babysitter (grandparents) and some friends to come and make it a group thing… but families with older children could have a great time too! Great review and the food looks great!

  7. Alan says

    This is a clever addition. It seems well planned and up to WDW standards. After the opening furor it will probably be quieter during the daytime and jammed at night as DTD needs a boost of night time entertainment. Sitting on that terrace, with some BBQ chicken pizza and a big drink while watching the crowds on a nice evening sounds inviting.

  8. says

    Pudge — Not sure about Disney Dining Plan; great question. I’ll see if I can find out.

    Janna — Ha ha; enjoy! Let me know what you think!

    Cupcake — Ooh, thanks for the heads up on the Tampa location. Not sure on smoking, but my guess is outside only. I’ll have to check that out!

    Steven — I really am interested to see if this is another “rainy day only” location for Disney vacationers, or if it’s a destination.

    Paul — Ha ha! I think you’ll have a blast. I would LOVE to have a DFB bowling meet-up!!

    Marcellina — I think families with children will find this to be a great afternoon of fun. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

    Alan — Agreed that it will likely be quiet during the daytime. That will probably be my target visiting time. :-)

    Alexa — Hee hee! Have fun!!

    AFoodie — Sushi was much better than expected! Let me know what you think.

    Michelle — No dress code as far as I know! Enjoy!

  9. Kathy K says

    Re: smoking at Splitsville Tampa, I’m not a regular customer there so I can’t say for sure what it smells like, but do know that FL has a state law prohibiting smoking in most indoor areas. In particular, establishments that earn something like 10% of their revenue or more from food cannot allow smoking inside. Splitsville Tampa does have an outdoor smoking area, I think, just like most other places these days.

    Also, cigars are kind of a thing in Tampa, or haven’t you heard? ;) Important part of the city’s Cuban heritage. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean everything smells like cigars here, either…

    Anyway, the Tampa Splitsville is the first one, been around for years now, probably showing some wear n tear. All the problems with the Channelside complex, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them close it down soon and focus on the new DTD location.

  10. Casey says

    To answer some questions…

    Disney dining.. YES!

    Smoking.. NO!

    Sushi and bowling.. Perfect!! Take a bite roll the ball!! Less grease on your fingers the better your score!

    Ps come see me bartending there 5 days a week.. Ask for Casey!

  11. Ericka Forrest says

    My Family and I had fun! But if you go to Splitsville, get ready to split your wallet! We are well traveled people and this place basically robbed us! Great customer service, but for half the price and maybe even a better experience you can head down the road to KINGS bowling!

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